The living EARTH geography cell - - -> DNA polymerase I-35W bridge repairs region of St.Paul, Minnesota

by Herb Zinser 10. June 2012 05:38


The living EARTH cell is an interesting structure. The EARTH and its geography surface AND the activities that occur on the earth surface …..have many features of genetics and molecular cell biology.


For a perspective, let’s consider the astrophysics galactic LOCAL REGION (Planet Earth) as a universe test site.  A distant virtual astrophysics observer … astrophysics geneticists would view the EARTH as a cell ……and a reflection of the cell wall   (the EARTH geography surface)  might  be the fiancial activities of WALL street.   For example, the EARTH cell internal components …in this case coal, oil, iron …..pass thru the EARTH cell wall (geography surface) and then….eventually appear in format .... as news  items in the WALL STREET Journal newspaper. We know its astrophysics newspaper …because several years ago in the 1990’s…..they has an article about the algebra subset word: 

astrophysics …..
…trophy ……using the military code ….
Trophy wife …wi = west interface,,,,,fe=ferrous oxide atomic life


Thus we have a VIEW of the living EARTH cell ……in some ways parallel to a human cell, Einstein’s theory of relative sizes and viewing positions …allows us to use this approach. Supersymmetry physics allows the use of concept: symmetry.   The actual applied symmetry physics sizes may vary from small to large. Let’s use a college genetics textbook that explains the human sized cell ….and thru Darwinian adaption of symbolic concepts…adapt the idea to the living EARTH cell.






TheDNAearth cellEVENTof interest is……


Search instead for I-35W bridge collapse St.paul dulth


1.I-35W Bridge Collapse Myths - Similar


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1, The I-35W bridge spanned the river between Minneapolis and Saint Paul. ... The Bong Bridge between Duluth and Superior is 11800 feet, 5 times as long.




2.Geosynthetics and the new I-35W Bridge - Geosynthetics

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Construction of the Interstate  I-35W Bridge,  which collapsed in catastrophic fashion on Aug. ... wall built previously at the I-35E crossing of the Mississippi in St. Paul. ... miles north of the Twin Cities, and I-35 continues northward to Duluth, Minn., ...




Earth DNA  region = Duluth, Minnesota with  Duluth =Du + lu + _th à
computer Earth system 370  project Du(e)  Lu = Logical Unit




Now. let’s look at the EARTH model of DNA ..with
DNA polymerase I repairs region …….That is

DNA…….erase Interstate highway region of DNA= Duluth and DOUBLE (Twin Cities).


The I-35W Bridge …is bidirectional ……..traffic flows in 2 directions.
Thus the I-35W communications bridge has genetic features on the living Earth cell.



Exonuclease - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
 - Similar
Exonuclease I breaks apart single-stranded DNA in a 3'=>5' direction, releasing deoxyribonucleoside 5'-monophosphates one after another


DNA Replication - Similar
Aug 7, 2005 – The DNA polymerase always reads along the parental strand in a 3' to 5' direction, therefore the new or "nascent" DNA strand grows in a 5' to ...


DNA Replication & Synthesis - Similar
Because the strands of a DNA double helix have opposite chemical polarity, one strand is extended in a 5'-3' direction while the other extends in a 3'-5' direction ...








Directionality (molecular biology) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Similar
The 5' is upstream; the 3' is downstream. DNA and RNA are synthesized in the 5' to 3' direction. Directionality, in molecular biology and biochemistry, is the ...
Above,  we see the words;  upsream and downstream.
Below, we see the major streams in 3 different formats:
a) the Mississipli River streams 
b) the iron automobile traffic--> iron  streams within the EARTH's magnetic data fields 
c) the human car driver's and their brain's James Joyce  streams of consciousness   



 Below, we see a PROCESS ..that is adaptble to the living  EARTH cell event at the    I-35W bridge.






Below, EARTH LAB  data reports.






Below,  we see in more detail  ......a description of the above picture.








Thus we have   new processses occuring on the surface of EARTH .....Nature's social engineering feedback signals ..that ought be understood.
The above is a rough  outline with a few CLUES, much more work needs to be done. 


The Base 2 binary cities of Minnesota have violated the "Tale of 2 Cities" mass communicaions laws. They have provided an incomplete explantion of the I-35W bridge ...considering the  gestalt context of EARTH an astrophysics LAB site.   Margaret Mead atomic anthropology laws require more accurate atomic mass communications from  atomic bio-physics humanoid news reporters and their university intellectual  sources. 


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