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2015-04-14 Part 1 - World electromagnetic optical WARs explained by Nidal Hasan seated at an empty table None
2015-04-14 Part 2 - World electromagnetic optical WARs None
2015-04-14 Part 3 - The electromagnetic WARs None
2015-02-07 Thomas Jefferson projects with agent Jeffrey Fowle None
2015-01-29 University of Cambridge and England defeated in SYMBOL MACHINE wars None
2014-09-01 Niels Bohr TIME Bridge None
2014-08-05 Square Matrix - Computer Earth None
2014-07-01 14th Dalai Lama physics war None
2014-06-18 Genome Secrets None
2014-06-18 The Virginia TECH tragedy signal None
2012-05-28 Project Plan Z None
2012-05-26 Welcome to Project Plan Z None


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