Jane Fonda EARTH Language

by Herb Zinser 15. September 2014 09:17



Let's look at the  various EARTH LANGUAGE signals of messenger Jane Fonda.



Jane Fonda  in year 1963 (above) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Jane Fonda (born Lady Jayne Seymour Fonda; December 21, 1937) is an American actress, writer, political activist, former fashion model, and fitness guru.


Her stage work in the late 1950s laid the foundation for her film career in the 1960s. She averaged almost two movies a year throughout the decade, starting in 1960 with Tall Story, in which she recreated one of her Broadway roles as a college cheerleader pursuing a basketball star, played by Anthony Perkins. Period of Adjustment and Walk on the Wild Side followed in 1962. In Walk on the Wild Side Fonda played a prostitute, and earned a Golden Globe for Most Promising Newcomer.


First let's review Nature's SYMBOL MACHINE system architecture.


Nature's SYMBOL MACHINE is comprised of  nouns, verbs, concepts, math equations,  flowcharts, etc.  The ideas found in math and science textbooks are part of the SYMBOL MACHINE.

Using Galileo's suggestions  of  " 2 CHIEF WORLD  SYSTEMS"   we now perceive Sartre existentialism as partitioned into 2 or more data spaces....... the  2  CHIEF existential entities

1) physical reality of objects: concrete highways, iron  automobiles, cellulose trees, humanoids, etc.
2) The world of symbols, concepts, process control system flowcharts, biochemistry diagrams,  math and physics equations, etc.

Maps and Territories - Rijnlandmodel

Language in Thought and Action, S.I. Hayakawa.
Chapter 2 Symbols Maps and Territories
There is a sense in which we all live in two worlds.

 Thus we understand Charles Dickens " TALE of 2 Cities".  


Thus we have the source domain of SYMBOL LIFE and thought that may get mapped to the destination range of physical biology with human activities of the geography surface of EARTH. 





First, let's look at the SYMBOL LIFE of messenger Jane Fonda ...... some WORD navigation clues -->


 Jane Fonda (born December 21, 1937)  --> born at 37 degree Celsius human body temperature per Max Born bio-physics


starting in 1960 with Tall Story, in which she recreated one of her Broadway roles as a college cheerleader  --> Tall Story --> implies Tallahassee colleges ..... Florida State University secret projects  ...and later Paul Dirac physics at FSU

Period of Adjustment and Walk on the Wild Side 

--> Periodic  atomic table  movie titled Period of Adjustment for atomic bio-physics humans ...such as those found at  Cambridge University

--> Jane Fonda ...Walk on the Wild side ...... about the future romance of Stephen Hawking BRAIN nouns and verbs.. ..Jane Fond Wild side --> fond of Jane Wild  --> becomes fond/love for Jane Wilde at his side ..... shown below...


5] Fonda's career breakthrough came with Cat Ballou (1965), in which she played a schoolmarm turned outlaw
--> IBM bio-computer systems code CAT BAL --> CAT = system 370 SYS1,Catalog ............  BAL = Basic Assembler Language


The 1977 comedy film Fun With Dick and Jane is generally considered her "comeback" picture. She also received positive reviews --> message about elementary grammar school ERRORS and the Depart(mental)  of Education  policy and procedure ERRORS,







Thus we see the LINKS to EARTH IRON CORE Language of ferrous oxide IRON atom 26 alphabet  and its geography road maps to JANE --> Janesville, Wisconsin.


 Periodic  atomic table  movie titled Period of Adjustment and the atomic English alphabet of 26 letters at Highway 26 Janesville, Wisconsin with the General Motors IRON automotive factory and the General Motors language factory of fact  ...or  thought errors. 





Above, the result of Dick and Jane grammar school ERRORS by adult, nonsense human BRAIN symbol processors  s in Janesville, Wisconsin .



The other EARTH Language geography road sign of Jane Fonda --> Fonda --> city of .......


Fond du Lac, Wisconsin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Fond du Lac is a city in Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin, United States. The name is French for bottom (or foot) of the lake, named as such because of its location ...










The 3rd LINK of Jane Fonda is to the Milwaukee area via WORD code --> Fonda  --> Fon --> The FONZ  television show.


  • Happy Days - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Happy Days is an American television sitcom that aired first-run from January 15, ... Set in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the series revolves around teenager Richie ...
  • Fonz statue gets two thumbs up in Milwaukee - today ...

    Aug 19, 2008 - Though no scenes were filmed here, “Happy Days” took place in Milwaukee during its TV run from 1974 to 1984. Most of the cast was on hand ...









Thus we see the  triangle LINK between the 3 cities --> Janesville,  Fond du Lac, and Milwaukee




Thus we see how proper nouns like Jane Fonda  INTERACT with other SYMBOL LIFE proper  nouns   .... and some of these  HUMAN proper nouns MAP to the physical REALITY of  cities, factories , universities, and other people (Paul Dirac).





Nature's mechanism for this is the periodic atomic expression table   and its atomic mass societal  thoughts  .....and its output messages VIA mass communication systems.


  • Mass media - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Broadcast media such as radio, recorded music, film and television transmit their ... Print media use a physical object such as a newspaper, book, pamphlet or ... The digital media comprises both Internet and mobile mass communication.
  • Mass communication - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    For the actual means of mass communication, see Mass media. ... (Print media), television and radio broadcasting, film, public relations, or advertising. With the ...
  • Mass Media - Scholastic

    Scholastic Corporation
    Mass media are means of communication that are used to reach the general public ... (such as movies shown in cinemas or on premium or pay-for-view cable TV channels), ... for paid advertising (such as commercial television or radio broadcasts). ... The growth of the first commercial printing industry during the early 18th ...



Thus ...   for the scientist .... mass communications is really atomic mass communications involving the Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family and its social science expressions. 



Thus we see the physics signals about EM life forms.



She has won two Academy Awards, an Emmy Award and seven Golden Globe Awards (including 3 special awards) among many other accolades. 


..  in other words  ..........


She has won two Academy Awards --> subset letter codes --.  Ac  em  --> Alternating current electric motor awards  ....







Above, the Nikoli Tesla electric motor  whose significance Jane Fonda and Hollywood deny.





an Emmy Award  --> EM --> Electromagnetic Life form award  .....




seven Golden Globe Awards (including 3 special awards) among many other accolades.



Below, the Jane Fonda wave format signal identifiers.


Notice, the EM wave graph above and its straight line AXIS  is portrayed below ...by the straight   line in her hair ....  dividing her head into 2 components.  ..... ah ..the secrets of Hollywood bio-physics life formats and their  hidden languages of hair styles, clothes, body languages, music, etc



Thus we see ...in  a bigger picture .....the  usage of TV, Radio, and movies to broadcast  BRAIN control commands to the general audience.


Take for example   .. a year 2014 RADIO  broadcast from a  Mayville, Wisconsin  station  running an  EM  ad for a Fond du Lac institution.


The EM radio waves are broadcast to the  ancient  human bio-radio n system  in the  BRAIN STEM.


Thus the radio control commands can influence some people  ..to    behave in the wrong manner.


Take for example the RADIO AD above ...


Children's Museum of Fond du Lac - TripAdvisor

www.tripadvisor.com › ... › Things to Do in Fond du Lac
Rating: 4 - ‎14 reviews

Owner description: The Children's Museum of Fond du Lac is a place where discovery and curiosity are brought to life through a touchable learn-by-doing ... 


Children's Museum of Fond du Lac logo

Children's Museum visitors learn about “Three Sisters” gardens (comprised of corn, beans, and squash), with special instruction from Dolores Mick […].
1 Google review · Write a review · Google+ page

75 W Scott St, Fond du Lac, WI 54935
(920) 929-0707


The radio ad has 3  brain effects -->


1) people visit the Fond du Lac Children's museum.

2) some people disregard the informational ad

3) a few adult adulkts and their BRAIN STEM are programmed with the  Fond du Lac Children's museum ommands -->  Fond Children muse --> Fondle children amusement  ....thus creating criminal activity ... approved by  the the Federal  Communication Commsssion and citizens in the community.


Thus we see the communications industry and the advertising industry ...schemes and tricks  ... with the full approval of communities and parents ......to set-up some poor guy to do something stupid  ......  ,using  SECRET bio-radio control waves to control males.

Most married husbands are  under  a radio/ TV BANDWIDTH   brain control system.





Thus we have outlined some pieces to the interesting puzzle about Wisconsin and messenger Jane Fonda ..... elementary school books and General Motors of Janesville.