Rudolf Carnap book "Foundation of Logic and Mathematics" helps explain the BSA 23 E.Coli math tragedy of Boy Scout logic errors --> Samuel Hengel

by Herb Zinser 14. July 2012 14:51



Mathematics and logic play an important role in life ....and in symbolic brain development.  Institutions and organizations that make arrogant logic errors  .......find that their arrogance  CAUSE - - -> tragic EFFECT.  Simple logic.   Let's look at Nature's signal about Central Nervous System 370 abstract brain symbolic computer projects.   Of interest is the  BSA  = Boy Scouts of America   and the math logic pamphlet  that adults in the Boy Scout organization are most likely familiar with.

Let's look at their secret math codes.






BS implies a few  major concepts

BSA = Boy Scouts of America

BS --> Bachelor of Science from college in a human BATCH of  bio-computer processors

BS ---> the occasional Bull-Stories that sometimes need some intellectual adjustments by people of HONOR






....above words ...relaced  by expression of B-S ---> thus the  system  expression of Boy Scouts  ...







Below, list of names in B-S.  What does that mean?




Perhaps, someday...a more accurate explanation will be given about the tragedy of puppet school ..Marionette  theater at Marinette High Scool, Wisconsin ...that is...after they pierce the corporate veil  of  business law  the PIERCE school address.


School District of Marinette
School District of Marionette Theater message from Nature - Similar
School District of Marinette. ... Are you contemplating a move to the Marinette area? ... The Wisconsin School District Performance Report (SDPR), the on-line ... Schools Program honors elementary, middle and high schools that are either ...
1 Google review
2139 Pierce Avenue Marinette, WI 54143
2339 Pierce Avenue Badger Guns   43rd Street, Milwaukee
(see policeman Norberg shooting EVENT)


Business Law - What does it mean to pierce the corporate veil? - Similar
In doing so, the creditor is asking the court to pierce the corporate veil and make the business owners personally liable for the debts, liabilities and obligations of ...


Motive of Samuel Hengel, 15, in school hostage seige remains ... › National NewsCached
Nov 30, 2010 – Samuel Hengel died Tuesday morning at a Green Bay, Wis., hospital without ... The 15-year-old boy who held 23 students and a teacher hostage in a... well-liked, a Boy Scout, even-keeled, plenty of friends, loving family.



Below, 23 students and their  A23 problems   ...which include 

- atomic table element Na = 23 of Sodium Chloride (salt traety) probLem

- uranium 238 Margaret Mead atomiv social  anthropology problems


Thus we see some CLUES to the tragic message that Nature is telling us.
More work and thought needs to be done fully understand  the social engineering ERROR signal.


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