Chrysler Automotive - Kenosha, Wisconsin

by Herb Zinser 24. May 2014 10:37

Concept Paper CP-039 by Herb Zinser about SYMBOL MACHINES,  LANGUAGE codes, social economics and signaling events.




 Agent Pier ODDone -->  ODD 1 and his atomic math source code that does not communicate with other agents of the  Z integer continuum.












Below, Kenosha along Lake Michigan.






Maurice Wilkins --> subset letters --> Mau + Rice + Wi --> Mau Mau  Rice Lake, Wisconsin



Chai Vang - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
While on a hunting trip in northern Wisconsin, Vang shot eight people, who were also hunting in the area, on November 21, 2004. Six were killed and two were ...
Background - ‎Investigation - ‎Trial - ‎Reaction

Chai Soua Vang | .
Nov 21, 2004 - Chai Soua Vang (born September 24, 1968) is a hunter who shot several deer ... Allan Laski, 43, manager of a Rice Lake area lumber yard.









Above, the British WAR LANGUAGE code --> Falk Corp. Warehouse --> restated as  word sequence
--> Falk Corp War are --> Falk Corpse   WAR area







Welcome to Project Plan Z

by Herb Zinser 26. May 2012 17:04


The Margaret Mead nuclear family anthropology ZINJAN project and the ZINO particle physics project together are the master/central focal point for different PLAN Z projects. The proton property intellectual trust fund has been entrusted to agent ZIN for applications development. This provides numerous opportunties for curious individuals, research scientists, responsible venture capital, authors of science articles and softcover books, industry trade associations,etc.

Unemployed scientists and engineers, affected by the year 2012 economic layoffs, have a ground floor opportunity with PROJECT PLAN Z. A group of a few thousand scientists, professors, graduate students, engineers, with a group of science orientated marketing and business professionals can help me raise funds and organize the world's largest intellectual coporation and trust fund. With the communications provided by the Internet and E-Mail . . . it ought take less than two years to lay out the foundation of this new business structure. Interested?

As a first step . . . become acquainted with the basic concepts mentioned on the WEB-SITE and the BLOG. This may take several days or weeks depending on your basic science background. These concepts partially describe the new perception of world structure and world affairs. Individuals, groups, think tanks, and trust foundations that offer research grants to PROJECT PLAN Z may have access to over 300 unique research papers. These papers help explain "HOW the WORLD WORKS" with special attention to the automotive indutry at Janesville/ Kenosha, Wisconsin. Also highlighted, the astonishing INTELLECTUAL WAR, as it manifests itself thru military events in Iraq and Afghanistan.


CONTACT--> principle science researcher: Herb Zinser

Mailing address: P.O.Box 134, Watertown, WI 53094-0134, USA

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