Austin,Texas and the DNA polymerase IRS repair syntax thesis using the Joe Stack 5 --> 3 exonuclease activity to remove a few nucleotides.

by Herb Zinser 15. June 2012 13:54


The EARTH is a living cell. The large Earth cell has many conceptual features and operating behaviors that parallel the human biology cell. Thus understanding of genetics and moelcular cell biology ...... may help us understand the Earth government and Nature's perceptions of its relationship with subset humans and their institutions. Let's look at an example .....of how supersymmetry physics / parallel propcessing may explain some tragic EVENTS on EARTH ......that is EARTH LAB signals that reflect some imbalance in Nature caused by human errors. These human societal violations of the John Locke SOCIAL CONTRACT with Nature ......trigger Nature's self-defense systems ...... that can influence and increase the probability of a tragic signaling EVENT ...intended as a feedback signal ...a last resort after all other signals are ignored by citizens and their governments.





The above concepts explain INTERNAL biology processes. According to Einstein's theory of relative sizes and viewing positions ...the living EARTH cell with Nature's vast intellect may perceive ...... as a EARTH cell  ---> because,  a large city on the geography surface of EARTH  replicates many of the activities within a molecular cell biology structure.        Thus ........ DNA --> DALLAS   fort   NeighborHOOD  Austin.

Thus, above we see ERROR Correction systems  .......and from the EARTH LAB point of view ...the TEXAS  intellectual  correctional system  methods using genetics scripts for TEXAS gene THEATER of WAR.


 Can the diagram a secret  map that may help explain the external world EVENT in  Austin, Texas, USA? 

Is the diagram below an EVENT template? (after the help understand a complex social engineering message from Nature) .



Above, we see an INTERNAL cell   geometry configuration of Nature and the red dot  ........and
below we see the amplified mirror image ...approximation ..on  the living EARTH cell ..geography DISPLAY surface. 
Thus the geography surface of EARTH is like a computer terminal display screen this case.....the geography surface DISPLAYS messages from various dimensions and formats of Nature and  its multi-faceted Sartre existentialism suggested by the 11 dimensions of string theory physics.  




The picture above can be re-expressed in the EARTH language below.








Above ..last 3 lines state ..

--> from which DNA polymerase  I   ....... algebra subset letter commands
.................................m  erarse I    .......thus applied to EARTH
..................M-theory  erase IRS ...........thus the IRS offices erased


--> using its 5--> 3 exonuclease  .........that is Nature's Darwinian selected humanoid agent..
JOE Stack  age 53 



Someday,  the University of Texas in Austin ...might consider upgrading  a few of their  brain cells.  The complete absence of ability to comprehend modern social  science EVENTS in TEXAS  is interesting.  Do they worship making the United States of America a stupid country?  They are trying to make America a bunch of fools. Maybe, their are some exceptions in TEXAS ...that will rise up to the intellectual challenge presented BY NATURE.
Aldous Huxley and George Orwell warned us of the possible social psychology wars,  Fortunately, for me ..I was in a bookstore and saw Brave New World and 1984 ....and  CLIFF NOTES (equivalent) that helped explain the books.   Thus reminded of my education experiences  of 40 years  earlier ... I decided to try  to understand their messages BETTER.   What was it they were trying to say?  What are some examples in modern society of their theories?   

Much work and study needs to be done. This is just an outline of a puzzle....... with a few pieces...a few CLUES help get started.
We need a model of this EVENT  ...and its context within  the larger EARTH LAB ..that we live in.    


3 exonuclease activity to remove a few nucleotides. " trackback:ping="" /> -->

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