The living EARTH cell and its Hollywood genetic screening procedures for identification of movie / telvision audience mutants.

by Herb Zinser 6. June 2012 13:45



The living EARTH cell  has many conceptual parallels to the human body cell and human cell thoughts.  College textbooks in genetics, biochemistry, hematolgy,  and molecular cell biology  provide empircal lab data and symbolic models that explain many of the human cell processes.    Using superysmmetry physics / mirrors ..... we may use some of their knowledge to understand the living EARTH cell and its many processes ...which include Nature's social engineering projects with subset humans and their institutions.  

In a way, Einstein's theory of relative sizes and viewing positions  allows us to use this approach.

The astrophysics galactaic LOCAL REGION (Planet Earth) is a interesting test site.  A distant astrophysics observer ....looking at EARTH ....may think of it a a  living cell ..a bio-solid living in the MIlky Way universe of  mathematical-physics life. 


Thus an astrophysics geneticists .....with EARTH LAB  ... would try screening procedures ..... especially with the proximity of CALTECH astrophysics to Hollywood screens  with GENE GENE Audrey.   What would such an influence .....of Western COWBOY movie genes  ......have upon astrophysics  genetic thought structures.   


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  • Gene Autry .....was a precursor to the gene develpoment of Peter Russell  ...who had biology gene and gene thought evolution.
  • Gene expressions ........ were VIA messengers like GENE AUTRY  and the GENE CODE (Gene Cowboy code for future generations of thinkers ...such as Peter Russell  and his gene autry  textbook commandments).    Thus we see Darwinian evolution of message FORMATS:
  • 1st) GENE Autry singing in genetic movies 
    2nd) Peter Russell with a singing INK PEN ....writing instrument on paper ... a cellulose published  print  ..... symbols/diagrams movie in tetxbook format   
  • Codes of the West

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We see the  Gene A.  movies/television --> evolution to GENE  A = Gene Astrophysics information structures...such as the  genetics astrophysics cowboy author of book: 
TIME WARPS  and Black Holes"  with his message   CODE of the WEST  with algebra subset letters ..
...............PS _  --> fill in the blank with W.H giving
PSWH = Program Status WORD  Hexadecimal  with
PSWH = Professor Stephen W. Hawking ...the Cambridge astrophysics cowboy on the WEST ROAD.

Below, we have GENE Autry evolution in North America ........CODE of the WEST  



Now we have the concepts of GENE WORD, graphic, picture, and music  commands to the human audience ---> social science genetics  ...using mass communications and broadcast media.  Thus we may have brain ...symbolic thought  mutations .
We live in the world of  2 related  gene formats --> the biology gene processes and the English language proper noun GENE ...and its social science and political science commands to the eye/optical nerve data processor.  Thus symbolic mutations occur...... thought, awareness, and logic ERRORS.   Let's now look at the astrophysics region on the geography mathematical-physics  surface of EARTH ...known as the astrophysics  biology test site.....

astro -biology --> biology = bio + log y --> logarithms life forms from LOGAN, Utah in year 1940.

This is the gentleman  at CALTECH  who is  famous  in Nature's atomic/ astrophysics continuum.    Nature's existential continuum  .........  uses atomic mass communications ...that is mass communications (TV, radio,print)   words, equations, symbols, convey  multiple levels of meaning  in one  message SIGNAL.



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Currently seen in New Avengers, Uncanny X-Force, Wolverine, and Wolverine and the X-Men

Origin #1-6 (2001-2002);
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Wolverine was subsequently approached by Professor Charles Xavier, who was looking for mutants to help his students, the X-Men, escape from the ...




Since math, physics, engineering, and astrophysics professors  use math variable X    ....they must have an x-algebra chromosome.



XX male syndrome - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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Thus we see the strange tale of  Charles Darwin VIA  symbolic character Professor  Charles Xavier .........

---> During his leadership of Alpha Flight, Wolverine was approached by Professor Charles Xavier, who was looking for mutants to help his students, the X-Men, ...


Nature's intellect apparently...for the  living EARTH  cell  LAB experiments  ..... has special tester strains of humanoids ..that are subsets of the  Drosophlia class.   Thus we have DR.os  ......professors optical spectrum that read university campus news flyers.   Thus we see multiple versions of the FLY ...the orginal insect version,  then the movie version with Vincent Price, and now in the symbolic world ......the Darwinian evolution of a new model of the Drosophlia.

 Nature makes many of the rules on EARTH LAB ..... and has embarked on major projects in symbolism, Margaret Mead atomic anthropology, and genetic social engineering.


Let's review....this Drawinian evolution of GENE movies from the 1930's  thru GENE television  in the 1950's.  The GENE languages and pictures ...and the GENE Autry Cowboy CODE of the WEST  ..... certainly ......directly or indirectly ... reached the western town of LOGAN, UTAH.     As  his gene evolution continued.....his intellectual evolution  ..became known in some dimension of the subliminal mind  of the  author/publishing world  .......and then ...the  name  LOGAN came to the mind of  those writers.  Thus we see a double-helix life of  Kip S. Thorne ...... his conscious life in math and physics at CALTECH and  THEN his role in the Carl Jung atomic/astrophysics  collective unconsciouness continuum ......and said contiuum sends  its information to some humanoid output writers .....authors of  LOGAN  with the X- algebra men.

Thus we see the double-helix expression of Kip S. Thorne .....his TALE of 2 Cities the case ..Nature's '  astrophysics EARTH Lab specimen.  His book has more secrets about life ..... page 370 CLUE to the Solar System 370. 








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