The world-wide IRON WARs explained by 2007 BALAD AN-26 crash and the FermiLAB problems with Fe=Ferrous oxide atomic thought

by Herb Zinser 3. October 2012 21:19


Computer Earth system 370 status report on the BAL program tragedy in IRAQ.
BAL = Basic Assembler Language used for:


1) copper-wire computers use BAL, Cobol, Fortran , etc for applications programming


2) human bio-computers gather together in the state government legislature/ state assemmly of humanoid processors ...... that write state government assembly programs and behavioral instructions for the passive, submissive citizen bio-computer brain ...for the citizen BRAVE NEW WORLD project plan.


3) the CHIEF human bio-computer was the 37th President of  the IBM device bio-UNIT = North Pole magnetic  DATA FIELD lines  (like magnetic computer tapes)  that interact with the atomic IRON Hemoglobin protein thoughts giving the NIXON Tapes (bio-computer tapes).   As agent for system  370  Preident Nixon visted  COMPUTER EARTH region CHINA = CH + In + A = Compare Halfword Instruction Assembler.


4) EARTH geography BAL processing regions such as BALTIC region, Balkans, city of Baltimore, Bali in Indonesia,


5) the more recent versions of geography BAL locations such as the COMPUTER SCIENCE military base....... that is the BAL geography BASE registers BALAD, Iraq.







2007 Balad aircraft crash - Wikipedia

The Balad aircraft crash was a 9 January 2007 airplane incident involving an Antonov An-26 airliner, which crashed while attempting to land at the U.S. ...


An-26 airliner --> translated in more details .....

An-26air  line  errors --> Atomic number 26 (Iron / Ferrous oxide atoms )  and the North Pole magnetic field lines that flow thru the air/ atmosphere  AND interact  with the 4-wheeled IRON automobile BOX   ...that has within it ......the   HUMAN bio-physics iron HEME group Fe(ii) ions   at Fer = Ferrous oxide EARTH LAB  site known as Fer =  FermiLAB  with communication errors.

Thus, we see Nature's vast system ...its various components .....and the Office of Science on behalf of the citizen/ government has displayed biased amd distorted communications polices in violation of iron MYOGLOBIN protein social engineering communications VIA  the  arm writing muscles  ...a  bio-chemistry bio-computer output device.





More Images of the Balad AN-26 Crash - Entropic Memes
More Images of the Balad AN = Atomic Number 26  Crash - Entropic Memes
More Images of the Ba = Batavia lad/engineer   AN-26 Crash  Signals

More Images of the Balad AN-26 Crash - Entropic Memes

Mar 31, 2008 – ... the first images of the Balad AN-26 crash of a civil turboprob airliner near Balad, ... Keep in mind that large portions of the plane - and, one presumes, ...
near Balad, ... Keep in mind that large portions of the plane
near Ba = Batavia lad, ... Keep in mind ...    the plan

Above, it's time to reflect  ...upon some  empitical data  ...provided by modern Margaret Mead nuclear family .......atomic anthropology conflict EVENTS on EARTH LAB.



Watch 2007 Balad Aircraft Crash Video

The BALAD crash was a 9 January 2007 airplane incident involving an Antonov An-26 airliner, which crashed while at...




What is being addition to the deatils of the tragic event.


1) BAL = Basic Assembler Language ...... used in various type of existence...from copper wire computer to human brain bio-computers. What key-words are written help us SEE the deeper levels of reality ....the 11-dimensions of string theory physics of our daily lives.




--> Watch 2007 ---> implies Watch/ TIME / wrist watch ......WATCH year 2000 anf the bio-logical clock Y2K upgrade needed by Nature's brain bio-computer. Year 2007 inplies BASE 2....... the double-helix is considered a base 2 system with 2 strands.




The strands of DNA run anti-parallel, or in opposite directions: the 5’ end of one strand is paired with the 3’ end of the other. This is illustrated in the figure below.undefined






Thus we see a SIGNAL from the BAL crash ...the plane at BALAD in year 2007.
This SIGNAL was ignored by the Univeristy of Texas, AUSTIN and their friends, consequently the
bio-computer DNA signal was repeated ... the orders of NATURE and the Drawinian selection process created a SUPERSYMMETRY signal to the United States atomic biochemistry DNA computer systems.


What is the supersymmetry structure predicted by modern Margaret Mead nuclear family expressions .....atomic social anthropology events and conflict signals.


Thus we have to compare to EVENTS.
What is the 2nd event involving DNA expressions VIA human messenger behavior ......such as accidents or crime ..... events that the attract attention, are printed in newspapers, thus the DNA broadcast system ...... a crime./ accident will have the maximum likelihood of NEWS distribution ...thus maximizing the possibility that some alert reseacher will be curious enought to figure out the SIGNAL and the related PUZZLE.


The 2nd EVENT --->


Joe Stack flew his plane into the IRS building in Austin - Here ...

Feb 18, 2010 – Joseph Stack, the man said to have crashed his plane into an IRS office building in ... Horrendous events today in Austin, the state capital of Texas, where a man flew a ... The plane belonged to Joseph Andrew Stack, a 53-year-old software engineer, who left
Plane crashes into North Austin building ... The plane was registered to a software engineer identified as Andrew Joseph Stack III, 53.

Pilot (Joe Stack) Crashes Plane into Austin, TX Building in ...
The strands of DNA run anti-parallel, or in opposite directions:
the 5’ end of one strand is paired with the 3’
DNA numbers 5 paired with 3 ---> give age 53 SIGNAL
Feb 19, 2010 – 53 year old Joseph Stack, an software engineer who crashed his single engine Piper Cherokee plane into the federal office building that ...

Pilot (Joseph Stack) Crashes Plane into Austin, TX Building in ...

Feb 19, 2010 – 53 year old Joe (JOb order entry for bio-computers ) Stack, an software engineer who crashed his single symbolic engine DATA Pipeline error) Piper Cherokee plan into the Hex'Fe' = 254 Federal office building that ...

Pilot (Stack) Crashes Plane into Austin, TX Building in ...
Feb 19, 2010 – 53 year old Joseph Stack, an software engineer

Stack machine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Similar
Jump to Computers Using Call Stacks and Stack Frames‎: ... computers (of any instruction set ... use a large call-return stack in memory to ...




Thus we have 2 major EVENTS ...... using the advanced mathematical-physics analytical tool used for aerodynamics tragic EVENTS ..... the HAWK (Stephen Hawking) and the EVENT Horizon theory ...along with the American BALD Eagle bio-optical bio-computer EAGLE EYE photon subroutines...we outline the supersymmetry relationship of the 2 events.


2007 BALAD crash <---- symmmetry ---> software engineer crash
airplane AN-26 <---- 26 Fe = ferrous oxide atom signal ---> Fe = February + Fe= Federal IRS

BALAD = Basic Assembler <---- computer science signal --> the Stack machine

Balad crash 9 January <---- computer 9 bits = 8 data + 1 error checking bit --> Joe Stack software


Let's look at the WORLD IRON wars

a) Oklahoma City and the
Fe =  Ferrous Oxide ordered attack  on the atomic error site  
Fe = Federal building  VIA   a  bomb weapon with the symbol
Fe = Fertilizer   

Oklahoma City bombing
Several fire-damaged cars located in front of a partially destroyed multi-story building.
The Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building two days after the bombing
Location Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building, Oklahoma City,



Joe Stack flew his plane into the IRS building

A computer is provided as an add-on processor for attachment to a host ... Stack-memory-based writable instruction set computer having a single data bus ...
..the supersymmetry  PARALLEL  error event of Sept 11, 2001  the  year 1942/ 1943 MANHATTAN project physics extension ...
1) hijackers flew airplanes into the  WORLD Trade Center buiding  ........ a stack building  ..a  skyscraper  IRON STACK  with floors/ stacks /levels 


Joe Stack flew his plane into the IRS building 

      Stack                plane                IRS building  ..reminder to BRAIN cells 

      Stack                plane geometry       IRS = IR + S  = IRon Skyscraper   building

...thus  ...a more accurate perception of the Austin Texas...........set-up  and murder of Joe Stack AND the cover-up of the IRON WARS ........... and the lies  taught students at the University of Texas and elsewhere. 



The I-35W bridge collapse  in the physical city  of ST.Paul  and the atomic, symbolic city of ST.Paul (Dirac)   .........
another  IRON WAR signal  about the failure of  MIT and Havard  intellectual communication BRIDGES 
in cam.BRIDGE, MASS (geography soil state) and
in cam.BRIDGE, Mass  (atomic MASS ...... that is Quantum states and their Margaret Mead atomic social messages) 


What other IRON messages have existed  in history ...before Fer = Ferrous oxide atomic RD center existed   at Fer = FermiLAB, Batavia, Illinois ...became the official cover-up agents for the Department of Energy taking science orders from  the non-science. non-math,  uninformed  Fe= Federal government policy makers WHO use popular opinion of people who watch television comedy shoes and listen to music  .....  the masses the source of great, serious intellectual effort  and thought.

Perhaps, FermiLAB its relationship with the periodic atomic table AND iron Hermoglobin proteins  ...... may consider that integrity and  Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family HONOR CODES may play a roles in such esoteric matters.......known as the HIERARCHY Problem with  IRON.

--> IRON Nails of Jesus on the cross --> Jesus  died for the math symbol  (positive  + )   and  died on the cross for cross-correlation statistical anlysis

---> Year 1726 and  book " Gullible LIVER"   travel  with SWIFT  70Mev and MacGREGOR  to the Law of LIVER LABS in Livermore, California

--> Book IRON mASK

--> IRON Cross of World WAR 2  of the  iron HEME group Fe(2) ion ...blood wars with Hollywood movie Captain B100D

---> HUngary 1956 and the IRON Curtain atomic mass 56 --> message to Highway 56 near  FermiLAB

--> the IRON LADY .... Margaret Thacher  and   Argentina / Argument with Argonne National Labs and th Margaret atomic nuclear  family

----> Oklahoma City Fe = aromic symbol  WAR with Fe = Federal building and symbolic building of nouns, verns, equations

--> Iron Towers of Sept  11 ......Binary code 11 = Decimal 3  ....

---> another 3  signal of the  I-35 W bridge .......... the 9th letter of the alphabet = I

I-35 bridge equation by  algebra symbol substitution ...
9 - 35 = -26 ......... minus 26 ...highway 26 protons of iron missing  ....... Wisconsin WINO and ZINO  particle  humanoid iron HEME agent  .,..needed for theory DATA.

 ---> IRON MAN and  the  IRON Manuscript/ essay of tomic English langauge ironic words ......via Hollywoof movies and  Comic books, etc. Thus we see mass communications (movies, television. paperback books, comics) is really some cases ...has a subset system  of atomic mass communications ..regarding atomic social science polices,etc.


Perhaps, someday, the  Fe= Federal government   representatives  and receipts of government  RD funds  ...such as  the  Office of Science, NASA, Naval Research  Labs, universities, corportions, DARPA and others will  respect the  IRON CLAD treaties  made  between   NATURE's  atoms and equations .......and  learn about    the Alan Sokal  debate with the  ARCH DUKE Ferdidnand agents at DUKE University  ........ that is ARCHitecture  DuKE Fer = ferrous oxide atomic world social systems   ....... with the THEORY  that iron atoms exist in the atomic, bio-physics brains  of professor at the University of Chicago .....near 56th street of the South side of Chicago.     It is sad ......... the university  social sciences and theolgy  live  in  a Hollywood fantasy lands   ........... hopefully, some  physics/ math/ engineering/ biochemsitry graduate students  /scientists  will rescue their  fellow hypnotized  professors  ....EARTH LAB specimens   for BRAVE NEW WORLD  social pscyhology experiments.     But, if anything, it is an interesting situation.   The SCIENCE WARS ........ mentioned by Alan Sokal  around 1995/1997  ....... now   15 years later ...have accumulated  details  and examples  ......... of  some of the 11-dimensions  of WAR  of ...11-dimensional string theory and M-theory.

The HIERARCHY Problem of atomic physics brain cell expression  ...the TOP ........the  TALL  ...was   highlighted by the MAJOR  battle of

11-dimensions on SEPT 11, 2001   WITH
M-theory expressed in Manhattan.

Masthematical-physics professors and student ought realize  that newspaper reporters        ........  do NOT have  an educational background in  such
concepts as 11-dimemsions and M-theory .............and thus ...when they write about the tragedy   ........  such thought correlations     as

11-dimensions  MAY be related to Sept 11   AND
the iron skyscraper tragedy MAY involve the 11-degree tilt of the EARTH magnetic pole   and may be signals for Fer = Ferrous oxide at FermiLAB

with the  Peru  HEAD/ SKU 11 ---> the  ODD.ONE = 1, 3, 5.  7. 9. SKU 11  ---> eleven = decimal  11.


We will probably never know ........the intellectual   ISLANDS    of universities    and RD  LABS  are  distracted and controlled by  Fe= Ferrous oxide Female structures ..who could care less about by the IRON signals and IRON metabolism.  If they did, then  such IRON Women  would try to help understand the  series of IRON signals and events.    Maybe, there  is a new generation   with a new IRON LADY show some intellectual leadership   in atomic social science world affairs.
It was hoped that ...Germany leader with physics MERKEL   ...would volunteer some of her professors help study the situation  ......... but year 2012 ...and NOT one word from her university  systems.


Thus we see a few CLUES ..pieces to a larger puzzle ...... that needs to be studied and understood.
The incomplete explanations of both events ....... the omission of possible FACTORS in the analysis of the signaling EVENTS ... arouses suspicion that newspaper READERS have not done their homework ..namely , to take the printed cellulose database information and explain some of the additional CAUSE --> EFFECT relationships of the tragic Signaling Event ...and the context that they exist within ......such ALAD AN-26 airplane S  --> AN-26  = Atomic number of  26 protons   and 26 electrons  ---> giving 52 weeks ...perhaps some type of IRON atomic clock LINK to the EARTH IRON core VIA magbetic field  (and /or gravity interaction with iron atomic mass)   and EARTH yearly roatation.




What else is new the astronomy / astrohysics LOCAL REGION (Earth Lab).

Dairy Farners in Europe had MILK and the MILK was DUMPED in protest ---> Compuer words
Da ....Fa (Data HEX'Fa'=250)...Milky Way Galaxy computer DUMP ..on EARTH system 370







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