The M-theory mathematical-physics BOUNDARY WAR ZONE with n-SPACE. The symbolic universe war for control of languages. English words and sentences ,math equations, and social chemistry formulas.

by Herb Zinser 15. August 2012 11:18






The modern English alphabet is a Latin alphabet consisting of 26 letters – the same letters that are found in the ISO basic Latin alphabet:

Majuscule forms (also called uppercase or capital letters)
Minuscule forms (also called lowercase or small letters)
a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z

The exact shape of printed letters varies depending on the typeface. The shape of handwritten letters can differ significantly from the standard printed form (and between individuals), especially when written in cursive style. See the individual letter articles for information about letter shapes and origins (follow the links on any of the uppercase letters above).

Written English uses a number of digraphs, such as ch, sh, th, wh, qu, etc., but they are not considered separate letters of the alphabet.




English alphabet



En --> evolution of atomic social science languages and political science languages

Schrodinger   atomic En --> Atomic English class messages for Virginia TECH and the Columbine High School library 



It is 5 Minutes to Midnight | Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists - Similar
The Bulletin informs the public and influences policy through in-depth analysis, op-eds, and reports on nuclear weapons, climate change, nuclear energy, and ...

Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists 
Bullet input to Margaret Mead nuclear family humanoids 
Bullet   of the Atomic Scientists  --> Office of Science battle reports


Cole Hall --> wave mechanics battle symbolized by in Oceanography class shooting

Columbine High School --> subset letters Col = Columns of the periodic atomic table messages in COLOR graphics in arrogant Colorado

Virginia TECH English class --> the  digraphs agent -->Written English uses a number of digraphs, such as ch

The digraphs --> di + graphs --> die/death graphs of Base 16 hex Y2K date of April 16, 2007 ....

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Background information
Birth name Cho Seung-Hui
Occupation Student
Born (1984-01-18)January 18, 1984
Seoul, South Korea
Died April 16, 2007(2007-04-16) (aged 23)
Blacksburg, Virginia, United States
Cause of death Suicide
Base 16 K  -->killings
Date April 16, 2007
7:15 a.m. and 9:40-9:51 a.m.
Location(s) Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, U.S.A.
Target(s) Students and teachers
Killed 32
Injured 25
Weapon(s) Glock 19, Walther P22
Seung-Hui Cho
Hangul 조승희
Revised Romanization Jo Seung-hui
McCune–Reischauer Cho Sŭnghŭi
/ˌ sʌŋˈh/[1]
Korean pronunciation: [tɕosɯŋɦi] ( listen)

 Cho[2] (play /ˌ sʌŋˈh/; January 18, 1984 – April 16, 2007) was a spree killer who killed 32 people and wounded 25 others on April 16, 2007, at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in Virginia, United States. He was a senior-level undergraduate student at the university. The shooting rampage came to be known as the "Virginia Tech massacre."[3]

The aromic En --> atomic English language copyright triangle law WAR Casulaties over  the right triangle equation.

April 16 +  Base 3 exponent 2  = 25 others 

Let exponent n = 2 

The mathematical-physics battle parameters at Virginia TECH

April 16, 32 dead, 25 wounded the  algebra brain police/cop --> copy --> right triangle WAR ...
the mathematics SCIENCE WAR data signal for Alan Sokal and the New York City university system math/engineering Intellectual War  departments ...with the Arch DUKE of Europe year 1914...represented by Duke University comatose science basketball  clowns.

April 16 +  Base 3 exponent 2  = 25 others 










M-theory - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Similar
In theoretical physics, M-theory is an extension of string theory in which 11 dimensions are identified. Because the dimensionality exceeds that of superstring ...



We see the symbolic letters  ... 13 letters used by the  ARM, elbow, hand  Myoglobin  military  proteins of Nature's atomic bio-physics  systems.

Thus we see the M-theory signal ......of 13 dead at Fort Hood for the University of Texas in the city of Autism ....known as the State of MIND of the state of TEXAS.  On geography maps the proper noun label id the city of Austin, Texas ...near Fort Hood and the physics renormalization battle of Waco ... with Janet Reno's atomic bio-physics  theories of renormalization of the Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family ...that is the Camp David parallel processing region of Camp  David, WaCo = Wa + Co.

Now, the articles of the Constitution of the United States of year 1776  ...the living Constitution  has evolved  with universities and reaserach labs like FermiLAB a new level of atomic social science perception  .....

1776 --> articles of the Contitution ..
2012 --> particles of the Constitution  upgrade the meaning of the
...............articles of the Constitution.


Thus, its important  for some professorial intellectual leaders  to sometimes be aware of the in the present verb tense of known existence. 

M-theory - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia 

1st A  ----->  to  -----------------------------------> M  spells atomic English language word

A to M  --> ATOM ...solid state physics and the periodic atomic table



M-theory - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia 
....................... NEXT step for stephen H....the symbolic bridge agent of cam.BRIDGE

M-the  or  y      - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia 
Mathe or = orders  y-algebra chromosomes  
Ma  =  M + a = position M + 1 ---> entrance to N-space




Thus 13 letters N thru Z ...
N rotated 90 geometry degrees  becomes  symbolic life Z


This is the secret world of Australia science voodoo and NZ = New Zealand and
the year 2012 bio-computer war over the LU =Logical Unit - LUNG.

Now,  Australia knows of their role  in the  deadly LUNG battle at UTOEYA, Norway ...with the
LUNG = LU + NG = Logical Unit Norwegian  Government violations of the
BAL region  of Computer Earth system 370 ..Baltic --> Bal = Basic Assembler region.

Australia and their ciigarrette song and dance SMOKE SCREEN is another con-job of incomplete research and incomplete RD  in bio-computer systems  ....composed of the  son-of-a bit  ...the data bit of the son-of-a bitch .


Written English uses a number of digraphs, such as ch.
Thus the lies of Australia newspapers ...
what is a son-of-a bitch --> a-bitch --> a + bit + ch = data bit ch  of a digraphs of the English language manipulation bag of tricks...used by reporters and school language teachers with citizen/government approval.  Thus maybe, the TRUE nature of LUNG cancer is all the bull-stories invented by Australian  universities and citizens ...that take pride in arrogant bragging and  fooling other intellectual thinkers...about the English language command  words and their symbolic powers in biology and health.

Virginia TECH  and Australia and other English speaking countries think language is a toy to be abused by advertising and marketing and citizens bragging overs  nonsense.



Returning to 13 symbols ,,,sections of the alphabet .... we see some  orginal cconcept of year 1776 ...13 colonies, 13 stars,   and 13 stripes    .....a 3-dimensionl mathematics  cube of   EARTH space/ a matrix/ an array ...with 13 rows, 13 column, 13 geometry planes  ....and some relationship to the English alphabet partition into 2-parts   of 13 symbols/letters  ....the a to M region ..............the  N thru Z region --> alias New Zealand.


Back in year 1776 ...what was expressed via the Carl Jung atomic collective unconsciousness ....where some concepts that managed to surface to the level of conscious expression .....and as such ...the American revolution represented the leading edge of atomic social science  thought VIA humanoid expressors.

William Shakespeare stated around year 1600 ..."The WORLD is a stage and we are the players"   As a reminder ...of the stage  PLAY ....the mathematical-physics TIME address  of year 1600 became  .... over 170 years later .... the   SPACE address of 1600 Pen (past writing instrument of Shakespeare and the future light light of Sylvania)   ....1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and the white electromagnetic spectrum  with nouns, verbs, adjective...the symbolic life of the visible white spectrum and  a sheet of white cellulose paper with black ink symbols/concepts ...the symbolic WHITE HOUSE ......of the eye/optical nerve/ Central Nervous System 370 abstract brain bio-computer  that requested and built the  super-symmetry physical building named the WHITE HOUSE.    Have we forgotten this duality .....this double-helix ...this binary structure of existence.   



13 colonies--> 13 col --> 13 columns of the periodic table (known at that time frame).

Or is the atomic En --> English alphabet of 13 related to the En--> Energy of atomic thought symbol equations.

English alphabet



Also, is the possible clue about the atomic English language of Z = atomic number 13.

  1. It's Elemental - The Element Aluminum

 - Similar
    The Element Aluminum [Click for Isotope Data]. 13. Al. Aluminum. 26.9815386. Atomic Number: 13. Atomic Weight: 26.9815386. Melting Point: 933.437 K ...
  1. How many protons neutrons and electrons does aluminum have

 › Wiki AnswersCategoriesScienceChemistryCached - Similar
    Rating: 4 - 30 reviews
    The element aluminum has 13 protons.
    It will have 13 electrons
    in ...
    there in aluminum? The aluminum atom has 13 electrons and protons and also
    14 neutrons.



Atomic Structure

[Bohr Model of Aluminum]  
Number of Energy Levels:3
First Energy Level:

Second Energy Level:

Third Energy Level:




What other CLUES may help us understand the M-theory symbolic structure and its EXTERNAL world  expressions. M-theory anger was expressed VIA Military-theory at Fort Hood with  the 13th letters of brain dead soldiers...that also became physically dead.



M-theory - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia 

1st A  ----->  to  -----------------------------------> M  spells atomic English language word

A to M  --> ATOM ...solid state physics and the periodic atomic table


Thus let's consider ATOM aluminum --> its symbolic information  components

Al + Lu + mi + num --> 

Al --> alphabets a ATOM ...the range from letter A to M (13th neutron)

Lu  + mi --> the Logical Unit of the Lucifer project  + mi --> Fer+mi = Fermi

--> L + UC + I + fer --> Location University of Chicago Interface  FermiLAB and the ecret Margaret Mead atomic  nuclear family ..... social anthropology projects

num--> number theory/ number space or N-space ....N thru Z

Thus the 14th N = Neutron of alumi.NUM  is an atomic  mathematical-physics information BRIDGE.


Thus we see the BOUNDARY  between  M-theory and  N-space has become a intelllectual war zone  ...remember your atomic bio-physics brain is composed of thinking atoms  ..... and your job is to amplify Nature's  thoughts, enhanced them with theory and models  and empirical lab research and then  provide atomic output data reports .....that help explain of the Margaret Mead atomic social sciences or   help run the nuclear power plants for electricity.   Thus we have    a partnership with Nature,  the atomic table elements of life  and mathematical space ..that ought be respected.


NOw we now fromt eh atomic English language WORD life --> Li + fe = Language interface ferrous oxide atom of the 26 proton alphabet of 26 English letters. IRONIC.     The director of FER= ferrous oxide atom RD location at Fer= FermiLAB, Batavia, Illinois  will not acknowledge the equations of Life.

Thus the probability of official Life = zero at FermiLAb  ..
.despite the  diplomatic  orders from the atomic graography map ...PerU --> Periodic table U = Uranium atomic anthropology .....

a component of the Hierarchy Problem .... of Peru and the Galapagos Islands and the  Darwinian symbolic evolution of Pier ...

what are the odds ..that the probability of life = One.

In year 2012 ...this question remains open.
The Office of Science  will not acknowledge ..with proper diplomatic  protocol and ritual .....the existence of this dimensions of the 11-dimensions of string theory.


M-theory - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

M-theory extension ...l



M-theory  symbolic processor extension ...


  1. Introduction to M-theory - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

 - Similar
    In non-technical terms, M-theory presents an idea about the basic substance of the universe. Contents. 1 Background; 2 Status; 3 See also; 4 References ...


M-theory   + letters   N O P  


  1. Previous topic - IBM notice

    You can write this parameter as an assembler program label or as register (2) through (12). ...
    The last instruction in the LINK macro is a NOP instruction.

    Assembly language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

 - Similar
    Block all results
    An assembler creates object code by translating assembly instruction .... For example, many CPU's do not have an explicit NOP instruction, but do have instructions ... Similarly, IBM assemblers for System/360 and System/370 use the extended ...

The NOP Instruction - IBM
  1. A THEN or ELSE keyword must be followed by an instruction. In cases where you intend that nothing should be done, use a NOP (no operation) instruction.

Thus we see how the Norwegian National assembly of human bio-computers ....programmed the  brain computer instruction into the NOP = NO.rway Police do NOP nothing to understand the European Science War battle of UTOEYA  in the BAL --> Basic Assembler Language geography region of Computer Earth .....the BALTIC region.

The NOP   = NO.rway People and
the NOP   =  NO.rway Publishing press  and 
the NOP  =   NO.rway Professors at the OS/JCL bio-computer university of OSLO ...also,  believe in the NOP philosophy .... do nothing to understand events on EARTH ...especially the UTOE battle--> Unified Theory of Everything physics which includes the Margaret Mead   atomic social science tragic events.


  1. Dimension - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

 - Similar
    In physics and mathematics, the dimension of a space or object is informally defined ... of spaces, one is faced with the question “what makes En n-dimensional?

Euclidean n-Space - Pauls Online Math Notes - Similar
In this chapter we are going to start looking at the idea of a vector and the ultimate goal of this chapter will be to define something called Euclidean n-space.

Does Euclidean N-space have its own version of the En --> English language dictionary?

Let's look at the history of N wars>
Let's consider N + vowel ......thus let;'s partition N-space into its vowel components

What are some battles .....
No --> Normandy battle over the Normal probability distribution and the standard deviation + /- 2 represented by the  math war of World War 2

No --> Norway battle at UTC --> Universal Time Coordinates error in the Y2k biological clock  of the human brain computer sample space at representative of  UTC = UT.oeya Children brain software errors

No --> North Koren war in 1950/ 1953 with South Korean ....
North --> N
South--> S N-S --> N-Space data  signal with the DMZ ....

in modern words DMZ = 11-DIMENSIONS M-theory   + ( M+1 thru) Z 

No--> Norman Schwarzkoff and the  IRAQ and KuWAIT  oil --> orbital  instruction conflict
  1. 2.4. Interrupt and Process Binding  --> symbolized by IRAQ

    Ideally, interrupts (IRQs) and user processes can be isolated from one another ... This can delay interrupt processing through having to write new data and instruction caches, and often creates conflicts with other processing occurring on the CPU. ... Here, any wait for memory to be fetched into processor caches will have a ...

Interrupt And IRQs - Similar
An IRQ (interrupt request) value often needs to be specified to your computer when you're ... Most devices provide explicit directions on how to assign IRQ values for it. ... and saves them in a queue if more than one is waiting to be handled.

Wait for Interrupt (computer instruction) --> represented by kuWAIT in year 1990 war

  3. Acronym Finder: WFI stands for Wait for Interrupt (computer instruction).

Wait state - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Similar
A wait state is a delay experienced by a computer processor when accessing ... a variety of techniques: CPU caches,
instruction pipelines, instruction prefetch, ...

Thus we see physics word ORBITAL
...algebra subset letters  OIL .....hence the state of WAIT = kuWAIT 
with  oil/oribital data pipelines  ......the Darwin evolution of information systems into nrew formats, new dimensions, new expressions of existence using Einstein's data processing DATA FIELD theory and its applications. 

No ...more possibilities
No --> November 1963 and the assassination of   .....P resident .... K 
No---> November  2009 and the assassination of Pentagon resident Killeen 
No---> Nitrogen Oxygen of the Lungs of the No =Nobel series of bio-computers with abstract symbolic brain
No --> Dr.NO and the James BOND ...molecular bond messages from agent #0007 to the  Nitrogen people of the 7th Day Adventists Church of atomic bio-physics humanoids 

the Ni series us
ni --> President Nixon of Watertown  Ixonia Wisconsin
................................................n ixon       ..... Via the hexadecimal highway 16 parallel / supersymmetry to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

Na -- N Avogadro  .... N atoms of  Avogadro's number per mole  ..helps explain atomic social science molestation crimes 

Nu --> Number -theory and the math NUMB-skull problem  caused by student math  deficiencies> Hence the Pink Floyd mathematics  song "Comfortably NUMB' ...... a warning message to university thinkers  of the paradox

7 = odd integer --> English word seven = s + even --> suggests its an even integer.

Thus a Bachelor of Science student in math is told 7 = odd integer of the FermiLAB oddone group.
A  Bachelor of Arts student in English is told SEVEN = implies even integer.

11 = odd integer in a math professor's  SKU11.
eleven = even integer in an English professor  SKU11. 

Okay. I give up?  Please tell me  the BRAVE NEW WORLD social psychology brain ..symbolic manipulation trick.  Is this called BRAIN flipping?  It can be a very nasty trick ...that Lewis Carroll wrote about in the modern  ...... Alice in Dairyland contest fro Wisconsin intellectual   COWARDs  or  pioneer thinking Cowboys.


M-theory  symbolic processor extension ...

What can we do ...?
above map of the alps mountains of alphabets of  euROPE... string theory of Rope.
Rope --> R + ope --> Region open (data processing data set)
Nop --> No + op --> North Pole magnetic data sets for data processing  .....go to
Notre _ Dame  and fill-in-the blank
.....reaD  access method  ... the secrets  
Pope --> P open data sets of Benedict base 16 = XVI  in ROME -- Rom--> Read only memory
So much to think about.   The world of symbols...and word commands that are input to the human brain computer.
What a puzzle?   String theory physics ......about puppet string humans and their puppet SKU11 --> 11 Dimensions of  human particles like  WIMPS , bottom Baryons, etc.   What is your puzzle?   Is your brain trapped  in a symbolic circle  ...probably.   


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