University of Cambridge and England defeated in SYMBOL MACHINE wars

by Herb Zinser 29. January 2015 18:04

RD-blog-number-4151 by Herb Zinser reviews the SCIENCE WAR status of England and its universities   .. that have NOT FIXED and refuse to help FIX the "Two Cultures" problem as outlined by C.P. Snow in year 1959.  Consequently, in year 2015, we look a a country that worships nonsense and
bull-stories   ..... . with no respect for the English language and its attempts to maintain  accuracy and integrity.  

British universities have lied to their students about the super-symmetry MIRROR wars inside the human brain    ...Cambridge and Cambodia.



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Khmer Rouge - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    The Khmer Rouge subjected Cambodia to a radical social reform process that was ... Over the next three years, the Khmer Rouge killed many intellectuals, ..... who had stereotypical signs of learning, such as glasses, would also be killed.
  • Khmer Rouge and Cambodia (1975) - Cold War Museum

Even wearing glasses was enough reason for the Khmer Rouge to murder civilians. They took eliminating intellectuals so seriously that even extended families ...


Khmer Rouge and Cambodia

Khmer Rouge and Cam + bod  

Khmer Rouge and Cambridge bodies 


Supersymmetry | CERN

Supersymmetry. Supersymmetry predicts

a partner particle for each particle in the Standard






Below, human particles STAND on 2-legs


Einstein's theory of relative sizes and viewing positions ...states that an atomic, bio-physics humanoid may be perceived as  a BIG particle.





Let's look at the messages ignored by the  West Road people  at the University of Cambridge.


location - damtp - University of Cambridge
University of Cambridge

The City of Cambridge is famous throughout the world for its University and ... in the new Stephen Hawking House on West Road located in West Cambridge ...

The EARTH wars that generate  messages  for the WEST Road  in Cambridge ....  are

--> West Road shopping mall shooting in Omaha 

Westroads Mall shooting -




Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


The Westroads Mall shooting was a mass shooting that occurred on Wednesday, December 5, 2007, at the Von Maur department store in the Westroads Mall in Omaha ...

--> West Gate shopping mall shooting in  British East Africa 


Westgate shopping mall attack

- Wikipedia, the free ...


On 21 September 2013, unidentified gunmen attacked the upmarket Westgate shopping mall in Nairobi, Kenya. The attack, which lasted until 24 September, ...





Now,  we have the WR --> WRonskian differential equation entering the SYMBOL war machine the Isaac Asimov psychohistory math equations math SYMBOL LIFE gets involved  in the social engineering battles.  

The Wronskian tells us about the OMAHA oxygen molecule continuum    ... consequently the oxygen communications bridge ..... ignored by  Oxygen Bridge human agents  at .......... 

Oxbridge > Programs >

The Oxford Tradition > The Program


The Oxford Tradition is an academic program for students in grades 10-12  (the carbon 12 grade of organic molecule evolution into social chemistry awareness)   held in Pembroke and Corpus Christi Colleges, Oxford University, England. There are ...

Nature's systems are are happy with the poor attitudes of Oxford  ..and their failure to help fix the C.P.SNOW problem.

Thus Nature's systems  are now ATTACKING  at the atomic brain  level at Cambridge  and Oxford  ....
the  major SYMBOL codes contained in their proper nouns are ... 

Cambridge --> cam  +  bridge (arch) 

Oxford --> Ox + fo + rd --> Oxygen base 16 Hex'fo' =240  RD

Now, let's look at the  WR = Wronskian battle OMAHA that is a visible clue to the  deeper atomic, mathematical MIND battle in England  ..regarding their  attitude about their superiority over NATURE and all expressions of Sartre existentialism.


The WR =  Wronskian differential equation describes

the electron and neutron shooting at the West Road mall in Omaha, Nebraska

Rd-blog-number-4150 by Herb Zinser reviews the OM = Oxygen Molecule continuum and its information database of signaling EVENTS coming from OM region = Omaha, Nebraska.


The EARTH  geography  surface is covered with an atmosphere ...that can be considered like an information fabric composed of oxygen base 16 hexadecimal particles  ... 2 oxygen atoms combined into 1 oxygen molecule.   Brownian motion between molecules ...means that are constantly bumping into each other    ,...and  can thus transfer information by TOUCH / contact.


This would be similar to a room of crowded people  .. if one person walked thru the crowd  whispering a secret code to himself .....  he would be overheard  ...and eventually the secret message could disperse  among everyone.

Thus the EARTH is covered with a blanket soft fabric .... an oxygen molecule blanket as suggested by Linus Pauling VIA his role as Linus in the Peanuts cartoon by Charles Schultz.

Linus' security blanket - Peanuts Wiki'_security_blanket
Linus' security blanket features prominently in many of Charles M. Schulz's Peanuts comic strip...
Linus van Pelt - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Jump to Security Blanket - In one strip, Lucy confiscates Linus's blanket, locking it in a closet ... In one comic, Linus suddenly stops sucking his thumb and ...

NOw, let's look at the data generating EVENT.


Westroads Mall shooting - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Westroads Mall shooting was a mass shooting that occurred on Wednesday, December 5, 2007, at the Von Maur department store in the Westroads Mall in ...
Omaha Mall Shooting - Photo 1 - Pictures - CBS News
CBS News
Police tape hangs in front of the Von Maur store at the Westroads Mall Thursday, Dec. 6, 2007 in Omaha, Neb. Robert A. Hawkins, 19, armed with a ...
Notice, the SYMBOL MACHINE description levels of the oxygen continuum and its Hierarchy Problem in physics with university administration hierarchies and Federal science RD centers.
OMAHA --> subset code OM = Oxygen Molecule primary level
within this continuum is a subset LOCAL REGION continuum 
Omaha Mall --> intials  OM. 
The 3rd level is the OM = Oxygen Molecule and its INTERNAL atomic BASE 16 hexadecimal data bus office represented by the nationwide chain  of EXTERNAL molecular display retail stores... OM = Office MAX ..with Max Born and Max Planck physics ...the atomic founders of this EXTERNAL  earth geography surface ... retail store .... information display of the INTERNAL systems of the  periodic atomic table of elements of thought and behavior  ..   the Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family and its social economic activities ..... those activities are amplified and projected outward using humans as actors  ..  ..humans as  atomic output ..... bio-physics information display terminals   ... part of  Nature's vast variety of expression systems. 

Now, let's look at the EARTH mathematical-physics geography surface and atmosphere  ... a continuum of math forces and their SYMBOL LIFE ..such as the  WR = Wronskian differential equation existent at the West Road.

The EARTH mathematical-physics SYMBOL LIFE co-mingles with the Oxygen Molecule continuum.


The above map ..shows the EARTH geography state of Nebraska with the molecule city of  OMaha. 


In addition the state of Nebraska is a quantum state.


Quantum States of Atoms and Molecules - Chemwiki
  • University of California, Davis
    Apr 26, 2014 - Adapted from "Quantum States of Atoms and Molecules" by David M. Hanson, Erica Harvey, Robert Sweeney, Theresa Julia Zielinski.
  • Quantum state - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A mixed quantum state corresponds to a probabilistic mixture of pure states; ... Probability densities for the electron of a hydrogen atom in different quantum ...


Thus we have the atomic post office code  Ne --> for the state of Nebraska  and that is equivalent to the neutron  post office SYMBOL  ..... and that  .... ne code -->  neutron  news office for  atomic social sciences expressions VIA  larger sized visible human message carriers  and display agents of the atomic conflicts among the 18 atomic families (columns). 

Now, we wish to outline a possible structure of space/time and its CMS (Content Management System)  in the  West Road signaling EVENT  ...   Nature's generated experimental data intended for the West Road people at the University of Cambridge  ... but they ignore most of their messages..



In college, I had a differential equation course .... and  I have vague memories of one problem and its method of solution.



The math problem I had in differential equations.

These vague memories remain …about the technique … of partitioning
the problem into 2 parts … solving each part … and then combining the answer at the end.


We have here .... a flowchart    ..that can be perceived as an architecture   ..... some type of software architecture used by Nature's processing systems. 


Let the left side  ..symbol e --> imply   an electron, english vowel e, and number  e=2.718.


Thus we have  one  graphic alphabet shape  that has 3 attributes, 3 properties, 3 expression abilities of that graphic life form .....  
a string that has been configured into a communications string symbol  --> e.


Let the right side be the  e ..contained in the word -->neutron  ...the Ne --> Nebraska neutron.


Thus Nature's code word -->  neutron  ......... symbols analysis



Thus we see the nice compatible structure  between Wronskian architecture and that atomic components --> electron and neutron.


Now, the symbol in in the diagram  ...also has the attribute  e= 2,718   --> 2 implies ..perhaps, 2 parallel lines are involved in this atomic  SYMBOL processing structure. 


Hence, the e on the left and the e (neutron letter e) on the right  ...both  have property --> 2,718 .... making  any information / communications linkage   easier.


Vowel e is the 2nd vowel  --> :LINK to number e = 2.718


a  b  c  d  e  f    g

1  2   3  4  5 --> letter e in 5th position 


the vowel a, e. i, o, u  --> with i, o = input/output properties


Thus the English vowels  spell some type of concept equation ...........


atomic  electron input output  universe (earthly universe)


The oxygen atom and its molecule have data processing abilities ..................


Thus  the  atomic words
electron neutron  .. .both have subset code ron 

.......ron ......ron   ...this common symmetry code..... also suggest the 2 sides  of the Wronskian flowchart.



The SYMBOL MACHINE word  -->
Wronskian   ..subset letters .. --> atomic number  LINKAGE abilities


also ....

Wronskian  ...subset letters ... 

...ron  --> therefore the ron of  electron + neutron .. 


W --> graphic looks like a string theory connector .....thus

W  ron  --> implies connect the    elect.ron   & neut.ron


W ron   project of Nature was started with around year 1980 

West ..sate of California

...ron Reagan President of Wronskian projects and other things .  ..projects that the Republican party forgot to discuss  with the American public>
The attitude is that  STUPID  math and science students  can be safely ignored by  the superior  INTELLECTUAL political science analysts that have the support of the bragging citizen of nonsense.


Thus we have 2 types of humans with a dermatology/skin surface  .....


a) The Wron + skin  ...without math or physics connections to Nature's systems


b) the Wron + skian   ...whose skin has evolved thru the study of math and science 



These concepts are well-known   ....for example  we have  the complex math agent  for the equation

code --> Zbi  --> math military agent for  National Security ............


Zbigniew Brzezinski - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Jump to As Carter's National Security Advisor- ... of the United States National Security Council ... President Carter (Car + ter --> Carbon atom tiers) chose Zbi --> Zbigniew Brzezinski for the ...



Thus we have some pieces to a puzzle  about the West Road mall shooting  ....   cover-up in Omaha  by  OXYGEN MOLECULE breathers and their defective processor  LU   = Logical Unit --> LUNG,



Thus we see the Oxford University LUNG  failure to communicate properly about serious matters  ..such as the quantum tunnel MURDER of Princess Diana   in super-symmetry Paris --> Par + is --> Parallel Information Systems.

The London School of Economics can tell the world about

the brain neurotransmitter currency of Europe based on

ancient insect  bio-radio technology using  

female pregnant antenna  and

the husband bandwidth freak frequencies.