Jeffery Fowles binomial probability distribution AFFAIR

by Herb Zinser 14. November 2014 14:49

RD-blog-number-4106 by Herb Zinser reviews the world math political science crises as reflected by the Jeffery Fowle mathematical signaling EVENT from North Korea.

As a background, we review the simple INTELLECTUAL awareness problems at the University of Wisconsin in Madison.




This geography region is involved with Nature's SYMBOL MACHINE textbook ..



An example of such a application the bio-math CHANCE structure with the super-symmetry MIRROR parallel proper noun -->






The chancellor and the university refuse to recognize Nature's SYMBOL MACHINE expression systems  (John Wiley publishing)  and its role in the selection of John Wiley. In fact, the university denies the existence of many obvious  things in year 2014, creating many problems in the state of Wisconsin and thru-out the world .....   via their poor example of intellectual curiosity  AND their inability to communicate results in the system creation of crimes and murder.


Let's look at such a  world affair that might have been avoided by the University of Wisconsin and other schools.

The signaling EVENT --->



The SYMBOL MACHINE key words and concepts from the EVENT database --->


Miamisburg --> algebra   subset letters --> Mia

Ohio --> alphabet letter --> o

under a bin --> bin


 The 3  sets of letters --> bin o mia  --> spells --> binomial in binomial probability distribution








The EARTH LAB geography math expression site of North Korea.



Binomial Probability Formula


Hence proper noun --> North Korea --> initials  ..... n k  suggests  more empirical proof  of Nature's math message;



Binomial Probability Formula








Bible left in North Korean sailor's club triggered U.S. tourist's ...
Aug 1, 2014 - SEOUL, Aug 2(Reuters) - American tourist Jeffrey Fowle ... in jail,

where he is awaiting trial in one of the world's most inhospitable countries. What is a Probability Distribution
Discrete Distributions, The mathematical definition of a discrete probability ...

The condition that the probabilities sum to one

Army Math Jobs |
United States Army
Discover what military math jobs the U.S. Army offers. Army math jobs are available across many different fields including finance, intelligence and logistics.


he is awaiting trial in one --> one condition

--> the probabilities sum to one






Below, Jeffery  Fowle uses body language hand signals ,  infra-red language emissions from his dermatology / skin surface, his head has bio-computer BAL version D code (BALD  = Basic Assembler Language D), his facial expressions say he is Nature's  CIA lexicon/dictionary agent, his eye browse  use the bio-computer  Mozilla bio-computer browser, etc.


The LAX airport computer shooting battle

by Herb Zinser 25. September 2014 08:47



RD-blog-number-3909 by Herb Zinser reviews the COMPUTER EARTH system 370 region of Los Angeles, California.


The tragic computer / bio-computer signaling EVENT .......







2013 Los Angeles International Airport shooting - Wikipedia ...
Ciancia made it as far as the end of the terminal in the food court, where LAX police officers cornered the suspect and engaged him in a gunfight. He was ...
Shooting - ‎Victims - ‎Suspect - ‎Aftermath
On November 1, 2013, a shooting occurred at around 9:20 a.m. PDT in Terminal 3 of the Los Angeles International Airport. Paul Anthony Ciancia, aged 23, has been accused of opening fire with a rifle, killing a U.S. government Transportation Security Administration officer and injuring several other people.
Walking up to a TSA checkpoint, he pulled the rifle out of the bag and opened fire, shooting TSA Officer Gerardo Hernandez in the chest "at point-blank range". He then went up an escalator, but returned to the checkpoint and shot Hernandez again, apparently after seeing him move.[1][3][4]
Thus we have the configuration and the keywords    
LOS -->  L + OS --> Language of OS / JCL  
Terminal 3  --> super-symmetry physics existential MIRROR  (approximations) -->  TERMINAL 3270 CRT (Cathode Ray Tube)





The TSA agent Hernandez is part of  the Department of Transportation secret bio-computer network.


History of the 3270 - IBM
The development of the 3270 coincided with, and in part caused, the ... Cathode-ray tube terminals brought a revolutionary improvement in output speed, ...

Images for IBM 3270 cathode ray tube  ... parallel processing



Secretary Ray LaHood - The White House
White House
Ray LaHood became the 16th Secretary of Transportation on January 23, 2009. Secretary LaHood's primary goals in implementing President Obama's priorities ... other words  EARTH parallel universes 


Secretary Ray LaHood - The White House
White House
Ray LaHood became the 16th Secretary of Transportation on January 23, 2009. Secretary LaHood's primary goals in implementing President Obama's priorities ...





Let's focus  on the TSA agent and his bio-computer secrets.


Walking up to a TSA checkpoint, he pulled the rifle out of the bag and opened fire, shooting TSA Officer Gerardo Hernandez in the chest "at point-blank range". He then went up an escalator, but returned to the checkpoint and shot Hernandez again, apparently after seeing him move.[1][3][4]



TSA  -->

  • TSA Temporary Storage Anchor Block - IBM
    Jan 27, 2013 - CICS Transaction Server for z/OS, Version 3.2. TSA Temporary Storage Anchor Block !:refstep.dfhtsdcc_copy ... TSA - TS Anchor block.

  • TSA Temporary Storage Anchor Block - IBM
    Jan 30, 2014 - Table 1. Offset Hex, Type, Len, Name (dim), Description. (0), STRUCTURE, 116, TSA. (0), CHARACTER, 16, TSA_PREFIX. (0), HALFWORD, 2




 TSA agent Hernandez



Let's look at the  LOS ANGELES human computer name  --> keywords


LOS Angles Hernandez  ..... subset letter codes 


..OS.......................nde --> Operating  System node


LOS Angles Hernandez ............
..OS.............He  --> Operating system hexadecimal ...

oxygen atom base 16 life form















LOS Angles Hernandez .....

...OS                            Z -->



z/OS - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
z/OS is a 64-bit operating system for mainframe computers, produced by IBM. It derives from and is the successor to OS/390, which in turn followed a string of ...
Latest release: Version 2.1 (V2R1) / Se...
Platforms: z/Architecture
Thus we see the bio-computer WARS in California .....with the I/O Port ...... the Input/Output  data and  instruction PORT
---> the LAX PORT  
--> The LAX airport.

 Thus... from the astrophysics VIEW of EARTH  (The man on the moon theory  .. of some hypothetical observer on the moon)  ... would see EARTH like a printed circuit board and the LAX PORT  (airport)  and the Port of Los Angeles (shipping boat PORT)   ,,,,,,,





 Thus super-symmetry geo-physics gives  the  COMPUTER EARTH port  below ......

with  equivalent attached CRT terminals per  humanoid Cathode Ray Tube leader Ray LaHOOD.







Above, the copper-wire computer serial port and  below ....  its human bio-computer system expression FORMAT ...... 



LA serial killer

LA serial killer

LA serial killer

LA serial killer --> Load address instruction  for the Los Angeles community and its death wish  





 Computer EARTH system 370 Basic ASSEMBLER Langauge  --> LA instruction for LA











Thus you have a few pieces to a  puzzle  ...   to help complete ....  the incomplete explanation of the LAX shooting that was printed in newspapers


The Base 16 mathematics death of Hex'FFA" member Matt Anderson at the COMPUTER EARTH system 370 battle field site in Wisconsin.

by Herb Zinser 16. December 2013 14:28



Matt Anderson killed in the Base 16 mathematics organization

theory battle with the Hex"FFA" --> his end-loader death

at the farm trailer site helps explain Computer Earth system 370 

intellectual science WARS over the SYS1.LOAD.LIBRARY problem, etc. 

--> Matt Anderson's last messages explain major parts of 

Einstein's data processing DATA FIELD theory and its WORLD-wide application.





News - Laufenberg, Stombaugh, And Jassak, SC


The most recently retired president of the Wisconsin FFA Association has been ... Sheriff's Department, Matt Anderson was driving an end loader onto a trailer at ...



  Hexadecimal - Wikipedia


In mathematics and computer science, hexadecimal (also base 16, or hex) is a .... The most common format for hexadecimal on IBM mainframes (zSeries) and ...

Representation - Conversion - Real numbers - Cultural


Base 16 hex'FFA-     =   F * 162   +    F * 161   +    A   *  160





Past State FFA President Killed in Farm Mishap - Laufenberg ...

Oct 27, 2009 – Past State FFA President Killed in Farm Mishap ... the Sauk County Sheriff's Department, Matt Anderson was driving an end loader onto a trailer ...



Hexadecimal - Wikipedia, 

In mathematics and computer science, hexadecimal (also base 16, or hex) is a .... The most common format for hexadecimal on IBM mainframes (zSeries) and ...

Representation - Conversion - Real numbers - cultural --> implies agri+ cultural problems



Farm Mishap
Farm Mishap   has algebra subset letters 
Fa      Mis --> giving  some of the 11 dimensions of string theory 

Base 16 Hex'Fa' = 250  
Mis = Management Information Systems
 ....Computer EARTH System 370 LINK to human bio-computer systems



The Base 16 computer science religious conversion

from base 16 Hex'FA'  --->  FARM  LAND at .....such such location
to ....base 16  Hex'AF" ---> AF.terlife  zone of Sarte  existentialism 

Thus we see the transformation

from base 16 Hex'FA'  --->  regular universe symbolized by "FARM"  

to ....base 16  Hex'AF" ---> the inverse universe dimension on EARTH 

...the Wisconsin soldiers in the AF region  are fighting in

Base 16 geography  region of AFghanistan the inverse WAR zone.


Now the INVERSE WAR zone has come to  Wisconsin and the Mazomanie region.
It's sad that  Wisconsin citizens, the  University of Wisconsin, and farm cooperative's have no interest in world-affairs that may affect them.  
U.A.ARMY soldiers die in IRAQ and AFGHANISTAN  so Wisconsin citizens can tell each other bull-stories, laugh,  watch television , party, etc.

Thus we see ..Nature's CAUSE and EFFECT tragic message  to Wisconsin thinkers their leading young men get killed....

in the Wisconsin intellectual wars ...the brain bio-computer wars.


FFA --> Matt Anderson
Boy Scouts --> Sam Hengel 


Who is next .....the Wisconsin CAD = Computer Aided Design  copper-wire technology adapted to human bio-computer for the community CAD projects .....that is human CAD = CADAVERS.


The Virginia TECH human CAD experiment was on the Base 16 HEX/curse day of April 16, 2007.  More  leading young citizens learn about Base 16 Hex'AF' --> the AFTERLIFE   parallel to AFGHANISTAN ..... incomplete explanation of these events are printed in newspapers.




Wisconsin Ag Connection - Past State FFA President Killed in Farm ...




Aug 20, 2007 – The most recently retired president of the Wisconsin FFA Association ...

Department, Matt Anderson was driving an end loader onto a trailer at ... 



ONE view of tragic EVENT ...would involve the concepts below..... in the context of Computer EARTH system 370 and human bio-computers that are members  a BASE 16 Hexadecimal organization like the  FAA (sky aviation)  or FFA( soil land)


What is a load library? - IBM notice:

load library contains programs

ready to be 
executed. ... 

load library can be any of the following: System library ... The most-used system library is SYS1.








Authorizing the execution   load library - IBM

SCHCLOAD could be used as 

the load
 library to execute 
.. LOAD data set must be performed by personnel authorized to update 'SYS1.







Wisconsin Ag Connection - Past State FFA President Killed in Farm ...





Aug 20, 2007 – The most recently retired president of the Wisconsin FFA Association ...

Department, Matt Anderson was driving an end loader onto a trailer at ...



The other VIEW needed for understanding  the mathematical-physics bio-physics  tragedy  involves the concepts below. 





 Application programming on z/OS 


Load modules for executable programs

Application programming on z/OS

load module is an executable program stored in a partitioned data set program library. Creating a load module to execute only, will require that you use a batch loader or program management loader. Creating a load module that can be stored in a program library requires that you use the binder or linkage editor. In all cases, the load module is relocatable, which means that it can be located at any address in virtual storage within the confines of the residency mode (RMODE).

Once a program is loaded, control is passed to it, with a value in the base register. This gives the program its starting address, where it was loaded, so that all addresses can be resolved as the sum of the base plus the offset. Relocatable programs allow an identical copy of a program to be loaded in many different address spaces, each being loaded at a different starting address.

·     Batch loader
The batch loader combines the basic editing and loading services (which can also be provided by the linkage editor and program manager) into one job step. The batch loader accepts object decks and load modules, and loads them into virtual storage for execution. Unlike the binder and linkage editor, the batch loader does not produce load modules that can be stored in program libraries. The batch loader prepares the executable program in storage and passes control to it directly.

·     Program management loader
The program management loader increases the services of the program manager component by adding support for loading program objects. The loader reads both program objects and load modules into virtual storage and prepares them for execution. It resolves any address constants in the program to point to the appropriate areas in virtual storage and supports the 24-bit, 31-bit and 64-bit addressing modes.

·     What is a load library?
load library contains programs ready to be executed.


 A funeral service will be held at BETHLEHEM UNITED METHODIST CHURCH, S10173 

County Highway C, Sauk  ---> Computer Science signal



--> While attending Sauk Prairie High School he served as President of F.F.A. for two years, was a 12 season athlete, a member of the National Honor Society and was currently on the Chancellor’s List at 



Thus Matt Anderson was going for his Batch degree .... a college Bachelor of Arts of Bachelor of Science.


Thus ...he satisfied the needed   parameters for the description of a   ...... Base 16 humanoid bio-computer equivalent to  BATCH LOADER.


The batch loader prepares the executable  ...thus he was killed/executed.







The SCIENCE WAR in Wisconsin  ...and the military parameters ....were outlined in an article for the many various Base 16 groups.


The Mind Has No Firewall - US Army War College 


by TL THOMAS - 1998 - 
The human body, much like a computer, contains myriad data processors. They include, but are not limited to, the chemical-electrical activity of the brain, heart, ...




Perception Warfare or War, Perceptual Conflict, Perception Space ...

The Mind Has No Firewall, by Thomas, in Parameters, Spring 1998. Defending friendly and targeting adversary data-processing capabilities of the body appears ...

Thus the body/brain of Matt Anderson was targeted was the brain Sam Hengel ...

as the party school universities  and  business corporations   deny REALITY.





What are some other tragic bio-computer WAR  events.

Authorizing the execution load library

 ... SCHCLOAD could be used as the load library to execute InfoSphere CDC but this is strongly discouraged. ... LOAD data set must be performed by personnel authorized to update 'SYS1.








What is a load library? - IBM notice:

load library contains programs

ready to be 
executed. ... 

load library can be any of the following: System library ... The most-used system library is SYS1.


ready to be 
executed  ---->


The U.S.Army has Basic training ..for new soldiers that enter the ARMY.

Since year 2000 ...that would be Basic Assembler Language training for bio-computer soldiers.


A programming bug or misunderstanding about human system ...could result in tragedy. Such tragedy occured .....


programs (Washington, DC  brain programs)
ready (Fort Hood Soldier read  y2k center)   to be 






Thus  the FORT HOOD  Fortran social engineering programming language  ...
at geography site  Fortran --> Fort soldiers ran when Major Hasan started shooting.


 Thus the Computer EARTH system 370 OS/JCL BATCH JOB execution resulted in a BATCH of 13 soldiers getting executed.  
Thus we have advanced computer science policies form Washington, DC and various state assemblies/legislatures   ...that is ...a group of bio-computer humans gather in a sate assembly / legislature to write assembly language programs for the citizen brains .....brain programs on thought and behavior,etc.  An  intelligently active citizen can accept or upgrade and improve upon the official state brain assembly program.   However, brainless, arrogant, or intellectually lazy citizens just accept any bio-computer instructions in fashion that legislative year.  Think of the situation as a puzzle from NATURE ..a maze ...



Maze - Wikipedia, the

maze is a tour puzzle in the form of a complex branching passage through which the solver must find a route. In everyday speech, both maze and labyrinth ...

Maze Maze solving algorithm - Celtic maze - Radial arm maze




Thus DARPA and their university and corporate friends FORT HOOD with the FORTAN experiment ..




AFHWLG — Link and Run a Program Written in Fortran - IBM

SAFHFORT is the name of the Fortran-specific link-edit library and is used to resolve ... EXEC PGM=HEWL,REGION=1024K //SYSLIB DD DSNAME=&LIBPRFX


Thus the tragic event ...was used to  resolve (something) ...via the JOB  EXECUTION of 13 soldiers.



FORTRAN Example - IBM notice:


.... 00014000 //




In 1990/1991 the FORT HOOD  the Carl Jung collective unconscious bio-computer group  ....gave  military  DEMO





Fortran program receives an abend. During termination processing, module AFBVSIOS issues a CHECK against a DCB that.










Thus ...the 13 DEAD user's GUIDE  to a complex world situation..........that ought be understood.



IBM User's Guide, Thirteenth Edition 

The compiler supports language based on FORTRAN 77 standards plus IBM ..... /*ROUTE PRINT RMTn //STEP3 EXEC PGM=PGM1,REGION=96K //STEPLIB ...


Fort  Hood shooting: 13 killed and 30 injured at US Army base ...
Fortran H      shooting: 13 killed and 30 injured at US Army base ... › News › World News › 

Nov 6, 2009 – A US army officer called Major Nidal Malik Hasan has been named as the man responsible for killing 13 people and


Fort    Hood shooting:  13 killed  at US Army base ...
Fortran H shooting:    13 killed  at US Army base ... 

FORTRAN H Goodies Revisited - SLAC


FORTRAN H  Goo death   revisits --> Pentagon computer science

There are many useful functions hiding in the Fortran H compiler that can be used by ... Because the H compiler itself is compiled in Fortran H with heavy use...


Classic Optimizing Compilers IBM's Fortran H Compiler

Started with a good compiler — Fortran H Extended. • Fortran H - one of 1st commercial compilers to perform systematic analysis (both control flow & data flow
Fortran H Extended
Fortran H Extended
Fortran H Extended -->Fort  Hood Extended -->Fort soldiers ran from--> the Hasan extension     --> the Gene/genetic  General H  = Ham extension


Fortran H Extended
Fortran H  ,..... Darwinian selection ..using the algebra subset alphabet

Fort ...n H --> nidal Hasan  ...selected for the computer science mission







IBM User's Guide, Thirteenth Edition

This chapter discusses JOB, EXEC, OUTPUT, and DD; the other statements are .... written to take advantage of the memory capacity of the IBM 3090 computer. ..... //stepname EXEC PGM=progname [,EXEC parameters] .... That is, if the data is input to a job step which invokes the FORTRAN compiler, the DD statement would ...





FORTRAN are references to the FORTRAN 77 standard, plus the IBM ...... JOB SAMPLEPG THIS JOB WILL COMPILE 

·         The Boy Scouts of America computer systems ERROR ......CAUSE and EFFECT --->

  • Wisconsin


FORTRAN are references to the FORTRAN 77 standard, plus the IBM ...... JOB SAMPLEPG THIS JOB WILL COMPILE AND


EXEC   HE SAM  ---> Hengel, Sam 



 The other major computer FACTOR of Matt Anderson involves the trailer record.


Matt Anderson was driving an end loader onto a trailer at ...


Systems Reference Library OS Tape Labels OS 


System processes magnetic tape volumes with IBM standard labels,. American National Standard ... American National Standard Recorded Magnetic Tape for Information Interchange,. 9-Track, 800 CPI, NRZI, ..... Data Set Trailer Labels .






Magnetic Tape Services

This record contains the volume serial number or volume serial (VSN or VOLSER) which uniquely identifies the volume. Next, any ... Last comes optional user trailer labels (UTL). ... Example 1: IBM standard labels (Single file, single tape) BOT ...




 tape - Wikipedia,

As with the earlier IBM 7 track format it replaced, the magnetic tape is ½ inch ... recording) and 

NRZI (non-return-to-zero, inverted, sometimes pronounced "nur-zee"). ....


Signaling EOT (end of tape) with space remaining to write trailer blocks ...


Thus we see Einstein's data processing DATA FIELD  theory and its applications to earthly  space/time and farm land.


Base 16  Hex'"FFA" agent Anderson died in this  mathematical-physics battlefield .........but his fall ....... tipping of the farm equipment ......implies the   INVERTED  factor    may be the problem area for corporate or  univerisity scientists  to examine.



Other blogs have covered magnetic tape....the COMPUTER EARTH system 370  NORTH POLE magnetic data field and the NIXON tapes.

Nixon the 37th bio-computer President of the United  States  in 1970  .....he was the parallel to the
IBM system 370 OS/JCL SNA VTAM  copper-wire main frame computer. 


The United States is a subset government of the Earth and its systems  in the context of   Nature's vast intellect that have evolved over the past million years.  Nature designed and built the human Central Nervous System 370 abstract brain symbolic computer  .....and Nature's advanced brain data processing models are in various stages of testing.    Do you have the Y2K biological clock subroutine update fro your brain computer? You don't.....sad.



Thus we see the EARTH geology/geography processor with Einstein's data processing theory of the Galileo project started in year 16 16 --> the formating of Base 16 space and base 16 time.

Thus we have the COMPUTER EARTH magnetic field with device UNIT = UNITED STATES with the bio-computer NIXON tapes debate.   The magnetic field interacts with our iron automobiles and farm equipment (Matt Anderson magnetic field and probable BRAIN war),  interacts with the iron WORLD TRADE CENTER (the iron battlefield with plane geometry math weapons of choice...air planes),  and of course, the iron Hemoglobin proteins of human biology ....and the Hemoglobin symbolic thoughts within our brain 



Thus...what is the UNITED STATES Base 16 address  1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.


Earth  device UNIT + EDS + Statistical test (of the universe  and Nature's forces and elements and spirirts)


Thus the words UNITED STATES

.............................EDS --> Electron Data Systems  of PLAN ZERO --> PLAN 0 --> PLANO, Texas. 


Their intellectuals  do not recognize these matters.




Thus we see Wisconsin and Texas ignore important questions. 
What's happening?   







The atomic human optical computer VTOC war casualties at VT = Virginia TECH and OC = Oklahoma City

by Herb Zinser 16. December 2013 09:47

The atomic human optical computer VTOC war casualties at

VT= Virginia TECH and OC = Oklahoma City......

the VTOC = Volume Table of Contents error source traced to

the humanoid VTOC = Vermont OC algebra subset word agents of

DEMOCRACY ---> the OC7 data exception WAR report.



The human bio-computer has several different expressions. 
Humans have a biological computer system.
Humans have an eye/optical computer system that uses nouns,verbs, adjectives,  math equations, and color formulas.
Humans have a body language ...smiles, facial expressions, hand signals ...that are a bio-computer sign languages.
Humans have a output mouth with English sentences  ..that are ver.BAL = Basic Assembler Language in audio/harmonic sound waves.


Thus we  have  some examples of human person computers and  computer communities comprised of bio-computer humans. 
These bio-computer human systems have existed for thousands of years.

Copper wire computers came into existence around 1950.   By 1970 thru 1984  mainframe computers were used by large business organizations. 
As a frame of reference, this blog uses system  370  with OS/JCL SNA VTAM  and George Orwell's TIME MACHINE  bio-optical-computer repair manual 1984...with equation 1984  + Base 16 data of  Virginia TECH = year 2000 ......and the Y2k human eye data processor required  update ..mandated by Darwin evolution of eye/optival nerve software.


Let's look at the Vermont......the geography state ......and then the Vermont  STATE of MIND  of the Central Nervous System 370 abstract  brain symbolic computer .......the MAP of States of MIND ...includes all 50 geography states in symbolic format much more data. 


Above, we see the EARTH geography map of Vermont.
Vermont  exists in other dimesnions of REALITY atomic physics we see that Vermont has a common border with the Quantum State of atomic MASS.

In astronomy and physics ...we see that Vermont shares a border with the gravity field of Isaac NEW(Ton) as represented by NEW YORK gravity humanoid agents.
In New York ..the gravity field interacts with the human brain atomic mass and its thoughts..... giving  the  transference of human brain thoughts to the gravity field .....thus creating gravity intellectual life formats that NOW exist independently in the gravity field.  
The EARTH LAB specimen agents for Nature's RD project ....gravity people ....... consists of various groups.  
a) 4/7 of word gravity = gray ...gray people and the  year 1955 book about gravity interaction with hemoglobin iron 55.84  (year 1955 code).    The  gravity/ brain iron atomic mass interaction book signal:

The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit - Wikipedia
The Man in the Gravity          Suit -  the free encyclopedia

Plot summary - Movie cast - Sequel (novel) - References --> physics gravity
The Man in the Gray  Flannel Suit, by Sloan Wilson, is a 1955 novel about the ... The book was largely autobiographical, drawing on Wilson's experiences as ...
b) 3/4 of gravity = gay people 
c) 2/7 of gravity = gy --> medical research into gravity females by gravity doctors=  gy = gynecologist
Let's look at the eye/optical computer system ...the symbolic computer with the input data  S = Spectrum --> Society.
What is an example of a human optical computer .... that has existed  before  the copper wire computers of year 1950.  

Machine Politics

www.encyclopedia.chicago history.

The potent Democratic machine that dominated Chicago politics for nearly half a century formed under the leadership of Anton Cermak, a Bohemian immigrant ...
Above...we see the message: Machine politics ...that is .......a bio-computer symbolic machine labeled ..... partial ROBOT human.
What is a Demo --> Demonstration by Nature.
What is Demo --> Democrat.
What is a Democrat ---> D + em + ocr + .....  em ocr = electromagnetic optical character  reader .
Thus we have the human biology platform used by electromagnetic software programs of  behavior/thought for humans structures named 
EM = EMBASSY officials or 
EM = EMERITUS professors.  
Thus the human body is just a operating platform, a substrate for these EM life forms that have  taken over the natural human brain.
Some of this is good  ..... and too much of that is bad.  Nowdays, we have to much EM activity with TV, radio, cellular phones, etc. 
The EM human life forms feel right at home with the copper wire EM devices ......thus we have ....essentially an  EM species  ...occuring in 2 formats: humanoid or copper.  This equivalence in atomic  electronic structure  and its thought expressions  VIA the 2 equivalent FORMATS  ..was described/predicted by the book  atomic politics ...the physics book VIA an English literature writing style---> David Copoperfield modern terms......a book about Camp David, David Koresh, and  various field theories and their interaction with biological brain electron circuits in Waco, Texas and  Reno, Nevada..... Janet Reno STATE of MIND expressions with the ODDONE probability theory  of life.
Apr 22, 2012 – Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker says President Barack Obama's political machine is pulling out all the stops to defeat him in the pivotal June 5 ...
Democratic Machine 
Democratic Machine 
Democratic Machine 
Demo   ocr   Machine 
Demo   ocr   Machine
Demo   oc    Machine 
Thus ...we look at the Vermont Democrat .....the post office abbreviated mail  code is  VT.
VT  + demo OC machine ---> gives the 
optics symbolic control   system VTOC = Volume Table of Contents ... a concept we will use later.. 
Herman Kahn

Interview with Herman Kahn, author of On Escalation, May 11, 1965
Born February 15, 1922
Bayonne, New Jersey
Died July 7, 1983 (aged 61)
Chappaqua, New York
Occupation futurist, military strategist, systems theorist
Known for On Thermonuclear War
Below, we see the bio-optical computer signal .....from recent year 2011 

Cain Blames 'Democrat Machine' For Allegations Of Sexual ...

Nov 8, 2011 – So turns out it was the “Democrat Machine” all along. Herman Cain held a press conference Tuesday evening, addressing the accusations of ...
--> let's explain the above signal keywords


Herman Cain --->  suggests to study Herman Kahn
Tuesday --> Tu + esda = Time unit entry sequenced data
evening, addressing --> even integer computer  addressing
Also, this gives us the atomic electron orbitals in the brain.
FermiLAB deals with the odd integer orbitals 1.3,5,7
This blog deals with the even integer atomic data orbital...the atomic information system and the atomic computer addressing space  

Herman Kahn - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia 

en.wikipedia herman_Kahn
Herman Kahn (February 15, 1922 – July 7, 1983) was one of the preeminent futurists of the latter third of the twentieth century. In the early 1970s, he predicted ...
Herman Kahn
Occupation futurist, military strategist, systems theorist
Known for On Thermonuclear War




Let's cotininue with the human bio-computer VTOC.
The particular VTOC of interest is the eye/optical nerve VTOC    and the human  population VTOC of Computer Earh system 370.

We will describe the copper wire version of the VTOC and the associated disk storage used for data memory.

Volume table of contents - Wikipedia


In the IBM mainframe storage architecture, Volume Table Of Contents, or VTOC, is a data structure that provides a way of locating the data sets that reside on a particular disk volume
It can reside within the first 64K tracks on the volume, and lists the names of each data set on the volume as well as size, location, and permissions.
Additionally, it contains an entry for every area of contiguous free space on the volume. The third record on the first track of the first cylinder of any volume of DASD (i.e. disk pack) is known as the volume label and must contain a pointer to the location of the VTOC. 
A VTOC is added to a disk when it is initialized using the Device Support Facilities utility program, ICKDSF. VTOC was originally designed for removable disk packs.

VTOC Conversion Aid - visit public


The VTOC Conversion Aid is a tool that will help installations manage the conversion of ... Dataset naming conventions; A description of the JOBS built by the aid ... An IBM 3380 device has 1 alternate cylinder and

 Expanding the VTOC at Its current location - IBM

In the following example, ICKDSF expands the VTOC at its current location. n is the ... //VOLDD DD DISP=SHR,UNIT=3380,VOL=SER=TMP121 //SYSPRINT DD ...
Reformatting volumes with the MVS version
The following is an example of expanding the VTOC and the Index using the ... AS FOLLOWS: PHYSICAL DEVICE = 3380 STORAGE CONTROLLER = 3990 STORAGE CONTROL DESCRIPTOR = EC DEVICE ... URL:
The above  steps  outline the conceptual process  ......of CONVERSION from copper wire software to human brain software ...and reformatting the information for biological  data processing structures.
Thus ...we look again at the Vermont Democrat ...STATE of MIND mail  code is VT.
VT + demOCrat   ----> gives the 
optics symbolic control system VTOC = Volume Table of Contents.
Thus the citizens of Vermont  ...have within their brain computer ...the following software structure.

The VTOC comprises records known as Data Set Control Blocks, or DSCBs. There are seven types of DSCB.

DSCB types in a VTOC
DSCB format typePurposeNotes
0 Empty entry  
1 Data set primary Describes first three extents of a data set
2 ISAM data set Describes ISAM data sets
3 Data set extension Describes data set extents after the third
4 VTOC Describes volume attributes
5 Free space 26 extents on non-index volumes
6 Free space 5 extents that are converted to Format 5 DSCB
7 Free space Extension of Format 4 DSCB
8 Data set primary EAV version of Format 1 DSCB
9 Data set extension EAV extension of Format 8 DSCB

The first DSCB in the VTOC is always a format 4 DSCB which describes the VTOC itself and attributes of the disk volume on which this VTOC resides. 
The second DSCB is always a format 5 DSCB which describes free space within the VTOC. 
Normally, the rest of the VTOC will contain format 0 DSCBs, which are empty entries, and format 1 or format 3 DSCBs, which describe data sets, giving their start address on disk.
The initial part of a data set is described by a format 1 DSCB.

Originally, a VTOC search was a sequential scan of the DSCBs, stopping when the correct format 1 DSCB was found or the end of the VTOC was reached. As disk volumes became larger, VTOC search became a bottleneck and so a VTOC index was added.




3072 × 2304 - IBM 3380 Disk Drive





59 × 213 - Disk storage devices permit processing of records both sequentially ...



IBM 3380 
IBM 3380 
IBM 3380

Let's look at the concept of parallel universes on multi-faceted, multi-dimensional EARTH Lab


Parallel universe - Wikipedia

Parallel universe may refer to:  Science, physics and philosophy. Multiverse, the hypothetical set of multiple possible universes; The many-worlds ...

 Above reference to CPU = Central Processing Unit using copper wire computers. 
What is a CPU using human bio-computers.  Let's look at some examples.
a) CPU = the Jospeh Stalin human bio-computer collective  known as CPU = Communist Party Unit.
b) CPU = the China CPU = Communists Party Unit with the special  CHINA = CHIN Assembler
..that is bio-computer assembler langauge with the CHIN = CH + IN = Compare Halfword Instruction. 
c) CPU = C + PU --> Central PUBLIC Library in Madison, Wisconsin  or New York City.
d) CPU = Chgicago Polish Union......the various groups of Poles in Chicago ...the largest Polish bio-computer brain experiment in the world ...outside of POLAND.
The 370.000 top  Poles in Chicago provide a bio-computer   parallel to system 370 main frame.   The data BUS provided by the BUS(y) Bee restuant in year 1984 ..helped understand the DAMEN Avenue system of DAM = Direct Access Method.    The nearby FLAT IRON BUILDING ...was like an iron  ship  ...a  parallel to the shipyards and the solid-state physics project known as the Solidarity Movement  in Europe.
Thus we see the  copper-wire 3380 disk drive.....provides a model to understanding the human bio-computer  VTOC wars in North America.
1st)  humanoid   VTOC =  VT + OC -->  Vermont  OC ......human  demOCrat.   This  Vermont OC model  ...then explains the Chicago Democrttic optical Machine ....the human  optical bio-machine processors of symbols and nonsense. Eventually, all  bio-computer optical democracy is included.      Thus a progarmming ERROR can have major consequence and EFFECTS.     Theexistence of such human optical thought errors....causes NATURE to create a signal ....asking for correction.  Neglected signals ..cause Nature  create a  nasty, attention getting  signal this case the VTOC tragedies.
VTOC tragedies --> VT + OC = Virginia TECH + Oklahoma City
The 3380 signal seen in the Virginia TECH event...with   data processing features.
The Virginia Tech massacre was a school shooting that took place on April 16, 2007, on the campus of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in Blacksburg, Virginia, United States. Seung-Hui Cho shot and killed 32 people and wounded 17 others[1] in two separate attacks, approximately two hours apart, before committing suicide.
Lucinda Roy, a professor and former chairwoman of the English department,
Deaths 33 (including the perpetrator)1]

The  data processing features of Virginia TECH bio-computer war are: 
a) the base 16 hexadecimal date of April 16 
b) the 33 dead implies a possible  3380 brain memory storage  signal
c) bio-computer LU = Logical Unit --> Lucinda
d) 2 separate attacks -->  some binary system ...base 2 errors
The 2nd component of the VTOC wars is OC = Oklahoma City.

Oklahoma City Bombing - 20th Century History - - Similar
At 9:02 a.m. on April 19, 1995, a 5000-pound bomb, hidden inside a Ryder truck, exploded just outside the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City.
The Oklahoma City bombing was a terrorist bomb attack on the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Downtown Oklahoma City on April 19, 1995. The Oklahoma blast claimed 168 lives,
McVeigh and Nichols purchased or stole the materials they needed to manufacture the bomb, which they stored in rented sheds. In August 1994, McVeigh obtained nine Kinestiks from gun collector Roger E. Moore, and ignited the devices with Nichols outside Nichols' home in Herington, Kansas.[34][35] On September 30, 1994, Nichols bought forty 50-pound (23 kg) bags of ammonium nitrate from Mid-Kansas Coop in McPherson, Kansas, an amount regarded as unusual even for a farmer
They loaded 108 bags of high-grade ammonium nitrate fertilizer weighing 50 pounds (23 kg) each, three 55-U.S.-gallon (46 imp gal; 210 L) drums of liquid nitromethane, several crates of explosive Tovex, seventeen bags of ANFO, and spools of shock tube and cannon fuse into a Ryder rental truck.[55]
Let's look at the data procesisng parameters of the event ....with the parameters view provided by the Parameters Journal of the war college.

The Mind Has No Firewall - US Army War College 

by TL THOMAS - 1998

New World Order University Forum » The mind has no firewall
May 20, 2009 – “The Mind Has No Firewall” by Timothy L. Thomas was first published in the journal Parameters in 1998
What data processing VTOC WAR parameters exist.
VTOC = Volume Table of Content applications to human  systems
VTOC = VT + OC = Virginia TECH + Oklahoma City   with the
Oklahoma CITY    systems ERROR   OC7

IBM System/370 - Wikipedia

The IBM System/370 (S/370) was a model range of IBM mainframes ....


The  major concept is the   OC = Oklahoma City system message --> OC7  abend


IBM PQ93401: Abend 0C7 upon input concatenation. - United States undefined - Similar
Oct 19, 2004 – The abend occurs when SYSOPTF is concatenated with some inline ... The system detected a data exception (System Completion Code=0C7).

Verifying the use of Fault Analyzer with assembler undefined
A system abend 0C7 reason code X'0' occurred in module GO CSECT IDISASM1 at offset X'44'. A program interruption code 0007 (Data Exception) is ...


 - Sep 7, 2011
AN ABEND (CODE 0C7/AKEA) HAS OCCURRED AT OFFSET X'000037F6' So I think this is a data exception. I will try to see the statement for ...

IBM MAINFRAME FORUM • View topic - 0C7 error 

5 posts - 1 author - Mar 8, 2011
I am having a problem with a 0C7 error. 
This one : The system detected a data exception (System Completion Code=0C7). From compile unit ...

UF CNS CICS Transaction Dump Processing, Debugging, and ... undefined

Obviously, it is assumed that you have access to the source code and/or an ... ASRA abend data exception (0C7/S0C7) debugging example. ... Because IBM uses 31-bit addressing (instead of 32-bit addressing), we ignore the high order bit of ...


Jun 1, 1979 – Interpretation of IBM operating system error codes and messages can be tedious and frustrating. Many times the ... 2.1.5 ABEND CODE 0C7. 1. ERROR ID: none. 2. DESCRIPTION: This is a DATA exception error. The system ...

Let's continue with the OC7  data exception  ---- >with human Timothy McVeigh(t) .......LUNG  agent 8 with the  Oxygen atom and the periodic  atomic  table of life.
Using FermiLAB and OS = Oklahoma State physics/chemsitry department atomic computers and related Margaret Mead atomic anthropology equations.......we look at OC7 signal ...also,as  an OC7 atomic signal of the table elements...


Let's translate  the FermiLAB and university atomic system    code  ...OC7   ... used  for Maragret Mead nuclear family ......... atomic bio-physics anthropology experiments.

OC7 symbols are mapped to human REALITY

OC7 = Oklahoma City systems 7 = Nitrogen breathing life forms with big mouth Ni = party NIGHT words 

O --> becomes VIA the philosophy of agency ...... Oxygen human representative McVeigh(t) ....... the Darwin data exception

7 --> Nitrogen  VIA the nitrogen fertizler bombs using the message word: Fertilizer = Fer rt il = FermiLAB route  illinois


The data processing parameters .....(Parameters Journal....U.S. ARMY DP WAR college with representative DP = Data Petraeus ) 

168 dead --> 16 + 8 = HEX/curse  Base 16 + 8 date bits = byte
168 dead --> 16 atomic mass oxygen  8 dead electron orbitals ...the Ox --> Oxygen WAR signal with Oxford University and their LUNG spoken word lies/ distortions 


Federal building --> Fe --> base 16 hex'Fe' = 254

Federal building --> Fe --> atomic element Ferrous oxide atom  and the  iron Hemoglobin WAR with Fe =  FermiLAB atomic   anthropology approved  social and educational  lies/schemes 


Thus we have outlined a few pieces of  a large , complex puzzle about our social engineering relationship with Nature ........ a relationship descibed by the SOCIAL CONTRACT  John  Locke, David Hume, Thoureau, Herbert Spencer, and others.


The Darwinian evolution of Escherichia coli 0157H7 into new military formats of expression at Fort Hood

by Herb Zinser 16. December 2013 09:30

The Darwinian evolution of Escherichia coli into
new military formats of expression - ->

FORT Hood loses 13 soldiers in the E.Coli 0157H7 WAR - - ->

E. coli bio-computer that programmed the brain of
Darwinian selected biochemistry MAJOR H 7 provides

E  COLI     military report for COL Timothy Thomas,

U.S.Army War College paper "The MInd has no Firewall".




by Herb Zinser

The Darwinian evolution of Escherichia coli into new formats of expression. 


----->   E   COL Interface    and the supersymmetry bio-physics messages for the FACE of 

Lieutenant COL Timothy L. Thomas (USA Ret.) .... analyst at the Foreign Military Studies Office, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas


  1. The Mind Has No Firewall" by ColTimothy L. Thomas (US Army, Ret.) 

    "The Mind Has No Firewall" by ColTimothy L. Thomas (US Army, Ret.)


  1. The Mind Has No Firewall - US Army War College 

    by TL THOMAS - 1998
    The Mind Has No FirewallTIMOTHY L. THOMAS ... a consequence little attention is directed toward protecting the mind and body with a firewall as we have done with hardware systems. ..... Lieutenant Colonel Timothy L. Thomas (USA Ret.) ...

 From Parameters, Spring 1998, pp. 84-92.

The human body, much like a computer, contains myriad data processors. They include, but are not limited to, the chemical-electrical activity of the brain, heart, and peripheral nervous system, the signals sent from the cortex region of the brain to other parts of our body, the tiny hair cells in the inner ear that process auditory signals, and the light-sensitive retina and cornea of the eye that process visual activity.[2] We are on the threshold of an era in which these data processors of the human body may be manipulated or debilitated



The year 2012 view of the situation by Herb Zinser of over 256 SCIENCE WAR status  reports ..available as INTERNET BLOGS.

The year 2009    Parameters of the Escherichia  Coli military actions at FORT HOOD.


The living EARTH cell has many conceptual parallels to the human body cell and human cell thoughts. College textbooks in genetics, biochemistry, hematolgy, and molecular cell biology provide empircal lab data and symbolic models that explain many of the human cell processes. Using superysmmetry physics / mirrors ..... we may use some of their knowledge to understand the living EARTH cell and its many processes ...which include Nature's social engineering projects with subset humans and their institutions.

In a way, Einstein's theory of relative sizes and viewing positions allows us to use this approach.

The astrophysics galactic LOCAL REGION (Planet Earth) is a interesting test site. A distant astrophysics observer ....looking at EARTH ....may think of it a living cell ..a bio-solid living in the Milky Way universe of mathematical-physics life.


For example, an astrophysics geneticists .....with EARTH LAB ... would try screening procedures ..... especially with the proximity of CALTECH astrophysics to Hollywood screens with GENE GENE Autry. What would such an influence .....of Western COWBOY movie genes ......have upon astrophysics genetic thought structures. That is described in another blog.


Here, we shall discuss the new formats of Escherichia coli...which seem to be sending the human species messages from Nature. Nature and its vast variety of expressions ..considers subset humans and their institutions as EARTH LAB specimens year 2012..... social engineering LAB specimens .......groups of people, communities, cities, governments, etc.
The E.coli messages seem be to social engineering feedback signals ....... sometimes tragic signals ....because of the need to get human attention ...such as that provided by FRONT-PAGE newspaper headlines of a tragedy.






Escherichia coli - Wikipedia, 

Escherichia coli is a Gram-negative, rod-shaped bacterium that is commonly found in the lower intestine of warm-blooded organisms (endotherms). Most Ecoli ...
Model organism

E. coli is frequently used as a model organism in microbiology studies. Cultivated strains (e.g. E. coli K12) are well-adapted to the laboratory environment, and, unlike wild type strains, have lost their ability to thrive in the intestine. Many lab strains lose their ability to form biofilms.[54][55] These features protect wild type strains from antibodies and other chemical attacks, but require a large expenditure of energy and material resources.


SOS response - Wikipedia,

In Escherichia coli, different classes of DNA-damaging agents can initiate the SOS response, as described above. Taking advantage of an operon fusion placing ...


What is an example of a city with social science E. Coli ?
Nature provided the SIGNAL of the SOS repsonse VIA humanoid messenger SOSA ...Sammy SOSA.


The contaminated cities are Baltimore, Chicago and the state of TEXAS.

Major league career






  • Model organism

    Using super-symmetry physics / parallel processing ...modern television photons have EM --> ElectroMagnetic parallel features







The SOS Response of Escherichia coli
The SOS system was the first Escherichia coli  regulatory network to be identified that is induced by DNA damage. It is the largest, most complex, and ...

                            E. Coli   WAR College 

  1. The Mind Has No Firewall - US Army War College

    by TL THOMAS - 1998 - Cited by 19 - Related articles
    The Mind Has No FirewallTIMOTHY L. THOMAS ... a consequence little attention is directed toward protecting the mind and body with a firewall as we have done with hardware systems. ..... Lieutenant Colonel Timothy L. Thomas (USA Ret.) ...
  2. "The Mind Has No Firewall" by   Col.   Timothy L. Thomas (US Army, Ret.)

    "The Mind Has No Firewall" by ColTimothy L. Thomas (US Army, Ret.)
Let's look at the 4 DNA nucleotides  T, A, G, C.   The DNA military regulatory agency ...comprised of humanoids  ..was assigned to the TAG group of soldiers labeled the  pen.TAG.on.     They seem to have some intellectual communication problems in year 2012.  
Thus we can see the  DNA role of the U.S.ARMY  in various biochemistry and governmental affairs.
Let's clarify the concepts of government levels the context of Nature.


The periodic atomic table has many formats of expressions. One such FORMAT are atomic humans with an atomic brain symbolic computer that expresses messages on behalf of the atomic table of life and thought and feelings. Humans are thus considered as representatives or messengers or business LAB partners working with the atomic/astrophysics continuum, its life, and the thought formats within it.



The human is composed of atoms.
Humans have thoughts.
Thoughts must have an origin.

Therefore atoms are the origin of thought.




Therefore some political protests, crimes, shootings, wars, etc. by humans.....are really atomic protests of the Margaret Mead atomic families VIA the human vehicle/ the human atomic feelings expressor/ the human atomic messenger.

Thus, we see that the periodic atomic table government is the most fundamental government level  of NATURE.
The next level would be  the genetics/ biochemistry/DNA governments of Nature. 
Then the human governments and institutions.
Let's look at the atomic level .... using data found in any college physics textbook  ...and familiar to  FermiLAB  atomic biophysics theorists  on atomic expressions.




Above....the physics statement us the theoretical electron assignments to E.coli 0157H 7.


Shell 4 = Four --> Algebra set of letters (Fo )  u= union with set (r) --> For --> suggesting electron shell Fort

Shell 4 ....has   0 , 1, 3,  5,  7  orbitals available  ...with the Darwinian atomic selection of  
 ..................... 0,  1......5...7..orbitals for  E.coli  0157 H 7.


The atomic mission of biochemistry major agent H 7  ......since  7 implies Nitrogen atom ...  major agent H Ni --> Hasan, Nidal  



Thus the atomic shells enlisted biochemistry  Major H Ni for the mission .....

The atomic mission PARAMETERS .....of the U.S.ARMY  biochemistry  RD .....WAR COLLEGE ......
N --> the N month = NOVEMBER in TEXAS .....year 1963 and yerar 2009
N---> Nitrogen LU = Logical UNIT  of  the bio-computer mission for  selected agent Ni = Nidal

N month and N=Nidal --> new type of  expression ...the N 2 symbolic /messenger molecule  PARALLEL to the physical nitrogen molecule N2


He converted atomic shell  (Margaret Mead atomic anthropology messages)  into solid atomic  bullet shells ...that seem to carry stronger communications signals. 


It is 5 Minutes to Midnight | 

Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists 
Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists 
Bullet     of the Atomic Scientists 
Bullet     of the Atomic  Table 
Bullet input at Fort Hood ......  

Soldier READ Center ... READ a college physics or biochemistry book
The Bulletin informs the public and influences policy through in-depth analysis, op-eds, and reports on nuclear weapons, climate change, nuclear energy, and ...

The Bullet  informs the public and influences policy through in-depth analysis and reports on brain cell nucleus nuclear symbolic weapons (words and math equations),   climate   (c+ lima + e --> Lima, Peru oddities at FermiLAB) , Margaret Mead nuclear energy, and ...

Doomsday Clock Overview
The Doomsday Clock conveys how close humanity is to ...

About Us  ---> Universe systems
The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists informs the public ...

Thus we see some type of  atomic communications path ....based on FermiLAB and its Margaret Mead nuclear family ...atomic social anthropology expression system. As we know ...mass comminications (televison, radio, print, newspapers, etc) is really atomic mass communications   VIA  atomic bio-physics human messenger vehicles.   We see the possible  information flow .... of ELECTRON ASSIGMENTS  ...that is military electron assignments  biochemistry major Major Hasan  and the supersymmetry bio-physics   ......... atomic biology  military organism...... the construct  Escherichia 0157 H 7 .                                      



  1. CDC - Escherichia coli O157:H7,                    General Information  

 - Similar
    Jul 8, 2011 – A frequently asked questions page on Escherichia coli O157:H7, a Gram negative bacterium that is commonly found in the lower intestine of ...

    G.I JOE --> General Infantry JOE
    G.I.JOE --> Gene/genetics intellectual JOKE  --> JOB KEY
    G.I.JOE --> Gastro Intestinal Job Order Entry systems of Nature's many life forms

    Escherichia coli O157:H7

    Topographical images of colonies of E. coli O157:H7 strains (A) 43895OW (curli non-producing) and (B) 43895OR (curli producing) grown on agar for 48 h at 28°C.

    Above, an very populated dense colony.

    Supersymmetry /parallel processing / mirrors

    Below, the best  close approximation  to a  dense colony of E. coli  with  ARMY rank  COL. 
                                                           Major    H



Thus we have actual  battle of COL    versus    COL  .... a possibility predicted in 1998   that  surfaced to explicit reality in November 2009.  


 Escherichia coli O157:H7, General Information 

 Escherichia coli  O + 1 + 5 + 7 = 13 colonies 
 Escherichia coli  O + 1 + 5 + 7 = 13 dead signal 


E. coli Genome Project - Similar
We sequenced the Ecoli K-12 genome, and continue to maintain and update its annotation. 
We created knockouts of man.
, archive clones of many


K-12 genome --> the Killeen-12 genome war --> Knockouts of man /soldier genes


  1. The Mind Has No Firewall - US Army War College 

    by TL THOMAS - 1998 - Cited by 19 - Related articles
    The Mind Has No FirewallTIMOTHY L. THOMAS ... a consequence little attention is directed toward protecting the mind and body with a firewall as we have done with hardware systems. ..... Lieutenant Colonel Timothy L. Thomas (USA Ret.) ...

From Parameters, Spring 1998, pp. 84-92.


Thus the theory and ideas presented in year 1998 now better known as the SCIENCE WARS.     Fort Hood is a outline of a SCIENCE WAR battle ....a signal from NATURE   to the supreme intellectual groups  of citizens,  universities, and governments  ...they ought reconsider  their supreme thoughts AND look at the empirical data reports from around the world  ....... REAL events with REAL BLOOD  ....examples of the SCIENCE WARS that ought be understood. 

What is the signal ?  
What is the message for mankind?



Bio-computer data bus war casualties. The Beligian towns of Lommel and Liege help explain Parameters Journal article ---> The Mind Has No Firewall - - -> US Army War College

by Herb Zinser 23. July 2012 20:27

Rd-blog-number-2224 with Information Warfare Theory and the Data-Processing Element of Humans

This BLOG provides some clues and examples of the modern human bio-computer wars on EARTH in civilian population areas.

An article in the year 1998 Parameters journal provides a good foundation for this year 2012 update.
They and others raised some interesting questions ….and here is empirical data that suggests that some nasty process is going on in the general population ……which is composed of humans with a brain symbolic computer with cortex COBOL programming instructions in their brain programs ..that govern their bio-computer thoughts and social behavior.

Human bio-computers have existed for thousands of years …per Nature’s systems design.
The existence of copper- wire computers since 1950 ……. and copper-wire personal computers since 1995 …..can be considered as a MIRROR of ourselves ..our brains.
Do you have a WEBSITE or an INTERNET BLOG.

A external WEBSITE is a reflection of your INTERNAL brain and its Webster English language brain dictionary.

A external BLOG with a Theme is a reflection of your INTERNAL BLOG (subset letters of word BIOLOGY) and your
Thought Heme group –> T Heme group –> Theme BLOG expressions of blood and muscles.




The Mind Has No Firewall – US Army War College…/thomas.htmCached
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by TL THOMAS – 1998 – Cited by 20Related articles The human body, much like a computer, contains myriad data processors. They include, but are not limited to, the chemical-electrical activity of the brain, heart, , and peripheral nervous system, the signals sent from the cortex region of the brain to other parts of our body,

We are on the threshold of an era in which these data processors of the human body may be manipulated or debilitated. Examples of unplanned attacks on the body’s data-processing capability are well-documented.

Defending friendly and targeting adversary data-processing capabilities of the body appears to be an area of weakness in the US approach to information warfare theory

This US shortcoming may be a serious one, since the capabilities to alter the data- processing systems of the body already exist.

… alter the body’s psychological and data-processing capabilities, might be used to incapacitate individuals.




Information Warfare Theory and the Data-Processing Element of Humans

The Base 16 hexadecimal battles, accidents, crimes, etc.
Modern EARTH LAB signals that ought be studied. Let’s look at some examples.

The Mind Has No Firewall


From Parameters, Spring 1998, pp. 84-92.

Thus we have the Parameters Journal ……that is data processing job parameters with the U.S. ARMY WAR College …… providing clues to modern human bio-computers …… with brains comprised of subroutine drivers.

Does your brain subroutine driver have brain programming instructions ….that has resulted in a system crash …displayed …say in the format of an automobile accident crash.
Did your car abend symbolize your brain abend?
Do you have brain computer insurance to cover subroutine driver BUGS expressable in external display format named a automobile dump?

If your automobile accident causes your car to go to the junk yard/ dump ……… better call a bio-computer specialists to upgrade your driver subroutines. Perhaps have a Darwinian OC7 ….that is …. you are a data exception …… a Darwinian bio-computer selection process.
Don’t feel bad. You breath base 16 oxygen atomic computer mass 16 …… thus is natural daily life ..... to live in the Base 16 HEX world of curses/ accidents/ dumps / abends / etc.

Do you have base 16 HEX insurance coverage?

Hexadecimal – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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In mathematics and computer science, hexadecimal (also base 16, or hex) is a positional numeral system with a radix, or base, of 16. It uses sixteen distinct


base 16 conversion

base 16 chart

base 10 to base 16

base 16 calculator addition

base 16 converter to afterlife

base 16 conversion to angels and spirits

base 16 killed



—> Signal Base 16 and Base 2 with Daily Ram …bio-computer Ramadan

Officials: 16 Killed in 2 Bombings at the End of Daily Ramadan Fast


BAGHDAD July 22, 2012 (AP)
Officials: 16 Killed in 2 Bombings at the End of Daily Ramadan Fast in 2 Southern Iraqi Towns.
—> Signal 8 data bits = 1 bio-data byte —> 1 data bite of 8 human children ….eaten by the bio-computer system wars
The 8 children are part of some IMS biological data base with bio-children data records with brain ERROR data.

Bus (computing) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Similar
In computer architecture, a bus is a subsystem that transfers data between components inside a computer, or between computers. Early computer buses were ...

What is bus? - A Word Definition From the Webopedia Computer ...

(1) A collection of wires through which data is transmitted from one part of a computer to another.
You can think of a bus as a highway on which data travels .

What Is a Data Bus?

A data bus is a computer subsystem for transferring data on a motherboard or between computers.
The typical data bus is...

Funeral for children killed

in Swiss bus crash is held in Lommel ...undefined

The coffins of children killed in a bus crash in Switzerland are seen during a ceremony at the Soeverein Arena in
LoMar 14, 2012 - 37 sec - Uploaded by MrHjk0611
28 doden bij Bus Crash Zwitserland SIERRE - Een zwaar ... Zeven Nederlandse kinderen in rampbus ...
. A bus carrying a Belgian school party ...

Belgian town of Lommel holds memorial service for ... - GlobalPost
mobile......bal  post
mobile......bal = basic assembler language
Thousands attended a memorial service in the Belgian town of Lommel on Wednesday to pay tribute to the victims of last week's deadly bus crash in a Swiss tunnel, BBC News reported. The accident claimed 28 lives.
Above sentence keywords:
-- memorial ....subset symbols orial --> orbital physics tragedy 
--  victims ...subset symbols tims = time ims = time information management systems
-- last ....Fermat's last theorem on bio-math life with Fermat --> Ferrous oxide Fer= FermiLAB and Margaret Mead atomic anthroplogy signal 28
-- 28 .... the uranium 238 data processing equation =  base 2 exponent 3 = 8 data bits


Soldiers first carried in a coffin containing the body of Raymond Theunis, the students' teacher, according to Reuters. Other pallbearers then brought in white coffins which carried the 11- and 12-year-old victims, followed in procession by their families.

Above sentence words ...

--soldiers subset symbols... sol = solar system war on L.RON Hubbard's Battlefield Earth 

--families ....base 16 hex' fa' = 250 families bio-computer signal ignored

- white coffins ...symbols of the photon / white electromagnetic spectrum wars of televison and publishing and movies ,...... their usage of optical tricks to fool the eye/retina/ optical nerve symoblic / graphic arts processor of the Central Nervous Ssystem 370 abstract brain symbolic computer.  Citizens and schools approve of those nasty optical/audio sound wave  tricks. 


---> The Base 16 hexadecimal bio-computer systems display of word: Coffin
Coffin = Co + FF + In = CODE base 16 HEX'FF" = High Values = 255 integer

CODE = Co + DE = Copenhagen Denmark and some of the  secrets of life and death

Ask the University of COPE and the Niels Bohr Institute for details on the tragic events in
Utoeya NORWAY and  Lommel/Liege , Belgium.    That University has university friends around the world  .....who are specialists in the Margaret Mead HIGH VALUES problems  of the Hierarchy Problem of  nuclear anthropology physics and their government agencies  in atomic social behavior and thoughts.   

 ---victim at the Soeverein Arena --> Soe = System order entry + ever = evergreen tree and its business decision trees...advanced relationships with Nature and its Botany systems of thought ....such as the tree BUD agents known a BUDDHIST  religion members ..who refuse to acknowledge their LINK to the TREE of Knowledge of cellulose Nature.





615 × 340 - ... victim at the Soeverein Arena in Lommel, Belgium. A funeral service was ...


SimilarMore sizes





The students' bus, which carried 52 passengers, slammed into a tunnel wall, injuring 24 children in addition to the dead, the Associated Press reported. The cause of the crash is still under investigation, according to the AP.

 Above senetcne Time War SIGNALS

-- 52 weeks in one year

-- 24 hours in one day .... y2k biological clock ...brain computer failure







"The snow classes were a true feast. Happy, smiling kids. Excellent weather, great snow," said ski monitor supervisor Marina Claes said of the days preceding the tragedy, according to the AP


Above sentence keywords
--Snow classes --> C.P.Snow physics and author of "Two Cultures"  status report

--great snow -->great financial  snow job by  Europe and the brain neurotransmitter subset word  .... EURO  economic units  of bull-stories and the falsehoods/ LIE of Liege, Belgium.

John W. Snow - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Similar
Jump to Secretary of the Treasury‎: Snow was nominated as Secretary of the Treasury by President George W. Bush on January 13, 2003 and ...
President Bush explains....... alphabet  symbols of life...
.............Bus  hex   --> data bus hex/curse of base 16 hexadecimal

Presidemt = P + resident = Processing SYS1. Resident.Load.Library

of bio-computers and the COMPUTER EARTH system 370 battles in

  • Libya....symbolic of Sys1.Load.Libya.Library and
  • Algbera ...symbolic of math life ..algebra ....of course ...none of these possible concepts of NATURE exist in the Belgium and European  schools with their supreme intellectual brain bio-computers ...
  • Thus the NOBEL prize for tragedy goes to ...... arrogance of
    NOBEL = NO + BEL = Norway, Utoeya and  Lommel /Liege, Belgium for their pride in their biased, incomplete explanations of tragedy... aprroved by all European universities.
  • Universities, citizens, and governments   refuse to recognize the SCIENCE WARS  that became known around 1990....and the 1996 Alan Sokal affair with the agents for  ARCH Duke Ferdinand of year 1914 ...Fuke University.   
    Currently  agents are alseep at  Duke University ......known as the hibernation intellectual phase of American educational institutions.

    ARCH DUKE FER --> Architecture project DUE Key Ferrous oxide atomic governemnt messages ignored by Fer  = FermiLAB  iron Heme group agents who have a bio-physics biochemistry  communications BRIDGE failure  with the  world VIA the
    Department of Energy (atomic social energy of Carl Jung atomic collectives  of human particles that have  parties and math function (fun/pleasure) .
  • Thus we see some  components of the Margaret Mead nuclear family and the atomic social anthropology HIERARCHY PROBLEM emerge.
    The  Federal government and universities violate the SOCIAL CONTRACT with Nature as first outlined by JOHN LOCKE and others. 
    In addition they have have violated the basic atomic brain electron thought circuit  requirements for data field and logic integrity.
    These are subtle aspects of   brain molecular  chemistry --> social chemistry.

The young patients' health has improved markedly and there is no longer any immediate threat to their lives,"
Lausanne university hospital said in a statement.

Above word in BALTIC SEA ...BAL = Basic Assembler Language

Lausanne  --> La + USA + an + ne = Load address USA atomic number





 home to seven children and two adults who also died in the accident

Above --> seven implies LUNG Nitrogen atoms. 
2 adults --. 2 a --> 2 atoms of nitrogen equal 1 molecule. 

 in an attempt to understand the cause of the fatal accident










OTHER data bus bio-computer WAR casualties or  accidents.


---> Base 16 hexadecimal accident signals for  COMPUTER SCIETISTS

16 killed in bus crash

Independent Online - 3 days ago
Sixteen people were killed in a collision between two buses on the R61 between Cradock and Graaf-Reinet in the Eastern Cape on Saturday, ...


--->BELOW......  Astronomy war casualties .....SIGNAL year 1632 Galileo "TWO CHIEF World Systems"  battle ..... such as the astronomy  EARTH battlefield of Sept 11,2001  with physics equation Force = Ma practical warfare .........physics of social FORCE = Ma = Mahattan and the TWO CHIEF World Trade Center of Mass battle  with humanoid messenger  agents using the philosophy of agency.

16 tudents killed in Bolivian bus crash - CBS News
Jun 7, 2012 – LA PAZ, Bolivia - Police say at least 16 students were killed and another 32 injured when their bus fell into a ravine north of Bolivia's capital, La ...
--->  Base 16 HEX  and Base 2 Binary ....Computer Earth system 370  with the Landau / Einstein   data processing DATA FIELD theory   of data bus comunications bridge with the camBRIDGE univeristies  and their intellectual identifiers in BRAVE NEW WORLD social pscyhology wars   ....Harvard Lampoon, MIT Lancer Evolution auto , and  the Cambridge endoctrine  GLAND of   endoctrination enGLAND.

16 Die in Nepal's 2nd Major Bus Crash in 2 Days - ABC News › International
KATMANDU, Nepal July 16, 2012 (AP). Share ... At least 39 people were killed Sunday in another bus accident in Nepal, a mountainous nation where roads and ...

---> BELOW
  ... a data bus subroutine driver the human  bio-computer platform
...NBC 4 News --> Nitrogenous Bio-Chemsitry 4 DNA nucleotide social science accident news 
with ISAAC NEW (ton)  gravity field thought  interaction with NEW YORK CITY  human  brain atomic mass

School Bus Driver Killed, 6 Hurt in L.I. Crash | NBC New York
22 hours ago – NBC 4 New York. A school bus driver was killed and several others were hurt when a school bus was broadsided by a cement truck in Locust ...


China Bus Crash: At Least 18 Killed As Bus Slips Off Bridge
Jan 4, 2012 – BEIJING -- A bus went out of control and slipped from a snow-covered bridge in southern China, killing at least 18 people and injuring 37, state ...
Above codes:
Bus --> bio-computer data bus errors
37 --> 37.o degrees Celsius  human tempertaure system 370 STATE of MIND processing errors 
China --> CH + In = Compare Halfword Instruction for the mouth/chin biology processor  of people
Off Bridge --> base 16 HEX'OFF" = 255 =  High  Values communications BRIDGE error of universities and diplomats 
Snow --> C.P SNOW physics messages --> C P Snow = Chinese People snow signal 
---> Below
.... biochemistry for Virginia TECH and the biochemistry constitution of year JulY 4, 1776 
.... Four De --> 4 Deoxyribonuclleic acid information systems bus science signal 
In March a CH --> input Jerrty March atom Carbon Hydrogen

Four Dead After Chinatown Bus Overturns In Virginia: Gothamist
Jen Chung
May 31, 2011 – In March, a Chinatown bus crashed on I-95 in the Bronx,
Above ..regular universe ....Chinatown
...........subset  word..................atow
......inverse      word..................atom
column 4 symbols ..... wm or mw 
--> system 3 days  7 years  ago --> system 370 mainframe  signal

7-year sentence for school boss in China bus crash -
3 days ago – The head of a Chinese kindergarten has been sentenced to seven years in prison for a school bus crash that killed 19 children and two adults ...
Above .... 7 is Nitrogen LUNG signal of 7 protons, 7 neutrons, 7 electrons 
Thus the Nitrogen atomic mass 14 --> 14th Dali Lama in symbolic prison for refusal of Buddhist to recognize Nature,  Botany and the nitrogen cycle.
--> data bus stop input IS = Information Systems city

Bus crashes into tram stop in İstanbul, 3 wounded
Jul 16, 2012 – Three people were wounded when a city bus crashed into the Akıncılar tram stop in İstanbul's Güngören district on Monday morning.
--> university  signal = faCULTy = fa + CULT + y ...... intellectual voodoo errors

The Cult's Tour Bus Crashes in Croatia - Noisecreep
Jul 5, 2012 – Herfitz PR The members of The Cult, currently on tour in Europe, experienced a terrifying crash just before 6:00AM local time earlier this week.
----> Church's theorem for  mathematical logic religious school and brain data  bus systems

Church bus crash: 18 children from Florida church sent to hospital ...
Jul 14, 2012 – ATLANTA — Authorities say 18 Florida schoolchildren were sent to the hospital after a church bus crashed northwest of Atlanta. WSB-TV ...
Thus we see pieces to an interesting puzzle about various bio-computer life formats and eye/optical nerve processing formats on EARTH.  


DNA nitrogenous bases bio-math --- > The SEVEN Bridges Problem of camBRIDGE and camBRIDGE

by Herb Zinser 19. June 2012 13:06



Puzzle #7 – The Königsberg Bridge Problem


1.Seven Bridgesof Königsberg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


The Seven Bridgesof Königsberg is a historically notable problem in mathematics. Its negative resolution by Leonhard Euler in 1735 laid the foundations of...

Euler's analysis-Significance in the history of ...-Variations



Map of Königsberg in Euler's time showing the actual layout of the seven bridges, highlighting the river Pregel and the bridges

The Seven Bridges of Königsberg is a historically notable problem in mathematics. Its negative resolution by Leonhard Euler in 1735 laid the foundations of graph theory and prefigured the idea of topology.

The city of Königsberg in Prussia (now Kaliningrad, Russia) was set on both sides of the Pregel River, and included two large islands which were connected to each other and the mainland by seven bridges.

The problem was to find a walk through the city that would cross each bridge once and only once. The islands could not be reached by any route other than the bridges, and every bridge must have been crossed completely every time; one could not walk halfway onto the bridge and then turn around and later cross the other half from the other side. The walk need not start and end at the same spot. Euler proved that the problem has no solution. There could be no non-retracing continuous curve that passed through all seven of the bridges. The difficulty was the development of a technique of analysis and of subsequent tests that established this assertion with mathematical rigor.




1.Königsberg Bridge Problem-- from Wolfram MathWorld

Graph TheoryCircuitsCached-

The Königsberg bridge problem asks if the seven bridges of the city of Königsberg (left figure; Kraitchik 1942), formerly in Germany but now known as...

The Königsberg bridge probe...... m asks .....if the seven bridges of the city




If nitrogen has 7 protons in its nucleus how many electrons does it ... › Wiki AnswersCategoriesScienceBiologyCached
How many protons and electrons are in Nitrogen?
7 electrons
7 protons
7 neutrons
. An atom of nitrogen has seven protons in it nucleus how many electrons ...
The Seven Bridges of Königsberg is a historically notable problem in mathematical-physics, DNA and LUNG atomic bio-physics humanoid structures.



SEVEN --> subset EVEN intergers.
SEVEN --> 7

SEVEN --> S + EVEN --> System Base 2 even integer ......atomic computer with 2 electrons on inside orbital

SEVEN ---> 7 = 5 + 2 = 5 outer electrons + 2 inner electron and communication BRIDGES inside the LUNGS of Euler.



Puzzle #7 – The Königsberg Bridge Problem





SEE internet site known as:

Marc's Space

Here’s the challenge: starting anywhere you like, can you traverse all seven bridges once and only once? According to the book I read as a child, this challenge was a popular pastime in the 1700s – on Sundays, the families of Königsberg would set out on a leisurely promenade in an attempt to traverse all seven bridges once.


I first read about today’s puzzle as a young boy and it’s stayed with me all these years later. In Germany, there was a city named Königsberg (it’s now a Russian city called Kaliningrad), which is set on a river. Situated in this river are two islands, which are connected to the river banks and to each other by a series of seven bridges, as illustrated in the image on the right.

Here’s the challenge: starting anywhere you like, can you traverse all seven bridges once




Did anyone succeed?
Can you find a non-overlapping route across all seven bridges?

Bohr atomic model: nitrogen atom






Königsberg bridge problem

Atomic islands and molecular bridges anf their LINKS and communication methods


Königsberg bridge problem

In the 18th century, the Swiss mathematician Leonhard Euler was intrigued by the question of whether a route existed that would traverse each of the seven bridges exactly once.

In demonstrating that the answer
is no (k +no + w --> know which of the 11 -dimensions of string theory you are describing),

he laid the foundation for graph (forest geography Earth Lab TREE of KNOWLEDGE map) theory.



Below,  the  Leonhard  Euler   message INTERNAL biology message on  nitrogen symbolic communication bridges.

Thus we see the Herbert Spencer  (year 1872)  model  of

INTERNAL biology thought systems and their
math mappings to the 
EXTERNAL world  of EARTH  surface geography parallel explanation maps.


In a sense, the Carl Jung atomic/molecular collective unconsciousness within EULER surfaced to a level of CONSCIOUS expression by his recognition of the SEVEN bridges.  That was an indirect expression of Nature's structures.  In year 1953 Watson, Crick, and others provided a more direct expression.






Seven Bridges of Königsberg

Seven  =  S + even  integer  …the universe math structure of  7 requires that it have an
even integer component  …2   or 4   or 6

Assume IBM Base 2 binary  or letter Z equivalent shape  ----  numeric 2
Then the shape of  alphabet  letter S  equivalent  ----- numeric shape 5

Thus in the geometric world of  shapes and graphic symbolic life …. 
Seven =  5 + even =  5 + 2  à  S + Z  …laws of  math SueZ  Canal


Seven = 5 nitrogenous bases + 2 cam.Bridge cities  

a)      University of Cambridge …gland  of  en.GLAND  

b)      Cambridge in the quantum state of MASS, USA with




àMIT  university …..evolution awareness deficiency  problems with Nature’s SIGNAL
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution   

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Today's Mit.subishi Lancer Evolution, technically known as the Lancer Evolution X, offers a level of performance typically found in European sports cars and sport ...


àHarvard Univeristy

 àHarvard-Smithsonian  Center for Astrophysics



 Now, when we look at the situation ..from the astrophysics VIEW of EARTH …..Earth Lab ………that is a distant, virtual astrophysics bio-math researcher could VIEW the living EARTH cell  and  5 nucleotide  equivalent Cambridge groups…..

1)    Cambridge  Wisconsin

       2)    3 groups at Cambridge, Mass, USA

       3)    1 group a Cambridge with the string theory ROPE of eu.ROPE




The 2 bridge cities and their universities are supposed to properly communicate about the SCIENCE  WARS problems …but they are so high up on the evolutionary scale of elite intellectuals  …… that forget about their true status.  I  recognize my situation as described by Lewis Carroll   ….. and I work with Nature to  understand the significance of those statements,




Lewis Carroll and the Virginia TECH student brain experiments...experiments in awareness of the social structure of Nature and the Earth government with subset human governments and institutions.


LEWIS Carroll from year 1865 ..Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, WHO Stole the Tarts?


The LEWIS Carroll EARTH LAB message:


"Here one of the guinea-pigs cheered, and was immediately suppressed by the officers of the court. .....(I will explain to you how it was done. ..with STRINGS: into this they slipped
the guinea-pig, head first and then sat upon it).
I'm glad I,ve seen that done' , thought Alice."


Thus the student guinea-pigs used by the modern EARTH LAB educational system...with the puppet strings as predicted by STRING THEORY physics ...about the Margaret Mead nuclear family ...the atomic brain intellect and the atomic social anthropology systems of Nature. 


The Seven Bridges of Königsberg is a historically notable problem in mathematics. Its negative resolution by Leonhard Euler in 1735 laid the foundations of ...




Puzzle – The Königsberg Bridge Problem



IBM 8100 DPCX application --> Carrier sub-system at Chicago BC/BS helps understand Nature's B100D bio-computer operating system

by Herb Zinser 14. June 2012 10:09



Computers have existed for thousands of years...that is

--> atomic computers ...oxygen base 16 atomic  computer with mass 16   

--> human brain bio-computer

--> Base 4 an = alpha/numeric an = animals a 4-legged horse with exponent 2 ears giving BASE 16 hexadecimal horsepower in bio-computer format


Around year 1950 copper wire coppers were being studied and invented.
By year 1970 the copper wire computers and their associated operating system software became quite sophisticated.
An example of this ...... year 1970 and  IBM system 370 mainframe with OS/JCL SNA VTAM  architecture...that  was introduced and became quite popular by year 1980.     Around 1980 IBM had the IBM 8100 DPCX system  .....that LINKED to the mainframe System 370.

Since, Nature's systems have existed for thousands of years .....perhaps, some of these IBM systems are a reflection of NATURE's data processing systems. 

Let's look at such a system of Nature's vast intellect ......that directed IBM to engineer a copper wire version --> the IBM system 8100 DPCX = Distributed Processing Control Executive ...and the symbolic processing it does.







Above, we see Nature's messages from year 1964 --> the $64.000 dollar question that was broadcast on television. The 4 genetic agents above discovered a new DNA repair system.
DNA = Double-word Noth America ---> 64 = 32 + 32 ...with 32 as the oxygen molecule atomic mass 32  and its Cobol computer language WORD of HONOR that is spoken by the 32 atomic bio-physics teeeth using CODES ......verBAL = Basic Assembler Language.  


The key player...the name W.Carrier is important.

Between 1980 and 1984 ......the IBM 8100 DPCX was used for the CARRIER subsystem at Blue Cross/Blue Shield/Medicare  ...for the order entry of Medicare claims and information on benefits, etc.  This was part of  the living EARTH cell project  in Chicago and the geography
ato.MIC adddress 
.....MICigan Avenue..... 200 N. Michigan in the Base 2 building ...Illinois Center 2.

Above, we see the words

BASE PAIR this case the BASE PAIR implies Base 2 binary and Base 16 hexadecimal ....
using the copper wire computer....
the IBM 8100 DPCX the EXTERNAL world on the surface of Earth   AND
............8100D ...........the graphic symbol shapes.........appear to ALSO..... spell Nature's word...
............B100D the INTERNAL world inside the body/ brain of biology structures.

Keep in mind, thatblood has 2 formats
1) the physical biochemistry format
2) the symbolic thoughts of blood  --> that are sent by the INTERNAL blood circultion to ther arms/hands of some newspaper  reporters ...that is output message reporters.  The biology messages get published  and go into EXTERNAL world circulation at newstands and newspaper boys.  The newspaper reader has his eyes/optical nerve convert the symbolic input  data to a  bio-format  and it is sent to the blood circulation system .....of new  news for the readers BLOOD bio-computer.

A physical BLOOD transfusion is done directly with fluid blood.
The symbolic BLOOD information transfusuion uses cellulose nespaper circulation transfer the another  humanoid BLOOD data processing machine...then the ideas began to circulate within.



I am B100D  PCX --> Person Computer X


IBM 8100 DPCX - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Similar
DPCX (Distributed Processing Control eXecutive) was an operating system for the IBM 8100. IBM hoped it would help their installed base of IBM 3790 customers ...


The IBM 8100 DPCX system is LINKED by SNA/VTAM to the main frame computer SYSTEM 370 ...with the parallel  human bio-computer operationg  SYSTEM 37.0 degress Celsius ...with an LU  = Logical UNIT = LUNG.    Thus we see that the EXTERNAL copper wire computers used for ORDER ENTRY and accounting applications may also be a partial  MIRROR .... a partial MODEL ...... that will help explain   the INTERNAL  symbolic operating system of the Central Nervous System and its thoughts and its various subsystems.




The IBM 8100 DPCX has interesting math mathematical-physics  space/time on EARTH LAB. Computer Earth system 370 is well known as Einstein's data processing DATA FIELD theory with Russian  physics LANDAU  = Local Area  Network DATA Universe.  Landau and Einstein are well known for their accurate calculations and understanding existence.    Einstein's  DATA FIELD theories are not recognized by  computer software scientists or COBOL computer language  applications programmers at corporations.

The major math property is the  President NIXON feature .. N X N square matrix.   Thus 90 rows  multiply times 90 columns = 8100 system with 8100  math brain cells ..useful for the blood/barrier and  symbol;ic processing in the brain cells.   A blood/brain barrier experiment was done in Milwaukee for Froedtert Hospital by Mayor Barrett ....who went to WEST ALICE study Alice in Wonderland's evolution to Alice In Dairyland  with symbolic literature Police Chief Carl JUNG and his successor JUNGbluth  .... Man and his Symbols with ANT = anthropology messneger Anthony Peters.  

Froedtert --> Fr + oe + dte + rt --> Fr order entry date route.  The Carl Jung atomic colelctive unconsciousness of F.ROE.dtet may have palyed a role in the Supreme Cout case of ROE vs WADE of a organic chmesitry textbook.  

Nature's project director.....used Darwinian selection of human agents work on the PROJECT.
Thus Nature's subtle, intricate design ........became destiny for a few people Nature directed their subconscious MIND to be at the RIGHT PLACE at the RIGHT TIME. A few errors occured ...but such is life.


Let's look at how NATURE used selected people to help understand a complex social engineering MESSAGE process.


Let's outline various components.


1st) concept

Let ancient bio-computer systems from Egypt, Greek times (author HOMER of the ILLIAD) in the
BC time period ...also reflect BC = Bio-Chemistry and its evolution to modern times  .... 2000 years later


Nature's  modern BC = Bio-Chemisty project was started around 1929 thru 1937 VIA  atomic bio-physics  humanoid agents

 The Blue Cross perception was initiated in 1929 by a revolutionary entrepreneur, Justin Ford Kimball, because of the Great Depression. By presenting small monthly fees to the Baylor University Hospital, he proposed a way for 1,300 school teachers in Dallas to fund 21 days of hospital care.


Nature's high priority project...the ancient BC project and its data transmission to modern very complex...using  BODY languages and bio-data storage , NORTH pole magnetic fields, gravity data fields, music with embedded data fields,  and antique objects, art paintings, poetry designs, rug designs, clothing languages, etc.  Thus Nature's project and its  ancient DATA SET ..arrived into year 1929 .... and continued to  settle down ...and plan the next phase ,,,which became CHICAGO around 1970 ..1980.


BC --> 1980 Blue Cross,  Chicago,  200 N. Michigan Avenue

BC --> humanoid BC assigned to work on the 
IBM  8100 DPCX project for NATURE......because the information content of his
........B100D  ..revealed startling  empircal data associations.  WHAT?

Ancient HOMER  and the ILLiad appears in
............HOMER GLenn   ILL  of the ILLIAD.
............HOMER Glenn LINK  to
........................Glenn Campbell  music .....LINK to
...........................Fort Campbell   (ARMY base CLUE to  agent BC in ARMY In Vietnam)  LINK
..................................Campbell  textbook Bio-Chemsitry  --> BC insurance company and BC employee 



Biochemistry, 5th Edition / Edition 5


 Mary K. Campbell, Shawn O. Farrell


 Thus we see..the double-helix...also  descibes some information flow system...from ancient BC times --> the BC organization --> to the BC individual.

What other elements / other CLUES do we see of Nature's process.

Agent BC liked sports and TAG football.
The baseball CLUES to his identity ...are the 4 bases ...symbolic of the 4 DNA nucleotides  T, A, G,  C.

1st base

2nd base

3rd base

HOME Plate

Now, let's look at the game...that is gametes test.
If agent BC hit a HOME  RUN  ...what is the SIGNAL expressed about his internal mission parameters for Natrure.


HOMER  UN --> deep down in his Carl Jung atomic collective UN.consciosness  lies his CODE: HOMER ...thus the living EARTH CELL and his instinct.......upon seeing the real estate HOUSE in HOMER GLENN ...said Eureka!  .......... this house expresses my symbolic Nature ..the symbolic house with my brain......and since he was math  major in college.....this makes sense.


In additiom CLUES to his football identity and his mission ...are the 4 bases ...symbolic of the 4 DNA nucleotides T, A, G, C.
He played T, A, G  football and was a football  quarterback and football carrier work he was the quarterback/supervisor of the Carrier system. 
All of his CLUES are aligned in harmony with Nature's project mission.

Of course, his wife is an art teacher and studies antiques. 
WE knoiw,,,that the art of Salvado Dali and  Vincent van Gogh......are really expressions of their blood arteries. That is...the INTERNAL boog arteries and their lthoughts are expressed VIA the arteries of an artist as art ...and EXTERNAL information  DISPLAY  of internal systems using colors, shapes, figures, etc. 
AGENT BC thus is very lucky...having this connection to the BIOLOGY world  and its sytems of expression of blood arteries ART ...that  when he went to work at BLue Cross .......... that   factor helped managre's decide upon agent BC as the candistae for
NATURE's  IBM 8100 DPCX  ...superysmmetry biophysics project...........
NATURE's  IBM B100D  Person Computer X  


Now, agent BC is part of a big puzzle.

The above genetics textbook page mention the year 1964 name W. Carrier. 

The IBM 8100 DPCX was called the Carrier subsystem. What other CLUES converged to help identify this project of NATURE.
WE have the nurse/programmer   agent with  an internal GENE structure  ..of importance ..with external proper noun Jean Zelinski.  Her good fried provided the CLUE: Joy CARR    ...message carrier working at BC/BS insurance.

Joy Carr .... special  Language Carrier -->
Jo...C array ..............Lan --math array local area network...
J.....C.......................L = Job Control Language

Now modern  IBM Job Control Language  had its ancient orgins ancient social engineering system Manuals:

  1. Book of Job - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The Book of Job commonly referred to simply as Job, is one of the books of the Hebrew Bible. It relates the story of Job, his trials at the hands of Satan, his ...
  2. The Book of Job

    The Book of Job. There was a man in the land of Uz, whose name was Job; and that man was perfect and upright, and one that feared God, and eschewed evil.
  3. Job 1 NIV - Prologue - In the land of Uz there - Bible Gateway

    Bible Book List · Click Here! Job 1 (New International Version). ---Amuzgo de .... 1 In the land of Uz there lived a man whose name was Job. This man was ..


My CLUE about W.Carrier --> symbols W  CAR --> I lived at 2244 West Charleston and am remined of Charles Darwin and new formats and techniques of symbolic evolution.  

--> in the land of Uz ......there lived  a  Mr.Z   whose name  used by the IBM JOB Control Language.  
His trials  were in the hands of modern SATAN = SAT + A + N --> Scholatic Aptitude Test  on Alphabets and Numbers.


Other clues are provided by agent BC  ..and his daughters college major in speech /phonetics/etc   ...sort of in tune with the BIG EAR of EARTH systemss

We have have ARMY data processing in Europe with
Don Retkey ..whose name sound wave spelling ..
Don READ KEY ...his bio-computer identity.

Returning from Europe  Don Retkey --> Return Key 

Also, agent from Park Ridge...
ATOM structure
..TOM  Cassidy  ....who went ot

Notre  Dame University  ..that DAM --> Direct Access Method...another bio-computer agent


Others .....involved the 1979 thru 1984 project  of Nature's parallel processing the deeper level of existence .......that takes 20 or more  years to surface to a level consciousness and conscious expression.  And thanks to Vivian Sear and her conversations in 1979.....and many others. What secrets remain to be revealed by these many hidden agents.   Why are they called inivi.DUALS --> the  DUAL Nature of their lives   may someday appear on the cover of the National Enquirer.


Thus we have an interesting theory ..and few starting CLUES   ...a puzzle....... .that others can add to.


Computer Earth system 370 SYMBOLIC MACHINE war casualties of the Runway 26 Lexicon alphabet ---> BASE 16 bio-computer system ERRORS ignored by FDA ,FFA. OS, and 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

by Herb Zinser 11. June 2012 10:37



Airline Accident: Accident - Aug. 27, 2006 - Lexington, Ky ...
Aug 27, 2006 – The flight crew then proceeded to an area on the air carrier ramp where two ...
This instruction authorized the airplane to cross runway 26 (the ...
Above we the words
--> instruction authorized the airplane to cross runway 26 ....... translated
........instruction author ...............plan ......double-cross 26 English alphabet letters
........instructions Waterown airplane airPORT and double-cross of the EARTH English language regions ...the ROTC Land Grant agreements with universities. The double-cross of the concrete automobile runway.....known as 26 proton ferrous oxide atomic Highway 26 of Wisconsin ..the symbolic atomic IRON alphabet Highway 26 bypass project ....violations of the grammer school book " DICK and Jane" by Janesville, Wisconsin and violations of the IRON MAN movie agreements with human audiences.
Thus we have a correlation amongst various RUNWAY 26 components.




Above, we see the words ---> lexA-encoded protein, LexA .... of the airline pilots and the control towers at the EARTH DNA location of LexA = Lexington America ...a city in Kentucky.

LexA --> Lexicon A=Alphabet of 26 English language letters ....and the intellectual treason by the citizens of Lexington ...and their bull-stories. They are a sample city ...that reflect the arrogant ERRORS and attitudes of a billion adult citizens in the world.

LexA --> Lexicon America .... usage of words and dictionaries in the United States 
LexA --> Lexicon Accident ....misuse of words gives Lexington Accident cause by MOUTH AIR ..LINES of verbal nonsense  and Lines of written nonsense ......approved by the Depart Education policies of the  Department of Education.


Comair Flight 191 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Similar
Runway 26 was too short for a safe takeoff, causing the aircraft to overrun the end of the ... The flight was sold under the Delta Air Lines brand as Delta Flight 5191 ... Most of the passengers were US citizens from the Lexington area, ranging in ...
The MeKONG DELTA war ..repeated.
1968 supersymmetry physics with Georgia TECH and their incomplete. biased social science stories
1968 DELTA airlines, southeast geography section of America AND the parallel WAR
1968 MeKOng DELTA..southeast geography section of ASIA



Let's look at the COMPUTER EARTH system 370 of main frame America.
Above ...we have words:

RecA --> data Record America .....
wRecK America ...policy has subset letter Rec A

From the astrophysics view of the Solar System ....the system of 9 planets = 8 data bit planets and 1 error correction bit planet.  Thus we see Einstein's data processing DATA FIELD Theory and its application to EARTH ..hence,  Computer Earth system 370 MAIN FRAME America  with  EARTH geography address .... Base 16 earth address space  ..known as 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue  in the BAL =  Basic Assembler Langauge GEOGRAPHY PROCESSING region of BALTIMORE...that is the BAL Baltimore bio-computer program  with  BAL   PROGRAM  with DC  = Define Constant --> Washington, DC.

Perhaps, someday, IBM and other computer companies will acknowledge the existence of Planet EARTH and   Nature's Basic Assembler Language applications.   What are such  BASE 16 applications?


FDA = File Definition America --> base 16 HEX"FO" = 240 --> FOOD and Drug Administration
FAA --> Base 16 Hex"FA" = 250 A= America --> near Hex'FF' = HIGH-values  America symbolized by the Federal Aviation Administration


SOS repair system --> BAL computer program SOS  signal of BALTIMORE  --> SOSA with BAltimore baseball  ...that is Sammy Sosa .......Nature's  agent   for Nature's emergency signal ignored by the sports industry, baseball fans, and the city and universities in BALTIMORE.

DNA  --> it's  data processing abilities --> DNA = Data Numeric /  Alpha
DNA --> Double-word Numeric / Alpha implies 64 = 32 + 32  ...hence, the secret  FCC  television show.....the  $64,000 dollar question.




Comair Flight 5191 Crash | Aviation Accident Attorneys | Baum ... - Similar
The flight was apparently cleared for takeoff by Air Traffic Control on Runway 22, not Runway 26.” Blue Grass Airport. Lexington's Blue Grass Airport is a modern, ...

Below, was see the induced state of the STATE of Kentucky.

We have the cleavage of the Lexington A citizen proteins...VIA the DNA war cleavage of the Comair air plane structure VIA the programming of the bio-computer brains of the pilots.



Above ..the city of Lexicon of words and dictionaries has high doses of human mutagens...that is humans with brain symbolic bio-computer language nonsense.
High usage of Microsoft DOS software for  Windows or  INTERNET intellectual nonsense and games a example of brain electron muations causes by high doses of DOS misuse. 


 WORDS above --> cell death may result --> examples
a) Virginia Tech English language shooting
b) Columbine High School library shooting
c) Fort Hood Soldeir Read Center shooting with biochemistry  TEXTBOOK major Hasan

String thory physics predicts that the atomic English language words : English language, library, read biochmesitry TEXTbook ....may have some possible explaination about  processes in the publishing industry ...about how the human eye/optical nerve receives input data VIA cellulose paper informational pages.
FermiLAB near PAGE county.....more accurately labeled vith the geo-political proper noun ....DuPAGE county ......might consider applied string theory AND the Theory of Everything ...might include the Margaret Mead atomic social anthropology wars and atomic bio-physics wars......atomic and biochemistry BATTLES that are called accidents. Insurance companies ought have their acturaries properly catgeorize these tragic events ..... that require special analysis tools and techinques .. not licensed for usage by the FAA.


Below, the cleavage of the LexA physical metal engine ......representative of the

city of Lexington and their citizen LexA protein problems......their cleavage of the LexA symbolic engine of English langauge nouns, verbs, math equations, physics formula, etc.



How can Nature's biochemistry social engineering government use the LexA protein as a military tool to influence human destiny.
Catch 22 book lexicon ---> RUN A WAY societal systems ERROR at RUNWAY 26.

How is the
LexA protein used.... subset words .......
..........rote ......rote ...the hypnosis of pilots and air traffic controllers VIA body ROTE proteins.

Thus we have the city of Lexington
....rote....... citizens of Lexicon Lexington
p.ROTE.Ins ....

...COMA ....IR --> COMAIR airplane signal about the human BRAIN big mouth air/ air lines ...lines of verbal intellectual dribble nonsense lines ..... ERRORS


...COMA ....IR --> COMA IRS and the Joe Stack airplane signal about the AUSTIN, TEXAS human BRAIN big mouth air/ air lines ...lines of verbal intellectual dribble nonsense lines ..... ERRORS. IRS = Infra-RED spectrum ..body heat secret bedroom languages of TEXAS and the real estate bedroom housing schemes of TEXAS ..and other HOT women States of MIND.

Virgin TECH university will explain the secret ENGLISH languages used by Madison Avenue marketing/advertisng to manipulate the symbolic brain processors of the male population. They ought NOT omit important details about the shooting on April 16, 2007.


Thus we see the BASE 2 and BASE 16  components of  existence of EARTH are ignored and abused the SCIENCE WAR data reports  continue.

Let's look at more Computer Earth system 370 features...

OS/JCL --> with Ohio Stste University applied  OS/JCL to the Universe =  OSU with English language vowels....A, E, I, O, U  giving I O U = Input, Output Universe 

Lexington air PORT    TERMINAL --> Port terminal -->  I/O PORT to a computer earth TERMINAL 

The Comair plane was scheduled for deprture the FAA Base 16 HEX'FA" =  their search  for heaven on EARTH..... that is  Base 16 HEX'AF = 175 = AFterlife region of space/time  .....mathenatical-physics existential data processing regions.    Appearently 49 people reached the Base 16 AFTERLIFE region VIA the  Base 16 airport experiments. 

 The U.S.ARMY does base 16 HEX'AF" = 175 = AFterlife  research in the HIGH country of HEX'AF' = 175 = AF.ghanistan.
Solfiers that die for the computer industry ..... go into a  coffin.  The computer word-->

coffin = co + ff + in = code Hex"FF"  input  ......... thus assuring that some  Pentagon soldiers reach HIGH values the STATE of Death.  Interesting concepts ought be studied by DARPA.

Thus we have CLUES to a systems  and  DNA systems.


Welcome to Project Plan Z

by Herb Zinser 26. May 2012 17:04


The Margaret Mead nuclear family anthropology ZINJAN project and the ZINO particle physics project together are the master/central focal point for different PLAN Z projects. The proton property intellectual trust fund has been entrusted to agent ZIN for applications development. This provides numerous opportunties for curious individuals, research scientists, responsible venture capital, authors of science articles and softcover books, industry trade associations,etc.

Unemployed scientists and engineers, affected by the year 2012 economic layoffs, have a ground floor opportunity with PROJECT PLAN Z. A group of a few thousand scientists, professors, graduate students, engineers, with a group of science orientated marketing and business professionals can help me raise funds and organize the world's largest intellectual coporation and trust fund. With the communications provided by the Internet and E-Mail . . . it ought take less than two years to lay out the foundation of this new business structure. Interested?

As a first step . . . become acquainted with the basic concepts mentioned on the WEB-SITE and the BLOG. This may take several days or weeks depending on your basic science background. These concepts partially describe the new perception of world structure and world affairs. Individuals, groups, think tanks, and trust foundations that offer research grants to PROJECT PLAN Z may have access to over 300 unique research papers. These papers help explain "HOW the WORLD WORKS" with special attention to the automotive indutry at Janesville/ Kenosha, Wisconsin. Also highlighted, the astonishing INTELLECTUAL WAR, as it manifests itself thru military events in Iraq and Afghanistan.


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