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2014-12-09 Solar Cycle 14 --> World War in1914 and the murder of 14-year old Robert Franks in 1924. None
2014-10-12 United Nations violations of Salt treaty result in death of Micheal Brown in Ferguson, Missouri None
2014-10-09 Joan Rivers dies in the Missouri River --> stream of conscious wars None
2014-09-09 Gulf of TonKin messages None
2013-12-15 M-theory physics and biochemistry battle at the Fort Hood ARMY base for bacteriophage M13 leaves 13 dead None
2013-12-15 The Gabby Giffords shootout in Arizona reflects the Gabby Hayes world-wide English language WAR None
2012-10-03 The world-wide IRON WARs explained by 2007 BALAD AN-26 crash and the FermiLAB problems with Fe=Ferrous oxide atomic thought None
2012-08-25 The Earth gravity field war with NASA and Gabby Gifford helps explain the gravity mystery of Route 66 and grocery store price of 99 cents. None
2012-08-23 Wisconsin gravity war MYSTERY messages are sent to agent KSTP = Kip S. Thorne and agent 42 = Stephan Hawking ---> Did they receive the SCIENCE WAR gravity data for their theoretical research on EARTH gravity field life formats? None
2012-08-15 The M-theory mathematical-physics BOUNDARY WAR ZONE with n-SPACE. The symbolic universe war for control of languages. English words and sentences ,math equations, and social chemistry formulas. None
2012-08-08 The molecular cell biology SOCIAL SCIENCE war expressions VIA the social biology behavioral identifier word: Mole. None
2012-05-28 Project Plan Z None


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