The Texas I-35 Event Highway --> the Margaret Mead nuclear family Death Zone report of parallel isotopes I-235 and parallel DNA 3 --> 5.

by Herb Zinser 15. June 2012 17:18





Below, we see the DEATH SENTENCE of Texas of the TEXAS legal system ..... ...that is modern atomic English language expressed VIA EVENTS in Nature's  message processing regions on the surface of Computer Earth system 370.  A sentence is like a line .....a line is like a highway  






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    Dallas, TX
    Austin, TX
    3 hours 25 mins 199.0 mi - I-35E S and I-35 S
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Let's look at the DEATH HIGHWAY  ......... that is the cities of DEATH.


--> Dallas   and the 1963  President Kennedy assassination

--> Waco  and the physics war  between  Janet RENO and the anthropology renormalization equations of the Waxahachie Super Collider

--> Killeen and the mathematics proof errors.....the math concept of  neighborHOOD WAR  with Fort HOOD

--> Austin and the DNA polymerase I repair synthesis using JOE STACK age 53 as the 5 --> 3 exonuclease activity to remove a few nucleotides giving  erase I repair synthesis ........ OR

restated  erase I repair synthesis ...........thus modern genetic accounting social systems.


What are the components of the I-35 HIGHWAY and  53   in their roles  in modern EARTH evolution.


COMPONENT CLUE   of  3 --> 5  ......a  INTERNAL bio-computer drivers that are tested on the EXTERNAL concrete highway I-35 using human drivers

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  1. DNA synthesis occurs only in 5'-3' direction.

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    no DNA synthesis occurs in 5'-3' as well as in 3'-5' direction. only the difference is that ,that it is continuous in 5'-3' direction but discontinous in 3'-5' direction.

Below we see the  2-directions of the highway from Dallas to Austin. One side on the INTERSTATE is  in the I-35 direction.

What about the other side?   And what about the anti-parallel feature?  Does that contribute information about  the tragedies  in the  DNA directional signaling region.........the geography  DEATH ZONE  and its abundance of major national news events.

DNA --> Dallas North America region  with Hy  = Hydrogen Highway



Above, we see the molecule symbol of HO ......helping us understand the biochemistry battle at Fort HO in Killen, Texas.
DARPA ought go to the Fort HOOD Soldier READ Center and read some pages in a college biochemistry textbook.


 Above, bottom of picture ...we see  
A      T   --> Austin Texas   and of course
3      5   ---> Interstate  35  



Component CLUE --> WACO =  WA  + CO  = WAXAHACHIE COLLIDER  battle at WACO, TEXAS  with Fe = Federal government and CITIZEN  violations of Fe = Ferrous oxide atomic anthropology laws. 

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COMPONENT of WACO  WAR  with Uranium 238 and  Isotopes = 235 

Interstate 2 directional  highway labeled I-35   GIVES  I -235  the Margaret Mead nuclear anthtropology highway for human isotopes(t).
Thus we have atomic anthropology insects ... a problem that ought be studied and fixed ...according to the SOCIAL CONTRACT laws between  Nature and man.

Have the brain cells of  UNIVERSITY math and science professors been  kidnapped?
Yes, the Double-Helix thought process is having a battle ...per  D.H.LAW  book by Double-Helix Lawrence..."Lady Chatterly's cellular phone Lover" 



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    One such theory is the 11-dimensional   M-theory, which ...


  Theoretical physics adjective/nouns parameter list:

 One,    dimension,    11    M-theory --> applied physics mapping to REAL life events

One man.  Dimmick,  11 years,  Murder-theory 



  1. Kidnapper Jesse Dimmick sues his hostages for $235000 | Mail Online

    Nov 30, 2011 – Suing: Jesse Dimmick is serving an 11-year sentence and also faces a murder charge. A man who held a Kansas couple hostage in their home ...




 Modern Margaret MEAD nuclear family...atomic social sciences  and  atomic political science 





What else  do we see about genetics highway I-35  and  its possible anti-parallel properities on the surface of EARTH.

We have DNA --> Dallas North America  and Duluth North America ....both message processing regions with the I-35 information highway.

I-35 Interstate 35 Road Maps, Traffic, News undefined - Similar
i-35 Interstate 35 Maps, Traffic, News, Transportation Info, and More. ... from the US/Mexico border at Laredo TX, all the way north to Duluth MN, just south of the ...


The  city of ST.Paul (Dirac)  communications bridge with the Mini-Max theorem of  Minnesota decision makers.  



Thus we have the Computer Earth system 370  MISSISSIPPI data stream ...that is
MISS + ISSI + PPI  with
MISS = Management Information Social Schemes
PPI  = Parallel Processing Instruction 


Thus we have an EARTH   communications BRIDGE collapse ...from Minnesota  universities  to TEXAS universities.





FermiLAB near DuPage County (Chicago region) provides the bi-directional geography ROAD MAP  for  53 and 35 (355).
As you see ..the EARTH genetics evolution map with
ST.Charles (Darwin) and Geneva --> Gene V-A interation studies by the nuclear family successors to Enrico Fermi.  
Route 64 is Computer EARTH Double-word 64 = 32 + 32.

Route 56 is for the IRON MAN highway to Fer = Ferrous oxide atomic home at FermiLAB.
Batavia ...of course...famous for the Batman cave.....really the underground labs at FermILAB. 
Batman and Alfred --> Alfred North Whitehead  ...that is NORTH AVENUE/Route 56 send Principia Mathematica signals to that intellectual convergence center.

Interstate 88 --> 8 protons and 8 neutrons of oxygen atomic highway RD center with LUNG breathing objects at FermiLAB.......
oxygen searching for self-awareness and self-expression.



Thus we see an interesting puzzle...about the various levels of existence and expression of the component of Nature ...that we are a part of.

We must understand our relationship with Nature. We must view ourselves as  guests on Planet Earth and must consider the messages that are presented to us.


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