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Project Plan Z


Welcome to Project Plan Z



The Solar System 370 war, Carl Sagan 'CONTACT',  and the  Earth BAL  base at Balad, Iraq




The astrophysics Milky Way Galaxy battle code Y2K --> Why Runway 26 Kentucky and the (air) port Computer Earth terminal.


The university DNA intellectual run-around finds expression on the living EARTH cell and its surface area problems.


The astrophysics genetics war on the living EARTH cell --> the CHO cells battle at Virginia TECH and the A23 E. Coli mutant battle at Marinette High School, Wisconsin.



Astrophysics E. coli disease plagues the Earth geography region of the Eastern Standard Time zone of the United States.


The Galapagos Islands, 2007 BALAD crash, FermiLAB, the ferrous oxide IRON atom and EVOLUTION




The atomic/ astrophysics continuum processing revolution of LU = Logical Units with UNIT = UNITED States of mainframe America


The Texas I-35 Event Highway --> the Margaret Mead nuclear family Death Zone report of parallel isotopes I-235 and parallel DNA 3 --> 5.


Gravity wave interaction with the quantum state of Georgia and its atomic mass formated bio-physics agents ---> Newt Gingrich and new nucleotides


The modern Social Science Wars of atoms, math equations, biochemistry molecules, television photons, English language nouns and symbolic life.


The Darwinian evolution of the architecture of Escherichia coli expressions - - - > new existential social education formats of E. Coli K-12 explain shootings at K-12 grammer schools and universities.



Nature's Mitochondria molecular cell biology WAR against MIT, Virginia TECH, Harvard, and the University of Wisconsin




DNA speaks and writes the English language --> DNA English language descriptions of humanoid output messengers


FermiLAB and the uranium theory of Turkey


Nature's data processing bio-computer system VERSUS the Wisconsin Supreme Court




That NASA, DARPA, National Science Foundation, and the Office of Science ignore the OXYGEN war reports and GRAVITY war reports ......... becomes part of a CAUSE ---> EFFECT......the Gabby Gifford tragic message.



Nature's Gravity Government and the Gravity field war in Manhattan - - > the bio-physics battle of Sept 11, 2001 with military FORCE equation --> F = Ma --> expanded --> social Forces = Manhattan and social science WARs



The Markov chain math wars on EARTH. The k-step transition probability battlefield casualty reports. .


Analysis of MIT university helps explain the MIT = MITCHONDRIA brain cell war region in the East Coast geography VTOC region and the East Coast human cell NC numerical control region.


The world-wide IRON WARs explained by 2007 BALAD AN-26 crash and the FermiLAB problems with Fe=Ferrous oxide atomic thought


The Earth gravity field war with NASA and Gabby Gifford helps explain the gravity mystery of Route 66 and grocery store price of 99 cents.


Wisconsin gravity war MYSTERY messages are sent to agent KSTP = Kip S. Thorne and agent 42 = Stephan Hawking ---> Did they receive the SCIENCE WAR gravity data for their theoretical research on EARTH gravity field life formats?



The Gabby Giffords shootout in Arizona reflects the Gabby Hayes world-wide English language WAR


The M-theory mathematical-physics BOUNDARY WAR ZONE with n-SPACE. The symbolic universe war for control of languages. English words and sentences ,math equations, and social chemistry formulas.


M-theory physics and biochemistry battle at the Fort Hood ARMY base for bacteriophage M13 leaves 13 dead



The molecular cell biology SOCIAL SCIENCE war expressions VIA the social biology behavioral identifier word: Mole.


Molecular TIME agent Double 007 helps explain the 2007 Frontier Orbital crash in BALAD, IRAQ --> Ian Fleming and his James "Molecular" BOND secret reports


Route 66 gravity highway, NASA, Gabby Giffords, and the Office of Science PUZZLE about the Arizona GRAVITY war shooting


Math and physics WAR reports describe the factors of civilian DEATHS - - -> analysis of the Darryl Adams, South Jamica , Queens SCIENCE WAR murder. News signals ignored by citizens and their governments. Do you have SCIENCE WAR protection insurance?


Nitric Oxide (NO) gas and its functions in cell-to-cell communications regulating processes helps explain atomic cell biology ordered Utoeya, NO killings


Rudolf Carnap book "Foundation of Logic and Mathematics" helps explain the BSA 23 E.Coli math tragedy of Boy Scout logic errors --> Samuel Hengel


The Bertrand Russell and Alfred North Whitehead theory of mathematics blood life takes 100 years to reach conscious expression


The Ferrous oxide atomic information HIGHWAY 56 conflict with Fer --> FermiLAB and Illinois(e) 56 Butterfield Road. Components of the iron hemoglobin bio-physics Hierarchy Problem.


A study of the Cambridge University evolution of astrophysics professorial mutants using the genetics of Principia Mathematica.


The Base 16 mathematics death of Hex'FFA" member Matt Anderson at the COMPUTER EARTH system 370 battle field site in Wisconsin.


The atomic human optical computer VTOC war casualties at VT = Virginia TECH and OC = Oklahoma City


The Darwinian evolution of Escherichia coli 0157H7 into new military formats of expression at Fort Hood


Bio-computer data bus war casualties. The Beligian towns of Lommel and Liege help explain Parameters Journal article ---> The Mind Has No Firewall - - -> US Army War College




DNA nitrogenous bases bio-math --- > The SEVEN Bridges Problem of camBRIDGE and camBRIDGE



IBM 8100 DPCX application --> Carrier sub-system at Chicago BC/BS helps understand Nature's B100D bio-computer operating system


Computer Earth system 370 SYMBOLIC MACHINE war casualties of the Runway 26 Lexicon alphabet ---> BASE 16 bio-computer system ERRORS ignored by FDA ,FFA. OS, and 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.


The America Chemical Society revolutionary secrets of Jerry March and the radical secrets of L.G.Wade,JR. and the GANG of Four - CHINA


The Gang Of Four --> Ganglions of the 4-CLUB of Wisconsin, the Milwaukee Police Gangs crime UNIT, Chicago gangs, Chinatown, and FermILAB explain the 11- dimensions of the Gang of 4 string theory physics


Nature's OS evolution WARS with man --> The Origin of the Species battle reports from the 919 Charles (Darwin) Street data set key in the Region of Convergence of Watertown, Wisconsin


Astrophysics social science gene mutations in Kentucky result in alkylation damage at Runway 26 and Omaha , Nebraska WEST Road Mall.



The Dali language translator explains astrophysics galactic gene expressions in galactic LOCAL REGION (Planet Earth)



Geopolitical Child watching the DEATH of the New Man VIA the 2011 Utoeya, Norway Child ERRORS




Salvador Dali and the Russell BP = Base Pair symbolic DNA repair system of Bertrand logic and Peter genetics


The Sophocles philosophy war in the biology subset bio-computer BLOG domains claims the life of Sophocles sophmore Sam Hengel.


Welcome to BRAVE NEW WORLD - - - > Nature's social science wars -- - > the puzzles of modern REALITY.



Darwinian evolution of Escherichia coli into new formats of expression --> television E.Coli and English language E.coli



The 3 Little Pigs and the Bay of Pigs WAR REPORTS from the atomic mass communications region of the periodic atomic table government of Nature - - -> Bay of Pigs --> Ba Pi --> signals for Batavia Pier.



James Joyce discusses Blooms's syndrome of English syntax / words



E. coli phage vector M13 battle at FORT HOOD results in M13 dead - - -> E. COL interface messages for the U.S.Army War College parallel agent .....the symbolic face of COL. Timothy Thomas


The university secret DNA dance --> The TWIST (used to twist our perceptions of social reality) . . . . .and the secret DNA song ---> Twist and Shout


The LexA protein war casualties of Runway 26 alphabet in Lexington, Kentucky, America. The DNA SOS signal is ignored by citizens and their governments.


Plasma televison screens used to broadcast data on Nature's new species level of human blood plasmid structures of Drosophila



Austin,Texas and the DNA polymerase IRS repair syntax thesis using the Joe Stack 5 --> 3 exonuclease activity to remove a few nucleotides.


The Earth gene ERROR Correction Systems send mismatched pair COLE message to the U.S.Navy nucleotides department at GREAT Lakes Naval Base.




Genetic map of Oconomowoc, Wisconsin revealed by rare gene military ROTC MARKER in the bacterial Lac La Belle region


The living EARTH geography cell - - -> DNA polymerase I-35W bridge repairs region of St.Paul, Minnesota



The living EARTH cell and its Hollywood genetic screening procedures for identification of movie / telvision audience mutants.




The living EARTH cell SOS Box error signal ignored by Baltimore citizens with city base gene defects.



UTOEYA casualties of OSLO bio-computer science OS/JCL errors reveals the geography computer secrets of the BALTIC states and BAL programmer states of MIND.



UTOEYA = Unified Theory Of Everthing with Norway, the Governor of Lower Saxony and the living EARTH brain cell geography BAL bio-computer region.



Computer Earth system 370 Baltic region of OSLO and the UTOEYA human bio-computer WAR tragedy



The botany evergreen tree and its Logical Unit of LUMBER versus the Norwegian people Logical Unit at UTOEYA.



TYr --> Time year --> Tyrosine protein Y2k biological clock TIME mutation errors detected at Tyr --> Tyrifjord Lake result in the UTOEYA UTC = Universe Time Coordinates error in UTC = UToya Children



The EXTERNAL tragic expressions and message formats of INTERNAL biology conflicts with social engineering policy




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