The Galapagos Islands, 2007 BALAD crash, FermiLAB, the ferrous oxide IRON atom and EVOLUTION

by Herb Zinser 15. December 2013 17:37

The 2007 BALAD crash helps explain the

Carl Jung atomic collective of Margaret Mead nuclear family thoughts

and the ferrous oxide HEME group problems with the

FermiLAB atomic brain bio-computer processors

--> The Galapagos Islands VIA Peru VIA MIT and the atomic EVOLUTION WAR.





The atomic / astrophysics continuum has been the subject of many SCIENCE Papers. When events occur on EARTH ... they are perceived as occuring on EARTH LAB.  Thus viewed...the EARTH is a social engineering  LAB.   With Nature's vast intellect and variety of expression;  humans and human institutions are subsets  embedded within Nature'S many dimensions and formats. 


Let's look at some events ...tragic events ...that may help explain the deeper levels of REALITY ... suggested by  TOE = Theory of Everything and GUT = Grand Unified Theory.   The Theory of Everything includes atomic social sciences,  atomic political science,  bio-mathematical social science, etc.   
EVERTHING  includes YOU! 
Have you included the study of the Theory of Everything into your existence.

 Let's look at this event .... and consider additional VIEWS the context  of the Theory of everything. Later, we wiill see CLUES about the Darwinian  symbolic evolton problems at FermiLAB,  MIT, OS  = Office of Science and the OS = OSLO tragedy of UTOE  = Unified Theory of Everthing includes  the  European / Baltic BAL  IMS biologhical database  of NORWAY and the bio-computer system error of the Norway STATE Assembly program issuing the physical DELETE of the child data records.

2007 Balad aircraft crash

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2007 Balad aircraft crash
Occurrence summary
Date 9 January 2007
Type Cause in dispute
Site Balad, Iraq
Passengers 30[1]
Crew 5[1]
Injuries 1
Fatalities 34[1]
Survivors 1[1]
Aircraft type Antonov An-26
Operator AerianTur-M
Registration ER-26068[2]

The 2007 Balad aircraft crash was a 9 January 2007 airplane incident involving an Antonov An-26 airliner, which crashed while attempting to land at the U.S. military base in Balad, Iraq.[3] The crash killed 34 people aboard and left one passenger critically injured. Officials claim the crash was caused by poor weather conditions, but other sources claim that this is a cover-up


Above....... empirical data  and its additonal CLUES for the Theory of Everything physics and atomic social sciences.  
Let's study the data of the EARTH LAB tragedy ....a year 2007  warning that could have prevented the NEED for  the year 2009 Fort LAB HOOD message.

--> year 2007 = base 2 exponent 0007 = 128 decimal
--> Balad = BAL = Basic Assembler Language military site  with Computer Earth system 370  and its  Base 16 geography address space ---> 1600 Pennsylvania Avenues, WQashington, DC = Define Constant ......reference to the EARTH Government and its administrative gravity DATA FIELD .... gravity processor G = universal gravitational constant ........hence the meaning of the Define Constant of the BAL assembly  program in Baltimore, Maryland  ..with the EARTH assembler LINE of code ....labeled Washington, DC = Derfine Constant.  We all know from geo-math studies that Maryland = M + ary + land = Math array Land ....and  the Salvador Dali geo-political view of array/matrices --->  gave the  LINEAR Algebra Secretary of State  RICE  ..... a word subset of   bio-math geo-math ..... mat.RICE.s.   

Matrices = Mat + rice + s = Math RICE secretary of State. 

--> 9 January ....January implies the start of the NEW YEAR ...the birth of a new calendar year.  Thus 9 January suggests the BIRTH of the 9 planets of the Solar System 370 processor with 9 data bit planets (8 data bits geology PLANETS and 1 error correcrtion parity bit PLANET EARTH ).   Nature thus used the birth of the 9 Solar System planets as a template  for  the  Drawin evolution decision to  use the model of  BIRTH of the Solar Systems 9 planets ---> as the  9 project PLAN  ethics experiments in HONOR of the Orgin of the SUN .. ....... hence, the  biological process of 9 months was used to give birth  to  child of the  SUN  ..... and astronomers and others  delight in disrepect and insults to Nature's message. 

---> 9 January ........ a reminder to 8 january to take the next INTELLECTUAL step   ...a try to understand 9 January  and the ZIN,JAN skull ...symbolic skull project.

About  Stephen Hawking
Stephen William Hawking was born on 8 January 1942 (300 years after the death of ... After leaving the Institute of Astronomy in 1973, Stephen came to the ...
Thus the possible  SIGNAL -->  8 January   after  (the next integer after 8 = 9)   the death  at BALAD


site   BALAD, IRAQ     in ALLAH   geography region     .....  translated 
site..........DIRAC Q-variables in t.ALLAH.assee Florida State University and the atomic religious messages of ALLAH and atomic symbols 


---> operator = Aerian Tur-M --> Aer  Tur - M  --> Aerodynamics  Turing math building, M = Manchester

The cryptography competition - School of Mathematics - The ...
2012 is the centenary of Alan Turing - code-breaker, mathematician and founding ... It is organised by the School of Mathematics at the University of Manchester.



500 × 332 - The Alan Turing buildingManchester University.

Above, the relationship between physical architecture AND the architecture of the  symbolic universe and its  English language  VOWELS:
A, E,  I (Input to i = square root of -1 existential space/time dimensions)    O = Output     U

--> Aircarft type = Antonov AN-26  --> 
Ant AN-26 = Margaret Mead Anthropology signal to the iRON LADY regarding AN-26 = Atomic Number 26 of the IRON LADY  and Brtitish  scientists. The IRON LADY and her iron Heme group Fe(ion) are under attack by South Pole magnetic DATA FIELD  bio-physics parasites.   Hence, the Margaret Mead atomic anthropology HEAD HUNTER subroutines inside her brain her bio-computer memory storage  cells.  British science has ignored the IRON problem of the Iron Lady.









The aircraft was an Antonov An-26B-100, registration number ER-26068.[5] It made its first flight in 1981, and was powered by two Ivchenko AI-24VT engines.[5] An-26s are a twin-engined light turboprop transport aircraft derived from the Antonov An-24, with particular attention made to potential military use. It has a modified rear fuselage with a large cargo ramp.


 Let's reflect upon the above data, using supersymmtry mirrors and  parallels ........

An-26B-100, registration number ER-26

An-26B --> Atomic number 26 proton atomic English 26 letters

 An-26    B-100, registration number ER-26

An-26  B  10O D    registration number Emergency-26

An-26  B-10O D ,  registered voters number ER-26

An-26  B-10O D --> red blood cells READ  and understand

An-26  B-10OD,  registration number ERROR-26 IRON MAN project
An-26   B-100,    registration number ERROR-26 Highway 26 Wisconsin



The supersymmetry between BIOLOGY dimensions  and  other existences.

Thus the supersymmetry aspect  NATURE EXISTENCE is a  Double-Helix  ...suggested by Galielo book...
" Two Chief World Systems"  and the conflicts ......  consequence expression  of SEPT 11, 2001

"Two Chief World Towers" violate Earth social engineering DIPLOMATIC communications protocol.


--> below the airplane <----> an human parallels

two Ivchenko AI-24VT engines.

two Iv --> Base 2 binary Intra-venous (veins)

AI= Atomic Intellect

24 hour atomic clock

24 --> Base 2 exponent 4 = Base 16 hexadecimal bio-optical computers

VT --> VTOC = Volume Table of Contents





The aircraft, which took off from Adana, Turkey,[6] at about 0400 GMT,[7] was owned by the Moldovan company AerianTur-M, and on the day of the accident had been chartered to a Turkish construction company, Kulak,[3] who had been contracted to build a new hangar at the air base.[8] The aircraft hired by BSA Aviation Ltd (charterer) was carrying both cargo and passengers; a total of 1,289 kg (2,842 lb) of cargo was on board, compared with the 5,000 kg (11,000 lb) capacity.[9] Turkish authorities told CNN Türk television that of the passengers, there were 29 Turkish workers, three Moldovans, a Russian, a Ukrainian, and an American on board, even though this totals one more than the number of people known to be on board.[10] Later, the Russian consul general in Antalya said the Russian and the Ukrainian also had Moldovan citizenship.[1] Most of those on board were construction workers who worked at the base. Brig. Gen. Robin Rand, commander of the 332nd Air Expeditionary Wing, said "These brave civilian-contract employees were in Iraq helping us accomplish our mission, and their loss is a tragedy," adding "Our condolences go out to the families in their time of loss."[11]



--> Turkey --> T + ur + key --> Theory Uranium Key  

--> Moldovan company = Mold/shape + van = MOld/shape of Va-numeric  interaction with Enrico Fermi and successors 

 Thus we can understand the other signals broadcast on mathematical-physics  television show 
DEEP SPACE NINE  and the correlation to  9 January, 2007 crash at Balad  with MOLD.avan company messages.

Species Changeling
Home planet Rogue planet in the
Omarion Nebula
Affiliation Bajoran Militia


Odo , is a major character on the science fiction television series Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. He is a member of a  shapeshifting race called Changelings and serves as the head of security for the space station Deep Space Nine on which the show is set.


Odo --> Oddone

Ferrengi ---> FermiLAB engineering 

Bajor --> Ba= Batavia Major Orders

Benjamin Sisko ---> Bejamin LEWIN genes/ chromosomes

One of "the hundred" sent out by The Founders long ago to explore the galaxy, Odo was found adrift in 2356 in the Denorios Belt by Bajorans. It is unclear how long he had been adrift. Since Odo had not yet learned how to morph into a humanoid appearance, he appeared in his natural gelatinous form. Bajoran scientists, not sure of what Odo actually was, put him in a container and labeled it "unknown sample".


Thus we see CLUES about the Darwin evolutionary route from the Galapagos to

PERU = PER.iodic atomic table Uranium and the SUM of the probability odds= one 
MIT = MIT.ochondria atomic brain cell education center

one hundred = 100  --> alpha/numeric word  --> B 100 D (evolution of new blood formats)

one hundred --> red blood cell signal about FER = Ferrous oxide agent at  in.Fer= FermiLAB


ODo 2356--> oddone 23 chromosome pairs 
at atomic mass HIGHWAY 56 FermiLAB 
PAIRED  to 23 chromosome pairs 
at 56st Street..... University of Chicago  ..... both  components comprise a geography and symbolic chromosome pair  on  the surface of the living EARTH cell.

 ---> unknown sample .....sample space  with
Fermi-Dirac statistics ...a mathematical director in Nature's atomic bio-physics systems projects ..application 
Fermi-Direc  --> the Director ought acknowledge his context and respect for   Nature's vast systems influence   AND the Margaret Mead mission  .....atomic anthropology  MESSAGEs that have been neglected by the lack of funds from the Federal government. 



----> there were 29 Turkish workers, three Moldovans, implies numbers  29 and 3 ---> 29 63 = copper atom signals


 ---> there were 29 Turkish workers, three Moldovans, implies numbers  29  



Mold ==> MO + 1d  = MO base 16 Hex'1d" = 29  

Thus alpha/numeric words:  Mold  29 Turkish  worker, three ---> DEATH space/time symbolic equation




Let's review this:

MO1d --> Hex'1d'= 29 electrons of copper  mirror 92 electrons of uranium (T.ur.kish)


_worker = blank worker --> fill in the blank space with T
Two    ...... then three Moldovans  ..together we  have   23 chromosomes 
.....and  the uranium atomic computer 238 (Base 2  power 3 = 8 )



 Ukrainian also had Moldovan citizenship  ...thus from an  EARTH LAB atomic view

 Uk                        Mold /shape ...refers to the 92  electron orbitals of Uranium   K shell





The plane crashed at 0700 GMT (0800 CET),[12] about 2.5 km (1.6 mi) away from Balad Air Base, the main hub of US military logistics in Iraq, while attempting to land.[13] An anonymous ministry official told the Associated Press that the pilot had already aborted one landing attempt due to poor weather conditions.[14] Although the aircraft was said to have crashed due to fog, one eyewitness, a relative of one of the deceased, said that he watched a missile strike the right hand side of the fuselage while standing just 300–400 meters (984-1,312 ft) from where the aircraft went down.[1] The man also said that multiple other eyewitnesses also saw the aircraft get shot down. İsmail Kulak, a partner in the ownership of the Kulak Construction Company, was among the dead.[15]


Above the Pythagorean theorem for a right triangle.....signal (2.5 Km)

25 = 16 + 9  --> the Base 16 geometric computer


The main hub ---> Hubble Astronomy special communication HUB projects in Hubble(ton) Wisconsin region.

 Ismail Kulak --> bio-computer brain ISmail = Information System mail male.




Emergency response

Because the aircraft crashed in a military base, the emergency response was supplied by the U.S. Army and the U.S. Air Force. Ground ambulance response was by the 206th Area Support Medical Company, which is an US Army National Guard from Missouri. Eight ambulances responded with support from the base QRF. Helicopters from the Air Force's 64th Expeditionary Rescue Squadron transported the dead from the scene.[11


 --> National Guard for MIS = Management Information Systems (war in BALAD = Basic Assembler Language)

--> eight ambulances --> * data bits = byte ambulances 

---> 64th expeditionary -->  COBOL Double word 62 (32 + 32) messages to Route 64  NORTH Avenue near  FermiLAB

--> Helicopters 64 --> Double-helix 64 data processing --> 32 + 32 

--> Squadron = S quad = Squared quadratic equation 
at  S quad = South side of Chicago Quad = University of Chicago geo-math regions do not have self-awareness of the natural  existential SIGNALS embedded in the symbolic LABELS used on the campus 



Reaction from the Islamic Army in Iraq

The day after the accident, the insurgent group Islamic Army in Iraq, using a web site known by authorities to be used by the group, claimed that they shot the plane down. The statement said that their members had "opened fire on a plane trying to land at an American base near Balad from different directions, using medium-range weapons


 -->  Islamic  = ISL  + amic  --> Info System languauge atomic predicted by Einsteins's data processing DATA FIELD theory


Thus we see  ..... printed in newspapers and magazines.... an abundance of messages ...that are NOT discussed by  scientists. 
Nature  ....a director in evolution matters concerned about the  atomic mass communication shape-shifters  (television, radio,  print)  whose GOAL is to shift the atomic human brain and the atomic English languages within it.  Basically, the methods being used  AND approved by universities  RD LABS, and the Federal government are forbidden by the Central Nervous System 370 abstract   brain symbolic computer. 

Since, the Office of Science, FermiLAB, and the Department  of Energy refuse to say anything  to help fix the SCIENCE WAR  problems. is apparent they are either hypnotized as  BRAVE NEW WORLD social psychology WAR victims   OR they approve of the optical and audio to the attacks  on the human brain ...disrupting Nature's brain engineering and social engineering project.


was owned by the Moldovan company 
was owned by the Mold        coma  ...... thus we see the 

DEEP atomic intellectual level MESSAGE .....

Fe = Ferrous oxide atom   ...... thoughts embedded with symbols


AND Nature's powerful  tool  to defend its systems from university dis-resect ...

...within  the human --> atomic Mass ............
...........................................c ma
..............................................omaha shooting at West Road shopping mall

VIA Richard Hawkins......messages for Hawking astrophysics and

Richard poetry Dawkins  and his evolution theory has new DATA waiting to be processed by him.


Thus NATURE.....and its forces and influences in our daily LIFE  or  Death indirectly sending a signal ..

a reminder ...... also had Moldovan citizenship.


that our brains ....are like MOLDS ...plastic  MOLDS  .. filled with symbols and concepts   ...and many people  are trying to MOLD thoughts and SHAPE minds...... and those many people have incomplete and inaccurate brain engineering systems.  Arrogance and confidence based on HOT AIR used to work in the social and  political arena  .....but  that is  being fixed by Nature  ...... and Natures expects  basic comprehension  about EARTH affairs from many large institutions ..... and expects their cooperation.

Nature has many new atomic and biochemistry enforcement tools.....the OFFICE of Science and DARPA  ought become aware of modern existence and the many Science war battles and  casualties in the United States civilization war zone.  It is an interesting puzzle  ...and more study has to be done.