Genetic map of Oconomowoc, Wisconsin revealed by rare gene military ROTC MARKER in the bacterial Lac La Belle region

by Herb Zinser 16. June 2012 08:51


Astrophysics galactic LOCAL REGION (Planet EARTH) is an interesting test region. Earth LAB provides many levels of experimentation and application of  single concepts.
How does this work? 

Let's take a concept  genes /chromosomes.

a) we have the base concept from biology genetics labs 

b) we have the Hollywood movie gene agents like: Gene Autry and Gene Hackman whose movies contain gene social commands DIRECTED to the EYE/BRAIN of the audience to be manipulated

c) we have consequences of such movies and television...... ..the BOY Scouts failure to moniter the GENE Autry Cowboy CODE of Nature ...resulted in another LEVEL 
of expression from Nature.....the 23 chromosome student  hostages in marionette DNA puppet theater.....high school in Marinette, Wisconsin with SAMPLE space statistical  messenger SAM Hengel.

d) the DNA  message to the newspaper industry  ..about the DNA kidpnapping of Patty Hearst.  That is .... in the English language symbolic WAR terminology with biology life formats and their published  word integrity ERRORS.
Kidnapping --> Ki + dna + ppiin --> DNA parallel processing instructions

News reports and university journalism school deny  empircal data reality ...they prefer  the English class known as CREATIVE writing class 101.  In creative writing class incomplete or biased stories are very popular. 

In the above example, we see how INTERNAL biology genes  can  express themselves VIA EXTERNAL message processing activities /events...with human agents.   In addition the living EARTH cell with INTERNAL human biology  to create messages on the geography surface of the EARTH.


Let's look at other EXTERNAL mess/message events    that reflect  INTERNAL biology thought systems AND the living EARTH cell geography surface.

  1. Oconomowoc man found sane in mother's ax killing - JSOnline

 › NewsWaukesha CountyCached
    Nov 13, 2007 – An Oconomowoc man was not criminally insane when he hacked his ... County Circuit Judge Lee S. Dreyfus Jr. means that Mark D. Totzke will face a ... guilty last month to first-degree intentional homicide in the slaying.


Let's look at the Wisconsin genetic MAP war ......and the components of the Oconomowoc region.




Below, we have the major CLUE words:

marker --> Darwinian selection of Mark.D. Totzke
origin called O --> Oconomowoc, Wisconsin





The O =  Origin wars  per 919 Charles ( Darwin) Street  and the Octagon House ......secret  data set of Einstein's data processing DATA FIELD theory
near  hexadecimal Highway 16 and county Road E, Watertown  with the Pipersville Computer Earth system 370  data pipeline.

What is the geography region of DNA --> Doyle North America ......
that is Governor Jim Doyle of Wisconsin  ...... part of the human enzyme  LOCK and Key Model of SherLOCK Holmes  with Sir Arthur Conan DOYLE  --> thru symbolic evolution at 919 Charles (Darwin) Street, Watertown, Wisconsin  became a  modern version  --> Governor Doyle.




Below,   RD  experiments in  lac genes  of  Wisconsin geography at Wisconsin  Avenue and Lake Lac Belle.

 Oconomowoc, WI




Above we see the lac gene   and below we see the EARTH  lac gene ..geography proper nouns

map.OconomowocWisconsin (WI 53066) profile: population, maps, real ...
Nearest cities: Oconomowoc Lake, WI (1.5 miles ),
Lake Lac La Belle, WI (1.7 miles ),
Lac La BelleWI (1.7 miles ), Okauchee Lake, WI (1.7 miles ), Summit, WI ...





  1. Village of Lac LabelleWisconsin

    Village of Lac Lab         Wisconsin
    Village of Lac Lab         Wisconsin

    Located in the heart of Oconomowoc, Lac LaBelle is one of Wisconsin's best kept secrets. Sitting on the scenic lakefront, the village has the silent beauty of rural ...

    The Isolation of RNA Homologous to the 
    Genetic Control Elements ...
    File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View
    by WM BARNES - Cited by 10 - Related articles
    From the McArdle Laboratory, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, Wisconsin 53706 ... Genetic control of the lactose (lac) operon of Escherichia coli ...

    Village of Lac Lab         Wisconsin


    Driving the Oconomowoc Multi-lane Roundabout at Walnut 



Below the  E = EARTH = E coli map for O=Origin region of Oconomowoc



Bacterial Genetics
File Format: Microsoft Powerpoint - Quick View
This technique can be used to make a map of the circular Ecoli chromosome. 




Current Local Time in Lac La BelleWisconsin

Lac La BelleWI Map | MapQuest






Research & Articles on Chromosome, Prokaryotic by |

Figure 1. The circular genetic map  of the Escherichia coli chromosome. The map is divided into 100 map units, and representative genes are shown. The lac ... 






Thus we see the living EARTH cell expressions on the geography surface of  LAC La Belle of O = origin of Oconomowoc.

This is an interestiog puzzle .....with gene marker --> Mark  my words ...genetic military languages and  U.S.ARMY ROTC agent Mark D. Totzke of  NATURE's  version of  ST.John's Northwestern Military Academy  of gene  life and gene thought expression and axon ax murder mess messages.


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