The Earth gene ERROR Correction Systems send mismatched pair COLE message to the U.S.Navy nucleotides department at GREAT Lakes Naval Base.

by Herb Zinser 1. June 2012 22:29

have above words --. 


The EARTH is a living cell.  The large Earth cell has many conceptual features and operating behaviors   that parallel  the human biology cell.  Thus understanding of genetics and moelcular cell biology   ...... may help us understand the Earth government  and Nature's  perceptions  of its relationship with subset humans and their institutions.  Let's look at an example .....of how supersymmetry physics / parallel propcessing  may expalin some tragic EVENTS on EARTH ......that is EARTH LAB signals that reflect some  imbalance in Nature caused by human errors.   These human societal  violations of the  John Locke SOCIAL CONTRACT  with Nature ......trigger Nature's  self-defense systems  ...... that can influence  and increase the probability of a tragic signaling EVENT ...intended as afeedback signal  ...a last resort after all other signals are ignored by citizens and their governments.  




The above concepts explain INTERNAL biology processes.  According to Einstein's theory of relative sizes and viewing positions ...the living EARTH cell with Nature's vast intellect may perceive  ...... as a EARTH cell  BASE ........a  U.S.Navy  base.   


Genetics and DNA  involve the tides of nucleotides!

Basic logic of Nature ....asking itself ...about human institutions - - - >  who ought be aware of the theory and applications data about tides? The WORD tides is a subset word of DNA nucleotides.  Hence, a natural conclusion night be .... GEE Whiz......the Navy is composed of  humanoid structures that have INTERNAL biology nucleotides  and  spend their time ..... involved in the EXTERNAL world ...on the surface of  the EARTH  and its oceans and tides.    So, Nature ..... correctly or incorrectly presumes that the TIDES  agents  are Navy researchers and personnel.

What might be perceived as a base pair   ...on the geography surface of EARTH's waters. 

Great LAKES Naval Base ......taking that concept of GREAT Lakes ....we have  EARTH  base pair perception  of Lake Michigan and the GULF of Aden (Lake parallel).
Thus the pair of lakes/gulfs   have  military bases  with TIDES agents. 


 Thus the EVENT we are looking at involves 2 geography regions :  Yemen   and Northern Illinois ...with the intial SIGNALING event  in Yemen.

---> The USS Cole bombing was a suicide attack against the United States Navy destroyer USS Cole on October 12, 2000, while it was harbored and refueled in the Yemen port of Aden. Seventeen American sailors were killed, and 39 were injured. This event was the deadliest attack against a United States Naval vessel since 1987.



Thus we have the EARTH gene military  and  its  base pair geography regions represented by U.S. Navy  agents for Nature.


Below, we see the secret words that describe the Computer Earth system 370 Base 16 hexadecimal  sailors ...... that is bio-computer programmed  formats labeled sailors.  This makes sense, because Base 16 hexadecimal government has its COMPUTER EARTH system 370 computer address space at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.


Training Support Center

TSC Great Lakes is the Navy's premier technical training command. It has an annual throughput of 16,000 sailors a year. TSC supports the following six learning sites:

  • Center for Surface Combat Systems (CSCS)

Great Lakes, IL (Naval Station Great Lakes) - CNIC HQ Home - U.S. ... - Similar
...  Address. Naval Station Great Lakes 2601E Paul Jones Street Great Lakes, IL

NORTH Chicago is  equivalent to  postal address : Great Lakes, Illinois.

Below, the Earth map and U.S. Naval Research helps explain the nature of "Acres" of land  ..
that is Highway 120  message of  AC + Res --> of 60 cycles AC and 120 votes Hertz

 Naval Resarch in Earth geo-physics with Highway 137 helps explain


A Second Course in Quantum Theory - Landau - Cited by 13938


Feynman diagrams - Particle Physics

For the electromagnetic force the coupling strength must be proportional ... 137

So the question is..... is the map of the EARTH Navy geography region a superysmmetry / a parallel to a Feynman diagram.

Can we say ..that the map is a Feynman diagram on a different or larger scale?


The above is considered the Northern Illinois geography region...which includes Northern Illinois University, Cole Hall, DeKalb Illinois.

Below is the other side of the WORLD...that is ........ Solar system Planet EARTH  ...that geology and geography professors may have an interest in.
Yemen and the U.S.S. Cole incident are advanced examples  of the message painted by Salvador Dali in year 1943  regarding the Nature's new phase .....Geo-Political Systems  phase or modern GPS.   TIME highway 43 is near the Great Lakes Naval Station .....that is a space/time station on EARTH  ...according to physics theories  about the existence of such dimesnions  on EARTH's surface  ...that is ....only known to ....  "down to EARTH thinkers".  Hollywood thinkers  and Radio Head music listeners may not have the brain  desire to understand  such solid basic  physics concepts.  


Salvador Dali Paintings: "Geopoliticus Child Watching the Birth of ...
"Geopoliticus Child Watching the Birth of the New Man" by Salvador Dali (1943). In this painting Salvador Dali gives us a large egg-shaped globe of the world ...






Above, we have the geography location of Aden, Yemen.



Let's continue our study of  the theory of the living EARTH cell and EARTH  genetics  ....
with EARTH    base pairs and  mis-matched pairs. Let's review.






The above....has words ...

The next step depends upon the repair system recognizing which DNA strand is the newly synthesized strand and which is the template strand. 

Let's look at the above sentence  ...from the EARTH geography LAB VIEW ...with  the OCEAN tides of the living EARTH cell  being partially equivalent to the human sailors biology nucleotides.

Now, let's consider an EARTH MODEL of its 2 strands  of DNA expressions EARTH events.


1) the template strand  with tragic EVENT:   DNA (Defense North America),   U.S.S Cole , ocean in  Gulf of Aden in October 2000 


  1. USS Cole bombing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

 - Similar
    The USS Cole bombing was a suicide attack against the United States Navy destroyer USS Cole on October 12, 2000, while it was harbored and refueled in the




Now, let's try to recognize the newer synthesized strand 

2) the newer synthesized strand with tragic EVENT: DNA (DeKalb, North America) U.S.A. Cole, oceanography classroom   


  1. Northern Illinois University shooting - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

 - Similar
    Jump to Future of Cole Hall‎: Since February 14, 2008, Cole Hall has remained closed to the public. Classes that were held in the building's two large ...


 Thus...we have  the    COLE  .....  base pair of Events.  Are they a mismatched pair that needs repair?.  


Which is the correct one and which is the erroneous one?     Pier ODD+ONE, an atomic DNA format  at FermiLAB,  could help explain Margaret Mead atomic anthropology conflicts, but the Federal government has no interest in the deeper CAUSE  --> EFFECT logic that may prevail in a more complete explanation of these tragedies.   Let's continue with the theory of the living EARTH cell  that may have supersymmetry geo-physics  parallels to   biochemistry cell structure and expression  operations.


 Below, we see the inside bio-chemistry wave architecture of a Navy sailor  ...which is similiar to what he sees when he looks at the external geography world...OCEAN waves and a sense, Earth cell nucleoTIDES.

Can the diagram a secret  Navy map  that may help explain  the external world EVENT in Yemen? 
Is the diagram below an EVENT template?    (after the help understand a complex  social engineering message from Nature) . 


First. let's look at the red dot above.   On the living Earth cell  (of Solar System Planet Earth)......the red dot 




Now the genetics  textbook  process  control diagram (see above) ..states:

--> Enzyme detects distortion due to dimer  .......when this is enlarged to EARTH size dimensions  ...we use the  dimer SIGNAL chain to help us think.The dimer CHAIN involves the  SKU.11 --> 11 dimensions of string theory physics   and the 11 year sentence of Jessie Dimmick and his  uranium   isotope signal  of  $235,000 to FermiLAB.   Thus we see other examples of events on the geography surface  of EARTH  that are also SIGNALS pertaining to more complex situations.

Thus...the living EARTH cell  ..enyzme detect distortion 

--> more words from above ..... cuts damaged  .... excised segment diffuses away and is broken down

Well, what would that be...  cut/damaged .....on the large sizes of EARTH LAB?




 The picture above  can be re-expressed in the EARTH language below.





What other information CLUES may help us build the  big picture we need?






The  E Coli  with GATC   A = America EARTH size language ....

E col = Earth  Cole ship  with GAT  represented by Secretary of Defense  GAT---> GATES.


Let's consider  additional views .....angles of looking at the situation.



Below, we see a drawing of  part of an object ... its length ...well...its looks like a Navy sketch of a boat.
Thus we see the symbolism .......that the shape below...may also be actualized in solid form as the U.S.S.Cole. 


We see the diagram  ... in  phases.

a) top diagram has RED/pink color in the middle of the boat shape  

b) the 2nd diagram WORD  COMMANDS  ......  MutH nicks 



The above diagram  hot spot  and the word: nicks  ..  descriptive of the 
of the oblong boat object above........ is descriptive REALITY  of the  object below and the  geometric  placement of the message. 





Now,  we look at the picture and the map.

We have the Aden Peninsula and the engine room. This is a reminder of the symbolic universe.....with EARTH  and the Aden PEN writing instrument  and the symbolic engines that play an important role in modern life on EARTH. 
Thus the Navy MISSILE the context of Computer Earth system 370 a Navy MIS destroyer = Management Information Systems  Destroyer of  nonsense explanations  and incomplete stories printed in newspapers.

The U.S.S. COLE   helicopter platform part of Computer Earth system 370  Double-Helix ( helix --> heli  cops  VIA heli + cop + ter)   ....... well known to readers of D.H. Law books  --> Double Helix Laws on INTERNET chat-rooms --> as written by  Double-Helix LAW literary agent --> D.H. Lawrence and Lady Chatterly's LOVER......modern chat-rooms and the cellular phone chatter box device. 

Thus when we consider  the big picture ..of life on Earth.....THERE ARE MANY FACTORS TO CONSIDER. 




We have  damaged DNA site --> Pentagon brain cells regarding self-awareness 
We have damaged DNA site --> DeKalb ..Ill/sick noise --> State of MIND  Illinois 


These messages from Nature require serious analysis by  older and wiser people with a science familiarity.








Above we have the words --->state previously .....irradiation produce pyrimidine dimers  in DNA .... CC.

THE INFORMATION STRING of those words ...transformed to the large EARTH size format...

state --> state /federal governemnts  or STATE of Illinois

irradiation --> irritation of DNA by the high volume of FCC authorized television, radio, and  and cellular  phones.......thus the Washington, DC  directed electromagnetic ATTACK upon Nature's 
DNA FCC  molecular cell biology intellectual systems ....that is

DNA FCC = Francis C. Crick  ...... and Cambridge University fails to protect Nature's  DNA systems from some  government FCC nonsense policy.

CC = Cole (ship) Cole (Hall)

TT dimers --> Tall Tall dimensions --> Two Tower dimers of Sept 11, 2001







Thus we have above words--> dimers involving C nucleotides .... ..translated to EARTH size language scale


Dimers (dead sailors) involving C = Cole sailor nucleotides of the EARTH  NAVY tides specialist 

Dimer (dead students) involving C = Cole Hall student nucleotides and the Ocean class course



 Also words--> SOS repair system stalled/delayed ....

ask TOM Delay ...why the announcement delay
ask ATOM Delay ....Office of Science delays

Task ATOM Delay..... outlined  a rough  perception of a supersymmetry EVENT  ...EARTH parallel processing message systems...... which involves bio-physics and geo-physics and Margaret Mead atomic social anthropology......and many other factors... including atomic human YES MEN symbolized by YEMEN in the BRAVE NEW WORLD social psychology wars with television and newspaper  incomplete reports.
TV and print are   mass communication  facilities.....and are expected to properly communicate  atomic mass output messages .... regarding Margaret Mead nuclear family affairs that involve the periodic atomic table.


Thus we have  another example of  the SCIENCE WARS and  the battles involved.   The above ...situation is explained at several levels ..... like an 11 story building  ...and that is one of the concepts important to the 11 dimensions of string theory ...when applied to everyday life.   Beneath everyday life  ...are various levels .....such as the Carl Jung collective unconsciousness level,  the subliminal mind,  the human atomic brain and its electron circuits that  elect Circuit Court judges, etc.    It's an interesting world ..... for those that are  truly interested.    





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