The Bertrand Russell and Alfred North Whitehead theory of mathematics blood life takes 100 years to reach conscious expression

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These cells' cytoplasm is rich in hemoglobin, an iron-containing biomolecule that can bind oxygen and is responsible for the blood's red color. In humans ...
Hemoglobin is an iron-rich protein that carries oxygen from ... 

The periodic atomic table symbol Fe = Ferrous oxide atom   OR iron.

Iron  has 26 protons, 26 electrons, and 30 neutrons.

Thu we see the atomic English language word:  li + Fe  --> liFe.

The 26 protons of iron have their  26 atomic English alphabet letters.

 The sum of the protons and neutrons is called the atomic mass = 56 (for general communication)  OR for more precise scientific work  55.85.

 Principia Mathematica to *56 (Cambridge ...

Could it be true that Whitehead and Russell's Principia Mathematica is the most influential book written in the 20th century? Ask any mathematician or





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When red blood cells reach a certain age, .....they may become ...thru study and  effort ..... blood cells    OR blood cells that can read symbols and think..... ..



Thus in year 1910, Bertrand Russell and Aldred North Whithead  expressed the thoughts of their IRON ATOM 56 thoughts .....that is the  thougths of their hemoglobin proteins.  The myoglobin iron proteins of their writing arm muscles expressed INTELLECTUAL muscle.   The iron 56 blood message was repeated in  the year 1956 blood shed during  the IRON CURTAIN  hematologic  war in Hungary.   Thus we have 2  signals about blood iron . . . . ,that ought be understood in year 2012. 


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The title page of the shortened version of the Principia Mathematica to *56. ... Alfred North Whitehead and Bertrand Russell and published in 1910, 1912, and 1913. ..... no parts that are propositions and do not contain the notions "all" or "some". .... Russell, Zeus } the above evaluates to "true" if we allow for Zeus to be a man.

Principia mathematica, by Alfred North Whitehead ... and Bertrand ...;...
Whitehead, Alfred North, 1861-1947., Russell, Bertrand, joint author. ... *56. Identity and Diversity as Relations Unit Classes.. The Cardinal Number I ..... with all other logicians ancient and modern, bad allowed some error to creep into his ...

Russellâ•Žs Notes on Fregeâ•Žs Grundgesetze der Arithmetik, from ... 

In the Preface to Principia Mathematica, in 1910,. Whitehead and Russell ... with all other logicians, ancient and modern, had allowed some error to creep ... impossible to detect this error. In Arithmetic and ... evidence of what Russell and Whitehead learned from Frege about “logi- ..... The definition of > q occurs at Gg §56, p.


Nature's example of blood cell concentration  .......abstract math thoughts / concentration / pondering 





Another reference range ..... human with blood symbolic thoughts


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    Alfred North Whitehead, OM FRS (15 February 1861 – 30 December 1947) was an English mathematician who became a philosopher. He wrote on algebra, ...



Alfred North Whitehead  --> and his  blood cell description VIA  his English proper noun 

    red North White  --> red blood  iron interaction with North Pole magnetic field   and  his white blood cell interaction
with the optical nerve ...information data stream from the white spectrum ...input to the  eye/retina/pupil  



Thus we see Nature's symbolic processes in action.


Let's outline the the theory of blood circulation .....and blood thought circulation.

1)  The internal biology government has  a physical biology life and a symbolic life.
      For example, the internal LIVER decided to send an iron 26 signal   in year 1726 ......the signal was published in external WORLD format on cellulose paper with the molecular cell biology title " Gullible LIVER's travels"  by Jonathan Swift.   Today,  these  human LIVER engineering messengers are concentrated at the Law of LIVER Labs in Livermore, California ...under the auspices of Lawrence  Livermore Labs.

2) Thus we see an outline of a process.

The internal blood and its thoughts circulate in 1 human body bio-computer. 
Darwinian selection may wish to increase that thought circulation.
That human writes a book and the book is circulated to thousands of readers.
The reader ..reads word data  into his eyes/optical nerve ..and those thoughts may get passed down to the blood level.  Now,  some other people have the thoughts  in their blood circulation ...thanks to the book circulation used as   an information transfer vehicle.

Now, this process is not automatic. The person must have some will, desire. and interest that this process of Nature happen. 


Let's look at the alphabet life  and math  life features and characteristics of  b100d.

Several descriptions exist...all are true....depending on the angle of view. Blood is a multi-facted symbolic building unit..

--->  b100d =  b  + 100 + d =  base 100 (decimal number one hundred)  data 

Thus the 100 years of evolution of blood pondering .......over Principia Mathematica suggestions ....from  year 1910 to year 2010.
In year 1910 .....Nature's blood started a
one hundred year symbolism project (which neared completion  around year 2010) ...with ..............human agent with proper noun
.........ALFred ...... that is ALFred  North Whitehead in year 1910.



Hundred Years' War - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

         red (b100d cell  INTERNAL  War) messages   via    EXTERNAL  world expression using humanoid soldiers /actors'_WarCached - Similar
The Hundred Years' War was a series of conflicts waged from 1337 to 1453 between ... For all this, as well as for its long duration, it is often viewed as one of the ...
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 Above --> The famous Battle of Crécy was a complete disaster for the French, largely credited to the English longbowmen and the French king, who allowed his army to attack before they were ready


Thus we understand William Shakespeare's statement around year 1600...
" The WORLD is a stage and we are the players"  . . . . . 

In modern blood  hematologic words  we have the  modern and historical VIEW:

"The WORLD is Nature's  message display  stage and we are the red and white blood cell Processing layers  (P. layers)"  


Thus we see that the America flag colors of
red,white, and blue --> red and white blood  cells with blue eyes  (physical biology) has a parallel structure

red white, and blue --> read black ink algebra symbols with the white optical electromagnetic spectrum and  MR.Z  blue eyes with the IBM BIG BLUE system 370 optical bio-computer eye photon processor.


Thus we outline some ideas about the  Darwinian evolution of blood symbolic life and blood self-awareness of its INTERNAL world and now,,,blood awareness of EXTERNAL affairs and events.  As  THY Lord ...the THYroid gland wrote in the  ancient molecular cell biolgoy textbook  ...... the  BIBLE --->  know THY-self.   


Additional blogs  willl be written to explain the other features of educated blood cells.    
GIVEN THE SCHOOL SYSTEM FOUNDATION  of knowledge .....modern blood cells can advance into curious, self-educated, motivated, thinking  blood cells.  





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